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Resco Support

In case of problems, Resco support may occasionally ask you for log files. In such cases, please send them to your email first, then attach the logs to the ticket you have opened (or are about to open) with our support team in the support portal in either txt or docx file.

Please don't send them to mobilecrm@resco.net as they will create a separate ticket.

Sending logs from mobile apps

  1. Go to the app's About section – typically available on the Home screen.
  2. Tap the icon in the top right corner of the app.
    About section header in Resco mobile apps
  3. Add any details as necessary and then tap the send icon.
    Send log email in Resco mobile apps

If you can’t find the About section in your app, go to the Setup / Settings section of the app. From there, you can open the About section using the (i) button.

Setup/Settings section header in Resco mobile apps

If neither About nor Setup / Settings item is available in your app, please contact your CRM administrator (or the person responsible for Resco Mobile CRM in your company), to guide you to the About section, or to place the About section to a visible place in the Resco Mobile CRM application customization.

Sending logs from locked application

If your application is locked, you can send the logs from the login screen.

Sending log from locked app

Logs and ticketing system

If you are using Resco Support portal to contact our support, note that there's a maximum number of characters that fit into a post. If you need to provide your log, consider saving it as a text file, and attaching it to your post, to make sure that no information is lost.

Sending logs from Woodford

Warning This function is unavailable in the current version of Woodford.

The legacy Silverlight version of Woodford had the function to display and send logs (the option Logs in the Administration menu). HTML version of Woodford does not offer a similar function.

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