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Preview release

Production releases

Resco releases periodic updates of Resco mobile apps, Woodford, server tools, solutions/packages, and cloud servers. In the preview/beta channel, we are releasing new features each month. To ensure that your heavily customized app projects still function flawlessly and to gain access to the new features coming in the upcoming release, consider joining our preview/beta testing community.

Benefits for you

Starting in 2023, we plan three major releases per year (January, May, and September). In addition, we plan 12 monthly preview releases. This schedule gives you more time to test, provide feedback, and plan the integration of new capabilities into your production solutions. What are some of the main benefits of a continuous preview channel?

Longer testing period
Earlier previews mean you have more time to integrate new features into production solutions.
More mature features
Fewer releases and more time for tests allow to offer more mature and stable features.
More time to provide feedback
Most features are available for preview for several months, allowing you to try them out and help us shape them to better match your needs.
Agile and fast-moving roadmap
With this enhanced release cycle, we can incorporate your feedback faster.

How to make the best out the new release process

Stay informed

Join our release bulletin newsletter to ensure you never miss a feature.

How to test

The easiest way to get started:

  1. Install the beta app on your device.
  2. Synchronize with your test/dev organization.
  3. Walk through the most common tasks or the most heavily customized parts of your project.

If you have a willing and competent field technician, you can give him or her a second device with the beta app. The technician should then perform the daily routine on two devices (production app with production organization and beta app with test/dev server). If everything works correctly - you're ready for the upgrade.

If you're ready to devote more resources, consider installing beta Woodford on your test/dev environment. This will allow you to get acquainted with the new features we have prepared. Your early feedback can help us to tweak the new features to better match your needs.

Note We recommend using preview/beta versions against an environment where it is safe if everything doesn't work 100% correctly, such as Dev, Testing, or Pre-Prod. In the preview, we cannot guarantee that errors or problems don't occur – and it is one of the main points of a preview/beta version to try identifying them. On the other hand, the more similar the environment to the actual production the better, since data volume, configuration details, and other specifics might matter. For more info, see How can Beta Testing reduce risks before the official App Update Blog.

Where to find beta releases

Note Preview of the Fall 2024 release (17.2) is here!


Dataverse / Dynamics / Power Platform

Download the preview version of the Resco Suite solution (with Woodford and other content) from here:
Note: Importing the preview version of Resco Suite overwrites the existing version you might have installed on your environment.
Resco Docs+
Installation package:
Resco Forms+
Installation package:
Resco Steps+ / Guides
On premises:


Access the beta version of the Resco for Salesforce web including Woodford here: (production) (sandbox)

Use the following URL in the mobile app: (production) (sandbox)
(if your organization uses a custom domain, add a "rescobeta." prefix, e.g.

Optionally, download the latest beta version of Resco managed package. This is particularly important if you want to test Inspections.
Warning: Install the Salesforce beta package only on development or sandbox organizations! Once installed, it is not possible to update Salesforce beta package to a newer version (beta or release) without uninstalling it, which means deleting all existing questionnaires and templates. Therefore, we strongly recommend installing beta packages only to organizations where data loss is not an issue for your business.

Resco Cloud, Resco Inspections, Resco Routes

Note: You have to create a new environment on the beta server to access it. However, it is also possible to export your existing organization and import it to the beta instance.


We release preview versions of Android, iOS, and Windows apps continuously throughout the year, usually once per month.

Join our public beta testing program at:
You can leave the test at the same location.
Using our Resco Support portal, create a new "Ask a question" request. Include the email address associated with your Apple ID, so we can add you to our TestFlight beta testing list. You will automatically receive a TestFlight email notification about new releases. If you have already requested pre-release access in the past, you don’t need to contact us with each new update.
Windows 10
Download the app here:
You will need to enable your device for development; see Microsoft instructions. We recommend uninstalling your current Resco Windows Store app before installing the beta.
Alternatively, use the Resco Support portal and ask for beta access. Include your Microsoft account email address. We will add you to our Package Flight testing group and you will receive email notifications about each new public pre-release. If you have already requested a pre-release of the Windows Store version in the past, you don’t need to contact us with each new update.
Windows 7
Download the app here:

How to send feedback

If you run into a problem while testing or if you have suggestions for improving the new features, contact us using our Resco Support portal.

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