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This reference lists the Resco Cloud server error codes that you can encounter in various log files or on dialogs in Resco mobile apps.

Error code Description More info
ErrorGeneric #80004005:An unexpected error occurred.
ErrorOrganizationDoesNotExist #80010000:Organization '{0}' does not exist.
ErrorOrganizationDisabled #80010001:Organization '{0}' is disabled, or the trial has expired.
ErrorOrganizationExistAlready #80010002:Organization '{0}' exist already.
ErrorOrganizationNameNotValid #80010003:Organization Name cannot be '{0}'.
ErrorEmailNotValid #80010100:Email address '{0}' is not in the correct format
ErrorEmailProviderNotValid #80010101:Email address '{0}' is not accepted. Please try to use different email address.
ErrorAuthenticatedOperationOnly This operation is allowed for authenticated users only!
ErrorEntityNotFound #80010300:The given entity '{0}' was not present in the organization metadata.
ErrorAttributeNotFound #80010301:The given attribute '{0}' was not present in the '{1}' entity metadata.
ErrorIdNotFound #80010302:The given id '{0}' was not present in the metadata collection '{1}'.
ErrorRetrieveEntityInvalidFlags #80010400:Invalid flags parameter value '{0}'.
ErrorTransactionCurrencyNotFound #80010500:The given transaction currency '{0}' was not present in the transaction currencies.
ErrorTransactionBaseNotSpecified #80010501:Base transaction currency was not specified for the organization.
ErrorTransactionAquireLock Server is too busy to acquire transaction lock after {0} seconds and failed with errorCode '{1}'
ErrorTransactionReleaseLock Server is too busy to release transaction lock and failed with errorCode '{0}'
ErrorAttributePermissionRead Specified attribute '{0}' cannot be read!
ErrorAttributePermissionCreate Specified attribute '{0}' cannot be created!
ErrorAttributePermissionUpdate Specified attribute '{0}' cannot be updated!
ErrorInsertPrimaryKeyNotSpecified PrimaryKey must be specified for insert command!
ErrorInsertPrimaryKeyViolation Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint '{0}'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object '{1}'. The duplicate key value is '{2}'. The statement has been terminated.
ErrorUpdatePrimaryKeyNotSpecified PrimaryKey must be specified for update command!
ErrorUpdatePrimaryKeyNull PrimaryKey cannot be null for update/upsert command!
ErrorUpdatePrimaryKeyNotExist #80010804:A record with the specified key values '{1}' does not exist in '{0}' entity.
ErrorDeletePrimaryKeyNotSpecified PrimaryKey must be specified for delete command!
ErrorCreateEntityFound Specified entity '{0}' already exist!
ErrorInitializeFromMappingNotDefined Unable to initialize '{1}' from '{0}'! There is no entity map defined for the given entities.
ErrorUpdateEntityNotFound #800A0302:Metadata contains no matching entity with {0} '{1}'.
ErrorUpdateEntityDeleteSystemAttribute Cannot delete system attribute '{0}.{1}'!
ErrorUpdateEntityParentOwnership Entity '{0}' ownership '{1}' differs from parent entity '{2}' ownership '{3}'!
ErrorUpdateEntityOwnership Cannot update system entity '{0}' ownership!
ErrorUpdateEntityAudit Entity '{0}' cannot be enabled for auditing!
ErrorDeleteEntitySystemEntity Cannot delete system entity '{0}'!
ErrorDeleteEntityViewParented Cannot delete view entity '{0}' while parented!
ErrorDeleteEntityReferenced Cannot delete entity '{0}'. It is referenced by '{1}.{2}' entity attribute!
ErrorUpdateAttributeNotFound Entity '{0}' contains no matching attribute '{1}' with id '{2}'!
ErrorUpdateAttributeType Entity '{0}.{1}' attribute does not specify type!
ErrorUpdateAttributeTypeMismatch Specified type '{0}' does not match attribute '{1}.{2}' type '{3}'!
ErrorUpdateAttributeFailed Unable to update attribute '{0}.{1}': {2}
ErrorValidateAttributeLookupTargetInvalid Specified lookup target '{0}' entity is not valid for '{1}.{2}' attribute!
ErrorValidateAttributeLookupTargetInvalidIntersect Specified lookup target '{0}' entity is not a valid for intersect entity '{1}.{2}' attribute!
ErrorValidateStringBinaryLength Attribute '{0}.{1}' string or binary data length '{2}' would be truncated to the maximum length '{3}'. The operation has been terminated.
ErrorUpdateConstraintLookup Entity lookup attribute '{0}'.'{1}' does not target '{2}' entity.
ErrorUpdateConstraintRestrict Constraint violation. Entity '{0}' record id '{1}' does not exist.
ErrorRelationshipAttributes Intersect entity '{0}' must contain two lookups only!
ErrorRelationshipAttributeCreate Cannot create new attributes {1} for intersect entity '{0}'!
ErrorDeleteConstraintRestrict Constraint violation. Entity '{0}' record id '{1}' is referenced by another entity.
ErrorOptionMapValues Option map values '{0}' are not in correct format!
ErrorOptionMapValueNotFound The given option '{0}' was not present in the option map.
ErrorOptionMapDoesNotMatch The given value '{0}' does not belong to option '{1}' in the '{3}.{2}' option map.
ErrorExecuteMetadataUnknown Unknown type '{0}' for metadata execute operation!
ErrorFetchConditionAttributeNull Condition \"attribute\" parameter not found!
ErrorFetchOrderAttributeNull Order \"attribute\" parameter not found!
ErrorFetchBinaryMissingAttribute FetchBinary require at least one attribute defined.
ErrorFetchBinaryNotSupportedType FetchBinary does not support type '{0}'. It support String or Binary data types only.
ErrorFetchAggregateNotSpecified An attribute '{0}' can not be requested when an aggregate operation has been specified and its neither groupby nor aggregate.
ErrorInsertRoleAdministrator Cannot insert duplicate System Administrator role!
ErrorUpdateRoleAdministrator Cannot update System Administrator role!
ErrorDeleteRoleAdministrator Cannot delete System Administrator role!
ErrorInsertRolePrivilegesAdministrator Cannot insert duplicate System Administrator privilege!
ErrorUpdateRolePrivilegesAdministrator Cannot update System Administrator privilege!
ErrorDeleteRolePrivilegesAdministrator Cannot delete System Administrator privilege!
ErrorDeleteSystemUserCurrent Cannot delete current user!
ErrorDeleteSystemUserAdministratorCurrent Cannot delete System Administrator role association for current user!
ErrorDeleteDefaultENLocalization Cannot delete Default EN localization!
ErrorAutonumberDuplicateAttribute An autonumber with the same attribute '{0}' for entity '{1}' has been added already.
ErrorSyncServiceRunning Skipping. Another synchronization still running!
ErrorSyncServiceAdministratorOnly Only System Administrator can perform this action!
ErrorSyncServiceNoSyncProvider No SyncService available for ProviderID '{0}'.
ErrorEmailAttributeNotFound Entity '{0}' does not have specified any attribute with Email format!
ErrorEmailToNotSpecified Email recipients must be specified!
ErrorWorkflowExecuteInvalidTarget Invalid execute workflow target. Target '{0}'.
UnauthorizedUser #80048405:Access is denied. Unauthorized user.
UnauthorizedPrivilege #80040277:Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation. User '{3}' is missing '{0}' privilege for '{2}' {1} on organization '{4}'.
UnauthorizedInsufficientPrivilege #80060701:Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation. User '{3}' have insufficient '{0}' privilege for '{2}' {1} on organization '{4}'.
PasswordPolicyStrength Your password must contain at least 8 characters and must include: a digit, an upper case letter, and a special character. Please try again.
PasswordPolicyLockout Access is denied. Account locked for {0} minutes after {1} wrong login attempts.
PasswordPolicyExpired #8004840A:The password has expired.
ParseExceptionFormat {0} (at index {1})
ParseSyntaxError Syntax error
ParseExpressionExpected Expression expected
ParseInvalidCharacter Syntax error '{0}'
ParseInvalidComparison Invalid comparison '{0}'
ParseDigitExpected Digit expected
ParseUnterminatedStringLiteral Unterminated string literal
ParseInvalidIntegerLiteral Invalid integer literal '{0}'
ParseOpenParenthesisExpected \"(\" expected
ParseCloseParenthesisExpected \")\" expected
ErrorPluginTypeNotFound No plugin type found!
ErrorPluginAssociateNotIntersect Unable to associate records. Relationship entity '{0}' is not intersect entity.
ErrorPluginAssociateNotFound Unable to find association '{0}' attribute target '{1}'.
ErrorPluginInvalidOptionsAttribute Invalid options attribute specified for parameter! Parameter '{0}', Attribute '{1}'
ErrorPluginInvalidOptionsLength Options key/value length specified for parameter does not match! Parameter '{0}'
ErrorValidateEntityEmpty Entity name cannot be empty!
ErrorValidateAggregate Invallid '{0}' Aggregate for attribute '{1}'. Possible values are 'count', 'max', 'min', 'avg', 'sum' or 'countcolumn' only.
ErrorValidateAttributeEmpty Attribute name for entity '{0}' cannot be empty!
ErrorValidateAttributeEmptyLinkFrom Attribute \"from\" for link-entity '{0}' cannot be empty!
ErrorValidateAttributeEmptyLinkTo Attribute \"to\" for link-entity '{0}' cannot be empty!
ErrorValidateAttributeEmptyCondition Condition attribute name for entity '{0}' cannot be empty!
ErrorValidateAttributeEmptyOrder Order attribute name for entity '{0}' cannot be empty!
ErrorValidateDateGrouping Invalid '{0}' DateGrouping for attribute '{1}'. Possible values are 'year', 'quarter', 'month', 'week' or 'day' only.
ErrorValidateFunction Invalid '{0}' Function for attribute '{1}'. Possible values are 'length' or 'hasvalue' only.
ErrorValidateLinkType Invalid '{0}' LinkType for link entity '{1}'. Possible values are 'inner' or 'outer' only.
ErrorValidateOperator Invalid '{0}' Operator for entity '{1}' filter. Possible values are 'and' or 'or' only.
ErrorValidateDescending Invalid '{0}' descending for entity '{1}' order. Possible values are '0', '1', 'false' or 'true' only.
ErrorValidateDuplicateAlias Duplicate '{0}' alias for {2} '{1}'.
ErrorValidateOrderAlias Order alias '{0}' not found in entity attributes.
ErrorValidateConditionEntityName Condition link entity alias '{0}' for attribute '{1}' not found.
ErrorValidateConditionOperatorValues Condition attribute '{0}' operator '{1}' require at least one value.
ErrorValidateConditionOperatorValues2 Condition attribute '{0}' operator '{1}' require two values.

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