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A process is a component on Resco mobile apps that you can add to your forms. The main purpose of a process is to guide app users through a series of steps (i.e., through a process). It is designed for entities that include a state/status field (or other picklists/option sets), for example, the opportunity entity.

Processes are created and managed in Woodford. They are defined within app projects. Once a process is defined, you must add it to an entity form.

Creating a process

  1. Edit an app project.
  2. Select Components > Process from the Project menu.
  3. Click New, name the process, and click OK.
  4. Select an entity and a field that governs the process steps.
    Creating a process.png
  5. Optionally, click the arrows to reorder the steps in the process; or click the step labels and enter a step description.
  6. Optionally, click Get Latest Version to check for and install updates for the process component to your project from our GitHub repository. This affects all of the process components in your project.
  7. Click Save & Close.

Adding a process to a form

  1. Edit an app project.
  2. Select an entity from the Project menu.
  3. Click Show UI to display the list of views, forms, and charts.
  4. Edit a form.
  5. Click Select Process and select one of the processes that you have defined for this entity, then click OK.
  6. Select the process and click Move Up and Move Down to reorder the content of the form. Often, the process control looks best on the top or on the bottom of the form.
  7. Save everything and publish the project.

Using process in the app

In the app, on a form with the process function enabled you can now see all stages through which a process has to go in the correct order. Tap the Mark as Complete or Mark as Current Stage buttons to move through stages.

Summer 2020 use process.png


You can use Localization to translate some of UI strings.

  • Use the string Process.Button.Current to change the label of the Mark as Current Stage button.
  • Use the string Process.Button.Completed to change the label of the Mark as Completed button.
  • The descriptions of the states or steps can be localized. When defining the process in Woodford, use a localization string as your step description, for example lead.qualified.description.