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Integration with third-party systems

Resco CRM Connector (web APIs):

Integrate your app projects with Microsoft Exchange to provide your users with a way to link their Exchange account to Resco Mobile CRM application. Users can see their Exchange data like emails, calendar events, and contacts in mobile CRM, in E-mail activity, Appointment activity, Contact entity, together with CRM records.

Enable integration in Woodford

Use Woodford to enable integration with Microsoft Exchange.

  1. Edit an app project.
  2. Select Exchange from the Project menu.
  3. Check Email and select how old emails should be synchronized (default: 14 days).
  4. Check Calendar and select how old calendar entries should be synchronized (default: 14 days). All future calendar entries will be included by default. Optionally, check Mark Past Appointment as Completed.
  5. Check Contact if you want to make your Exchange contacts available in Contacts entity in the mobile CRM app.
  6. Click Save.
Note Integration of contacts and appointments (calendar) is not supported on Salesforce.

Add email to home

If you add the E-mail item on the Home screen, users will be able to synchronize the emails from all enabled integrations. There will be an additional synchronization button for emails only.

Connect to Exchange in the app

Users must set up their connection to the Exchange server in the app's Setup under Accounts > Exchange.

  • Use CRM Login > SameAsCrm if you want to use CRM credentials to log in to your Exchange server. Disable SameAsCrm to enter the login credentials directly.
    Microsoft Exchange setup
  • Tap Calendar and select what entries should be imported (for example birthday, holidays, etc.)
  • Tap Email and select which mail folders should be imported.

Read and unread emails

It is also possible to notify users about the read/unread emails by adjusting the view of the Email entity. Add the field "ImageUnread" to the view. An image is bound to this field and when the email is not read, a blue line is shown in the field.

App users can set any email as read or unread in email's edit form with the use of commands.

Send invitations

In order to send invitations to people (records), that should be notified about a specific appointment, you need to follow these necessary steps:

  1. Enable Exchange integration in project, at least for Emails.
  2. Go to Mobile CRM application's Setup.
    • Set up the Exchange account's credentials and Exchange’s URL. For Exchange online, it usually is
    • Set Send Email Via to Exchange.
    • Enable Send Invites.

Then, when an appointment is created and saved an invitation will be sent as follows:

  • Appointment’s Organizer will be used as From in an Email sent as invite.
  • Appointment’s Required Attendees will be added as To in an Email sent as invite.
  • Appointment’s Optional Attendees will be used as Cc in an Email sent as invite.

See also

  • For additional information about Exchange Email integration please check this section of one of our webinars. Webinar