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Resco Suite is a managed solution for Microsoft Power Platform. It extends your Microsoft Dynamics/Dataverse/Power Platform with Resco features. Formerly, Resco Suite was often called "Woodford solution", but Woodford is only a part of the package.

Resco Suite solution

Resco Suite solution is a prerequisite for Resco products and features, such as:

The solution includes more than 800 objects:

  • Data model changes: new custom tables + additions to the existing Dataverse tables, including new views and forms
  • A model-driven app serving admins in charge of setting up and configuring Resco features
  • Web resources (the model-driven app uses some, others can be used for building your own apps with Resco features)

what is inside Resco Suite solution

Installing Resco Suite

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft Dataverse:

  1. Go to the Downloads and Logins page.
  2. Download the appropriate solution file, depending on your Dynamics version.
  3. Go to https://make.powerapps.com/ and log in as a system administrator.
  4. Select the environment where you want to install Resco Suite.
  5. Select Solutions from the left navigation.
  6. On the command bar, click Import solution and select the downloaded Woodford zip file.
    Import Resco Suite into Power Platform
  7. Finish the import wizard.
  8. Publish all customizations.

See your Dataverse or Dynamics documentation for more information about uploading solution packages or publishing customizations.

Microsoft Dynamics (legacy UI)

If you are using older Microsoft Dynamics user interface:

  1. Go to the Downloads and Logins page.
  2. Download the appropriate solution file, depending on your Dynamics version.
  3. Log in to Dynamics as a system administrator.
  4. Go to Settings > Customization > Solutions.
    Install Resco Suite to Dynamics
  5. Click Import and select the downloaded Woodford zip file.
  6. Finish the import wizard.
  7. Publish all customizations.
  8. Reload the Dynamics webpage (often, this can be accomplished by pressing F5).

Woodford is now available in the CRM Settings, under MobileCRM section.

See your Dynamics documentation for more information about uploading solution packages or publishing customizations.

Updating Resco Suite

If you need to update your Resco Suite solution to a new version, we recommend the following:

  • First, back up your Woodford projects.
  • Use the procedure for new installation; however, you need to perform an additional step during the solution import wizard. Dynamics detects that the solution package contains an update for a solution that is already installed. Select Maintain customizations (recommended).

We recommend keeping your Resco Suite updated. We may decline to provide technical support if your Resco Suite is older than one year.

Uninstalling Resco Suite

To uninstall Resco Suite from Dataverse/Dynamics:

  1. Optionally, back up your projects using the Export function in Woodford.
  2. Optionally, back up data in your custom Resco entities.
  3. If you are using Plugins (N:N Relationship, Delete, Owner), deactivate them for each entity.
  4. Remove the Resco Suite solution file.

If you encounter a problem while removing the solution, the log file can often explain what went wrong. Check also Microsoft documentation about removing dependencies.

Note All projects and records in resco_ entities are removed. You lose app projects, mobile reports, questionnaires, mobile audit data.

Roles and permissions

Here's an overview of the different Power Platform roles that can access Resco Suite and Woodford.

  • A system administrator role is necessary to install Resco Suite.
  • Users with the system customizer role have almost the same privileges as admins. One notable exception is that they cannot create new app projects.
  • Users with the resco system admin role can also work with Woodford. However, the role comes with no entity permissions. Usually, these users should also have different role(s) with access to project entities (resco_mobileproject, resco_mobileprojectitem, ...) and business entities (account, contact, ...).

Resco Suite app

In the list of published apps, search for Resco Suite: You can then access the different Resco features:

Resco functions on Dynamics:Resco features in dynamics

  • Woodford: Customization and configuration of Resco mobile application directly from your web browser.
Questionnaire Designer: Questionnaire building and customization tool.
Dashboard: Visualize and evaluate data collected from the questionnaires.
Schedule Board: Assign appointments to users.
Result Viewer
Mobile Auditing Map: View transactions across records and users on a map.
Mobile Auditing Records: View a chronological list of transactions across records and users.
  • Sync Dashboard: Monitor synchronization details of your users and devices.

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