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Preview release

Production releases

Resco delivers three main production releases per year. In addition, a preview of upcoming functions is released monthly.

Preview release

If you are curious about the upcoming features, check out our latest preview release v17.2 Fall 2024. To learn more about our preview/beta access channel, go to Preview.

Production release

The latest production release is v17.1 Spring 2024. Check the release page for a detailed list of the latest generally available features in Resco products.

Use the sidebar to access older release information. Or go to the full release notes to learn about bug fixes released between the main releases.

Preliminary release schedule

May change without notice. Last updated: June 6, 2024.

Out now 17.2 Preview 1
July 3 17.2 Preview 2
August 7 17.2 Preview 3
September 11 17.2 Preview 4
end of September Final 17.2 Release

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