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Warning This feature has been discontinued and is no longer available. If you have questions, contact your business development manager at Resco.


Integration with third-party systems

Resco CRM Connector (web APIs):

Resco Cloud can connect to external marketing services:

  • MailChimp is an email marketing service used by over 15 million customers to create and send marketing communication, automated messages and targeted campaigns.
  • MailerLite is a slightly younger service with almost 500,000 customers with as powerful functionality as MailChimp has.
  • GetResponse is a complex all-in-one online marketing platform offering not only email marketing but also webinars, web event tracking, etc.Currently with 320,000 customers.

How it works

The entire marketing module in Resco CRM server is based on the concepts of marketing lists and campaigns.

Marketing list (or distribution list) defines the recipients for a campaign, either Accounts, Contacts or Leads. The list can either be static or dynamic.

  • A static list consists of an explicit set of records.
  • For a dynamic list, you define a query and the recipients are the query results.

Marketing campaign describes the process of sending a particular email to recipients and monitoring its performance. Recipients are specified through one or more marketing lists.

Marketing integration.png

Marketing lists are created and managed in Resco Cloud. They must be exported to one of the marketing services (email recipients aree copied from Resco Cloud to the mailer service) for further use.

Marketing campaigns are created in the external service’s environment. They can use one or more lists previously exported from Resco Cloud. This document does not describe how to set up and send campaigns in MailChimp, MailerLite, or GetResponse, as there are already detailed guides and tutorials available on their web sites.

To monitor campaign performance, you must first go to all marketing lists in your Resco Cloud and import them. You can then see detailed statistics for each of your campaigns in the Marketing Campaign section of Resco Cloud. And even visually compare the results of multiple campaigns, utilizing Marketing Dashboards.

Ultimately, the marketing module of Resco Cloud helps you effectively create marketing communication on the go. And at the same time, keep an eye on and evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

Configuring integration

To see and marketing features in Resco Mobile CRM app, you need to perform several configuration steps.

Set the details of the marketing service

  1. Log in to your organization.
  2. Select Tools & Settings > Admin Console from the menu.
  3. In the Admin Console, select Settings > Organization from the menu.
  4. Find Marketing integration and click Enable.
  5. Wait until your request is processed, then click Configure Defaults.
  6. In the Marketing Integration Configuration window, click New.
  7. Enter the details of your marketing service account, then click Save & Close.
    • To successfully integrate with a marketing service, you need the Source API Key. Refer to the third-party documentation for information how to generate API keys for integration: MailChimp, MailerLite, GetResponse.

Configure defaults for marketing campaigns

Next, enter the default values for your marketing campaigns. You can create multiple default campaigns, these can be used as templates when creating new campaigns.

  1. In the Admin Console, select Data > Manage Data from the menu.
  2. Select the entity Marketing Campaign Defaults and click New.
  3. Specify details about the default marketing campaign, then click Save.

Add marketing entities to your app projects


  1. Using Woodford enable marketing entities and add some of them to your Home.

Using marketing features

After you’ve successfully integrated the marketing module with the Resco CRM server, sync your Resco Mobile CRM app and start leveraging the freshly added marketing features. As you can see, Resco Cloud encompasses the versatility of the two products and enables you to work freely – utilizing both desktop and mobile.

Three new items should appear on the Home screen of your app:

  • Marketing Dashboard - provides an overview of your marketing campaigns
  • Marketing Campaigns - displays a list of campaigns
  • Marketing Lists - this is where you manage subscribers

Create a campaign

  1. Create a new marketing list (on the Home screen, tap Marketing List, then tap the + button).
  2. Enter a name for your list.
  3. As Type, select Static or Dynamic.
  4. As Member type, select either Contact, Account, or Lead.
  5. As Campaign Defaults, select one of the Marketing Campaign Defaults templates you’ve created in the management console earlier.
  6. Tap Save.

Modify a campaign defaults template (optional)

You can modify parameters of any existing Marketing Campaign Defaults template in the app. For example, you can change the From Email address or alter the Email Permission Reminder text, etc. However, you cannot create a new Marketing Campaign Defaults template from the app.

Manage records of a list

Once you have created a marketing list, you will notice that the entity that you selected as your Member type (for example Contacts) is now listed on your marketing list form.

  1. Tap the manage records button (two arrows pointing right and left) to display a list of records (contacts).
  2. Drag records from the left pane to the right pane to populate the marketing list.
  3. Tap the back button in the top left corner to close the Lookup window and return to the detail of the marketing list.

Deliver list to marketing service

Once you have finalized the list of your marketing campaign, you can export the records to the marketing service. On a marketing list form, select Export from the hamburger menu.

When the list is transferred successfully, an export log will appear in the Logs section of the list detail.

When you sign in to your marketing service account, for example MailChimp, you will see the marketing list you just imported from Resco Mobile CRM.

Use one of the supported external marketing services to create and send your marketing campaign. As we already mentioned in the introduction, this document does not describe how to set up and send campaigns in MailChimp, MailerLite or GetResponse, as there are already detailed guides and tutorials available on their web sites.

Import and analyze campaign performance

Once you’ve sent out your campaign, you can keep an eye on its performance in the Resco Mobile CRM app. Select the marketing list you used, and select Import from the hamburger menu. This will download performance statistics of the campaigns using this marketing list.

In the Marketing Campaigns sections, you can see an overview of all your campaigns. Tap on a specific campaign to get a closer look at its performance – from send time, to the number of sent emails, through unique clicks, bounce stats and much more.

You can also explore the results and performance of your campaigns in the Marketing Dashboard section. Parameters such as delivery rate, open rate, click rate and more can be displayed in various types of charts and visually compared across multiple marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, in the Contact view, you can select the Marketing Campaign Results tab on any contact to see what campaigns the person was included in, whether they opened any of the email campaigns, as well as, which links from the email they clicked.