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Resco Support

This article describes the information and attachments that Resco support (or other support partner) often needs to help you solve an issue via a support case in a most effective way.

Send an email to and include the following:

Log from the application's About section

The log contains information about the mobile device, the version of the Resco app, errors, issues, and synchronization details. This information is vital for providing effective help and support. Even if there is no error shown during issue, the log can provide important information that lead to solution.

See Send log for information on how to get to the log.

Description of the issue

Provide a detailed description of the issue. Include the exact user steps how to reproduce the issue. Describe your observed behavior and also the expected behavior. Describe the use case.

Specify whether the issue occurs only for a specific user, group of users, on a specific platform (iOS, Android, Windows Store application, Windows msi application), with a certain project, privileges, or all users.

If possible, add information about any notable changes before you first observed the issue (update of operating system on the devices, update of the Resco Mobile CRM application, project change, update of the backend server, server process, permission changes, etc.).

Screenshots or video

If possible, provide a visual representation of the issue to help us understand the issue better.

Environment to reproduce the issue

The fastest way to mitigate an issue is to be able to reproduce the issue. Based on the description, logs, we try our best to repeat the issue on our systems. If this fails, we will most likely ask you to provide us with an environment, where the issue can be reproduced causally, using the described steps. This environment does not need to be production. It is better if it is a dev/UAT/test or similar environment, even a trial, where you are able to set up the same requirements for the issue to be reproduced.

If you can provide such environment immediately when reporting the issue announcement, the issue resolution time will be reduced.

Urgent issue

In case you want to report an urgent case (an issue that prevents your users from working or using the Resco technology), provide us with the above and indicate, ideally in the email subject, that the issue you are announcing is urgent.

For example, Subject: Urgent production problem – Invalid form rule error when opening any record

Make sure to inform us about an issue as soon as possible. Even during internal investigation, when your IT department and/or your implementation partner are investigating the issue. This way we can help steer the analysis, recommending what to focus on, troubleshooting with our know-how to help you solve the issue or mitigate its impacts in the shortest possible time.

JSBridge issues

Before contacting technical support with a problem related to Resco JavaScript Bridge, please go through this sanity checklist of the most common reasons why a script is not loaded:

  • Make sure you are using the most recent version of JSBridge.js library in your project:
  • Make sure you are referencing this file correctly from the HTML document that you are trying to load.
  • Make sure the HTML document is a valid HTML file.
  • Make sure all script references in the HTML file are using the same capitalization, e.g., that you are not referencing the file "JSBridge.js" as "jsbridge.js" (this is not correct).