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Resco Support

In this location, we will assemble information that can be used by various parties that can provide technical support for Resco mobile apps, for example, customer administrators, technical staff of partners and resellers, as well as Resco technical support staff.

Change support email

Providing fast support to users is one of the key steps to further boost the user acceptance of the Resco Mobile CRM application. Resco technical support does not know the internal network security setting and workflows. In many cases, it makes a lot of sense if the support is provided by a party closer to the end user. The support email contact, available in Resco mobile apps in the About section of the main menu, is set to Resco support by default. You can override it on a per-project setting in Woodford: Select Branding from the Project menu and change the value of Support Email to a suitable email address in your organization.

Frequent support topics


Sample use cases

Beta testing

Resco releases periodic updates of Resco mobile apps, Woodford, and miscellaneous server tools. To ensure that your heavily customized app projects still function flawlessly, consider joining our beta testing community. See Beta for more information.