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If your Resco Inspections is running on the Resco Cloud dedicated for inspections (, you can access a custom landing page that offers many useful tools for management.

Accessing the manager's experience

  1. Go to<your organization>.
  2. Log in to your organization using the email and password you used for registering the organization.
  3. Click Log in.

Available functions

The following tools available on the landing page aid you in all phases of the inspection process.

Manager's experience.png Overview
  • Home – quick access to main inspection features
  • Dashboard – see an overview of the organization at a glance
  • Calendar – oversee the calendars of your team members


  • Resources – create, edit, or delete users
  • Customers – create, edit, or delete your active accounts
  • Contacts – manage your contact list
  • Assets – manage your assets or products

Create forms

Assign work


  • Automatic Dashboard – quickly visualize and evaluate questionnaire results on graphs and charts
  • Result Viewer – view completed questionnaires or export them for further analysis
  • Submitted Reports – view the reports generated by your staff in the field


  • Location Monitor – keep track of the field team’s current location in real time


  • App Configurator (Woodford) – no code/low code tools for deep application customization beyond questionnaires
  • Mobile Report Editor (Report Designer) – design reports that you can run directly in the app
  • Manage Organization (Admin Console) – manage users and security profiles; manage data (edit, import, export): customers, assets, products, etc.; administer your database (metadata)
  • Audit logs (Sync Dashboard) – track how your users synchronize their apps with the server

Customizing the experience

Behind the scenes, the manager's experience is actually a custom app project with the name "Manager". The Manager project has been designed to run in the web app, in your browser on a computer. However, you can also sync your other devices with this project. It runs best on larger devices.

Manager's experience in woodford.png

Its priority has been set to -1 so that it does not accidentally become active for users it is not intended for.

Warning Do not delete, disable, or rename this project.

If you want to modify the look and feel of the manager's experience, you can clone the project and then edit it as needed. Just like with other app projects, you can create project variants for various user roles: for example, you can edit the home screen and delete the items that are not relevant for a particular role.