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The change list is an optional part of Resco mobile apps. It displays records changed (also created, deleted) in the local database on the device, waiting for synchronization.

Enabling the change list

  1. In the app, go to the Setup / Settings screen.
  2. Scroll down to Appearance and enable Change List.
  3. When you return to the home screen, a new menu item, Change List, should be visible at the very top.

Using the change list

Tap Change List to display the records on the Unsynced Data Changes view.

Change list example.png

The following functions are available in this list:

  • Use the Search bar on top to quickly locate records.
  • Tap any record to display its details.
  • The status bar at the bottom displays summary information about all changes.
  • Tap View Edits to display changes in pseudo-JSON format. This list largely corresponds to the data sent to the server during synchronization. (The only difference is that binary data are omitted.)

Change list user edits.png

To see a list of unsynchronized documents, search for "doc".

Unsynced documents.png

Technical information

Resco mobile apps collect information about record changes in the so-called changelog. This is an internal table which contains an entry for each changed record. This entry contains information about whether the record was created, modified, or deleted; which fields were changed; and information about eventual upload problems or conflicts.

Resco mobile apps can display changelog content on the following two forms: