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Resco Inspections
Warning This feature has been discontinued and is no longer available. If you have questions, contact your business development manager at Resco.


Automatic Dashboard, also called Analyst, is a tool for visual presentation of the answers of a questionnaire template. The questionnaire results are presented in various charts and graphs. Automatic Dashboard is one of the main components of Resco Inspections.

Data collected with the Inspections app can also be analyzed using standard analytics tools available in your backend; but for immediate quick analysis, Resco provides Automatic Dashboard to display collected data without any additional setup.

Available for Resco Inspections cloud ( and Dynamics backend servers.


Automatic Dashboard may continue to function in your environment. However, no more feature updates or bugfixes are planned.

Accessing the dashboard

You can access the dashboard from the Inspections page of your organization.

  • On Dynamics, log in to your organization, go to Resco Suite, and select Inspections from the menu, then start the Dashboard.
  • On Resco Inspections cloud, log in to From the Manager's experience menu, select Auto Dashboard.

Using the dashboard

Upon starting the dashboard, you see a list of questionnaire templates.

  • You can filter the templates, change their sorting order and sorting key, or search for the exact name.
  • Select a questionnaire template.

The system now draws charts from the answers of the questionnaire.

  • You can collapse and expand each chart.
  • For doughnut charts, you can click items in the legend of the chart to hide/show a particular answer.
  • To return to the list of templates, click Change in the top right corner.

Exception: No project found for user

The Automatic Dashboard feature requires that an app project is assigned to the user role of the user that launches the dashboard.

Exception: TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of null

If you encounter this error, please disable adblocking in your browser or use the incognito/private mode.