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For information about the "versionnumber" database field, click here.

In the last couple of years, Resco has been releasing new versions of its software periodically.

Each release has a unique version number, for example, 14.3 for the Winter 2021 release.

  • The first digit increases by 1 every year.
  • The second digit increases quarterly, starting with 0 for spring releases.
  • Minor/bugfix releases usually have an additional number or two, for example, 14.3.1.

Client and server versions

Keep in mind that there are two distinct parts of Resco software:

Resco mobile apps are backward compatible, i.e., users can and should upgrade their apps as soon as app marketplaces offer this choice. On the other hand, users of an older app may have difficulty synchronizing with an app project published in a newer version of Woodford. See here for more information.

Finding the version number

Technical support teams often need to know the version numbers before they can help you. As described in the Best practices for upgrading Resco software, releases older than a year are not supported.

In Woodford and many other server tools including Questionnaire or Report Designer, the version number is displayed in the top left corner.

how to find version number in Woodford

In mobile apps, the app version is displayed in the About section of the app. It can be either directly part of the home screen, or you can access it from the Setup/Settings section. The version number is also listed in the log that you can send from the app to your support.

header of the Settings window in Resco mobile apps

header of the About window in Resco mobile apps

Woodford administrators can see the version number of the mobile apps of their users on the Device control screen.

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