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Preview release

Production releases

17.0.5 (app)

Released on April 26, 2024.

Bug	ART-253	Cannot add unrelated objects to tagged images on Dynamics
Bug	APL-273	Empty block when displaying email messages
Task	APL-279	Add IsListButtonVisible property for MapView controller to the JS Bridge library
Bug	APL-322	Switching some forms and views to full screen does not always work

17.0.5 (server)

Released on April 25, 2024.

Bug	ART-252	Questionnaires on Power Pages: Regarding lookup not working
Bug	APL-369	Upload of audit backup failed
Bug	APL-377	Business Central: Unable to upload records
Bug	APL-379	Business Central: Integrations unable to create connection

17.0.4 (server)

Released on April 10, 2024.

Task	ART-259	AI API: Add health check function
Bug	ART-263	Fix SheetJS Regular Expression Denial of Service (ReDoS)
Task	ART-269	Fix Undici's Proxy-Authorization header not cleared on cross-origin redirect for dispatch, request, stream, pipeline
Task	ART-270	Fix Undici's fetch with integrity option is too lax when algorithm is specified but hash value is in incorrect
Bug	APL-314	Properties missing from GA4 - Woodford

17.0.3 (server)

Released on April 4, 2024.

Bug	ART-187	Forms+: Smart rules don't work in the QPlayer in Dataverse
Bug	ART-196	Forms+: Different styles applied in QPlayer than in Power Pages/Mobile app for the same questionnaire
Bug	ART-203	Forms+: Option set: different styles applied in Power App than in Resco app for the same questionnaire
Bug	APL-150	Inconsistent behavior of custom icons
Bug	APL-226	Inability to request/create custom branded application in Woodford
Bug	APL-323	Cannot edit filter in a Custom Account View
Task	APL-339	Resco Cloud: Add "resco_mobileaudit" entity to Process editor.

17.0.4 (app)

Released on March 1, 2024.

Bug	APL-196	App crashes when syncing
Bug	APL-195	Settings page on App Version (iOS) not retaining settings
Bug	APL-155	App crashes when trying to take a picture using an iPad device
Bug	APL-133	Resco App v17 issue with regional setting "Thailand"
Bug	APL-127	Inserting any value in to a lookup field marks the input

17.0.2 (server)

Released on March 1, 2024.

Bug	ART-119	Cannot run reports dependent on questionnaire templates
Bug	ART-108	Deserialize error in completed questionnaires
Bug	APL-226	Cannot request/create custom branded application in Woodford
Bug	APL-200	Resco Cloud: Report GetFile cause null reference exception when getting file with empty name
Bug	APL-199	Resco Cloud: Use DISTINCT for VIEW entities (not CTE)
Task	APL-125	Auto-lock new device when server in locked state

17.0.3 (app)

Released on February 21, 2024.

Bug	ART-35	Questionnaire "+" button missing for repeatable groups on old templates
Bug	APL-57	App crashes when selecting question with smart style
Bug	APL-119	KeyNotFoundException on iPad devices
Bug	APL-100	Users cannot sync app after App updated to 17.x
Bug	APL-54	UWP app with home replacement and WebView2 forced crashes when applying new customization
Bug	APL-42	App crashes in Version 17.0.2 and still works in 16.1.6
Bug	APL-41	MCRM - Export multiselect does not allow selecting additional fields to export
Bug	APL-22	Fix numerous PlayStore crashes in DynamicEntityForm.Save method
Bug	APL-23	Chips - Too long name is displayed incorrectly when Wrap text is set
Bug	APL-18	Buttons are not visible due to theme changes 
Bug	APL-16	Double-clicking list window doesn't maximize the window anymore

17.0.1 (server)

Released on February 14, 2024.

Bug	APL-56	OData: PATCH method fail on GetETag

17.0.2 (app)

Released on February 5, 2024.

Bug	SPT-17	Mixed licensing of new products -> auth error
Bug	SPT-9	Android WebView caches offline HTML scripts and sometimes gives previous script version
Bug	SPT-8	App crashes on iOS and Android
Bug	SPT-7	iOS reports crash on 17.0 app

17.0.1 (app)

Released on February 2, 2024.

Bug	SPT-11	Reports cause Arg_InvalidCastException
Bug	SPT-6	Crash when running a questionnaire - ArgumentException: Argument_AddingDuplicateWithKey, Resco.UI.MonoTouch.UltimateList.TextCell
Bug	SPT-5	XAML.LayoutCycleException: Layout cycle detected - layout could not complete
Bug	HRM-7	arg_InvalidCastException on v17.0.0.4


Released on January 30, 2024 (release information).

Resco mobile platform (Microsoft, Salesforce, Resco Cloud)
  AI-assisted help in Woodford
  Data model explorer
  Migration from Xamarin to .NET platform
  Sync improvements
  Dataverse plugins management update
  Salesforce QoL improvements
  Salesforce: Download only Files linked to records
  Salesforce API 59.0
  Support for new languages
  Bring some color to flexible forms
  Code editor in Woodford
  Not older than X days
  Display options as segmented buttons
  Display multi-dropdown as "chips"
  Storage analyzer: questionnaire statistics
  Save photos to device gallery
  JSBridge: Is the question answered?
  OData service: filter by expanded entity
  DocuSign SDK update on Android
Resco modules for Power Platform and Dataverse (Microsoft)
  Guide readers can report issues
  Sample Power Automate flows
Inspections and questionnaires (Microsoft, Salesforce, Resco Cloud)
  Use optical character recognition (OCR) to answer questions
  Export and import wizard
  Questionnaire options
  Complete questionnaire and open a new instance
  Which answers to copy in repeatable groups?
  Access style editor from style selector
Resco Guides (Microsoft, Resco Cloud)
  AI-powered features
Resco Cloud
  Web app modernized (Resco Cloud)
  Improved cloning/pulling from connected environments
  Custom fonts in server reports
  Resco CRM Sync: upload filter

16.1.6 (server)

Released on January 9, 2024.

25208	Bug	Error during export/import
25217	Bug	Dynamics/Dataverse: After first publish, the wrong product was activated
25422	Bug	Questionnaire: Unable to increase the value of a field in a Repeatable Group after reaching a value of "2".
25218	Bug	Error message in the Result Viewer
25418	Bug	Unable to disable available commands in the Advanced report config
25136	Bug	Woodford table name doesn't display the correct label.

16.1.5 (app)

Released on December 22, 2023.

24757	Bug	Images are dropped from the questionnaire after a certain number of repeaters
25081	Bug	Shared variables used in questionnaire report filename not working on iOS and Android
25155	Bug	Questionnaire report does not display option set values
25170	Bug	ExecuteJavascript step never ends on Edge WebView2
24946	Bug	UWP: Questionnaire description question is not displayed correctly
25014	Bug	Field in a Lookup is not marked anymore when starting to edit the field
25119	Bug	iOS - Cannot select videos in media tab/multimedia list
25129	Bug	Option Set not returning value label in JSON
24975	Bug	Route Planner - date in date picker is displayed incorrectly
24041	Bug	Schedule Board - Appointments are not being fetched and are not visible

16.1.5 (server)

Released on November 30, 2023.

24964	Bug	Questionnaire Designer - multiple choice question
23695	Bug	Questionnaire Designer - multiple choice question after deleting the label name, it is necessary to close the warning window twice
24064	Bug	Questionnaire Designer - weird arrows behavior
24065	Bug	Questionnaire Designer - funny behavior of the cursor
24895	Bug	Questionnaire Designer - Smart questions don't work correctly for option sets in "Feature version 2"
24898	Bug	App crashes after WF update to 16.1.2 - "OnSyncFinish: Failed to apply new customization; old customization will be restored"
24888	Bug	Jobs - Process Log Cleanup does not close log listeners
25029	Bug	Configure minimum privileges to access Resco Mobile CRM not working
24822	Bug	Questionnaire OData multi-image question - only one of the images is returned
25045	Task	AzureAD: Add support for third party applications

16.1.4 (app)

Released on November 18, 2023.

24877	Bug	TextEdit fields are losing their value after a save
24957	Bug	Attachment error message after trying to run a Report automatically with Multi-Select enabled
24672	Bug	Schedule Board displays only the ID of an Option Set instead of the value of an Option Set
24835	Bug	DocuSign login page isn't loaded on Android
24832	Bug	Border of a label on a form is not displaying properly
24917	Bug	Duplicate detection rules: filters work differently from CRM
23791	Bug	New image editor - keyboard popup covers editor screen
23793	Bug	New image editor - resized card on modern UI
24843	Bug	New image editor - border of the text input is rendered in the final image
24844	Bug	New image editor - input text is cut off on zoomed image
24959	Bug	New image editor - image size is displayed incorrectly

16.1.4 (server)

Released on October 18, 2023.

24808	Bug	Questionnaire doesn't open - stuck in loading until the browser gets unresponsive
24803	Task	Resco Cloud logs - Application Insight config update

16.1.3 (app)

Released on October 17, 2023.

23820	Bug	iOS: Form not showing in full screen after app is minimized
24740	Bug	UWP Route Plan: custom address locations not saved
24027	Bug	Dark theme: black on black

16.1.3 (server)

Released on October 12, 2023.

24732	Bug	Resco Cloud: WorkflowService ProcessAuditRetention
24743	Bug	Woodford: Wrong design of the Edit Command dialog in form and view designer

16.1.2 (server)

Released on October 6, 2023.\

23802	Bug	Forms: White background on button style
24208	Bug	Questionnaire Designer: cannot edit strings via rules
24048	Bug	Resco Cloud: misplaced audit container in cosmosdb for new organizations
24088	Bug	Resco Cloud: Missing fields and functions in processes/workflows
24045	Bug	Resco Cloud: Plugins - Properly resolve PluginBase
24049	Bug	Resco Reports Connector: dependent properties not available on questions and question groups
24021	Bug	Results Viewer: Error exporting questionnaires as image
23932	Bug	Salesforce: Error after changing the storage to JSON minimal
24059	Bug	Select Form rule broken (Cannot read properties of undefined)
24110	Bug	Woodford update has forced all style assignment in rules to be unset

16.1.2 (app)

Released on October 6, 2023.

24026	Bug	UWP: Timeline does not work on forms
24105	Bug	Android 9: app crash
23982	Bug	Rich Text Editor: no longer displays anything when the appointment status reason is "Completed"
24066	Bug	Supporting text appears as a value in combo items

16.1.1 (app)

Released on October 1, 2023.

24015	Bug	Inline edit (directEdit) does not edit value in the field, but box is offset and value is not selected
24000	Bug	Only UWP - Tagged image does not work in Questionnaires and on Form
24017	Bug	Questionnaire: Missing + button on repeatable group


Released on September 30, 2023 (release information).

Resco mobile platform (Microsoft, Salesforce, Resco Cloud)
  Reports saved in file columns
  SyncStats analyzer
  Dataverse/Dynamics: Better file columns support
  Dataverse/Dynamics: Create, update, delete virtual table records
  Salesforce: Filter options using rules
  Resco Mobile CRM: end of life for older iOS versions
  Style editor reorganized in Woodford
  Style editor tweaks continued
  Supporting text and placeholder on forms
  Vertical segmented buttons
  New form layout selector
  Trigonometric functions in rules
  Execute form commands from rules
  Tagged image (floor plan) support on Dataverse
  Use React with JSBridge
  Dark theme
  One-click setup of custom color themes
  New image editor in the mobile app
Resco modules for Power Platform and Dataverse (Microsoft)
  Inspections in Power Pages
  Use native dialogs for notifications
  Guides in Power Apps
  Guides in Power Pages
Inspections and questionnaires (Microsoft, Salesforce, Resco Cloud)
  Rename [Clear] option in option set
  Feature versions in questionnaires
  Label position BorderTop is now supported in questionnaires
  Flexible group header size
  Restrict buttons in repeatable groups
  Questionnaire settings in toolbar
  Editing toolbar in the Questionnaire Designer
  Use supporting text for descriptions
  JSON: Serialize default answers
Resco Guides (Microsoft, Resco Cloud)
  Let the AI guide you
  Full-text search
Resco Cloud platform
  Azure Table for storing server audit data
  Blob storage deletion
  Data size in Admin Console
  Calculated fields
  Rise of the clones
  Label position BorderTop is now supported in web app
  Set users for executing processes
  Stability improvements

16.0.9 (app)

Released on August 31, 2023.

23651	Bug	Application uses too many resources
23628	Bug	Schedule Board can't access Google Maps services

16.0.9 (server)

Released on August 10, 2023.

23461	Bug	Woodford: Some lookup fields don't open the Properties window after double-clicking
23447	Bug	Woodford: Properties button is not working on Tabs with Lists on Forms

16.0.8 (server)

Released on August 8, 2023.

23155	Bug	Properties not available on multi-entity lookup in Woodford
23328	Bug	Unable to change the colors of Activities in the Schedule Board
23263	Bug	Resco Cloud: CosmosDb - Too Many Requests: 429

16.0.8 (app)

Released on August 7, 2023.

23220	Bug	Inspections: automatic report omits a question
23225	Bug	Inspections: Add image is shown even when the limit is reached
23343	Bug	Sync analyzer decides for full sync - inc sync forced instead
23308	Bug	OAauth Enterprise Authentication is not working on the Resco Inspections app

16.0.7 (server)

Released on June 29, 2023.

23142	Bug	Integration with Business Central: Unable to download more than 500 records
23167	Bug	BlobStorage with OneDrive: Access token issues
23166	Bug	Admin Console: Unable to import Azure AD users

16.0.7 (app)

Released on June 28, 2023.

23141	Bug	Image access error while generating reports

16.0.6 (app)

Released on June 23, 2023.

23114	Bug	Cloning a saved private view makes it unreadable for the app
22205	Bug	Inconsistent custom datasource view results
23037	Bug	JSBridge: trySetImageAnswer is creating a wrong file name

16.0.5 (server)

Released on June 9, 2023.

22875	Bug	RunMobileReport: Save&Close command not working in WebClient
22944	Bug	Resco Reports connector: multiple images are not displayed in reports
22987	Bug	Resco Reports connector: trivial exception logged as critical
22906	Bug	Woodford: double-click issues
22546	Bug	WebApp: Word and Excel reports missing
22936	Task	Consolidate we.config, app.config and applicationInsight.config to get Snapshot Collector works
22939	Task	Add option to keep audit data when deleting organization
22966	Task	Add REST API method to backup audit data to storage

16.0.5 (app)

Released on May 26, 2023.

22646	Bug	Inspections: Time changes when reopening questionnaires
22595	Bug	App crashes when opening advanced find two times in a row

16.0.4 (server)

Released on May 23, 2023.

22741	Bug	Resco Cloud: Cannot add security role to the user if org is connected to Dynamics
22603	Bug	Resco Cloud: Cannot create new users in an organization connected to Dynamics CRM
22652	Task	Resco Cloud: Support for database shrink in deployment service
22758	Task	Resco Cloud: Move update packages on Azure storage

16.0.4 (app)

Released on May 15, 2023.

22686	Bug	Windows app does not open after it has been closed once when GlobalIFrame is set up in home screen.
21317	Bug	Windows app crashes on the second opening.
22296	Bug	Sync error "The entity with a name = 'unknown' with namemapping = 'Logical' was not found in the MetadataCache"
22632	Bug	App crashing on custom entity

16.0.3 (server)

Released on May 10, 2023.

22605	Bug	Woodford: Error when publishing the app project.

16.0.3 (app)

Released on April 27, 2023.

22457	Bug	UWP layout cycle crash
22577	Bug	Guides: Feedback is not shown when a guide is opened from a questionnaire
22592	Bug	Guides: In offline mode, images are not loaded

16.0.2 (server)

Released on April 26, 2023.

22522	Bug	QDesigner: Unable to select a report for commands or access Run Report Configurator
22582	Bug	Sync Dashboard: Day view and device view doesn't all show data
22480	Bug	Woodford: Navigation bar not showing
22564	Bug	Woodford: Unable to define a filter in Advanced Report Config
22474	Bug	Woodford: Doubleclick on lookup items does not work
22446	Bug	Dynamics: Guides: performance is very slow, not working
22447	Bug	Dynamics: Guides: imported guide missing images
22514	Bug	Resco Cloud: Retry-Execute fetch logic for activity entities
22515	Bug	Resco Cloud: Condition 'eq-businessunit' for Deployment user
22562	Bug	Resco Cloud: Failed entity cleanup/delete will not abort sync (exception)
13287	Bug	Resco Cloud: The 'roleprivileges' entity does not continue from interrupted sync
22513	Task	Resco Cloud: When minActiveRowVersion missing, use modifiedon as sync anchor
22556	Task	Resco Cloud: Log in with AD account using email address
22517	Task	Resco Cloud: Activity entity sync in batches

16.0.2 (app)

Released on April 18, 2023.

22482	Bug	iOS: Commands are hard to see (white) while in multi-select mode
22507	Bug	Resco Guides does not load images when Resco Cloud is backend, using Dynamics metadata namespace (annotationid instead of id)
22398	Bug	JSBridge: linkItem crash
22456	Task	JSBridge: support for Advanced Report Configuration
18608	Task	Integrate Citrix MAM SDK

16.0.1 (server)

Released on April 13, 2023.

22414	Bug	Guides on Dynamics: import does not work
22433	Bug	Guides on Resco Cloud: images do not load in special circumstances
22420	Task	Resco Cloud: configure storage for Blobs and Audit from internal web service
22422	Bug	Resco Cloud: Auditing - CosmosDb is not deleted
22408	Bug	Resco Cloud: CrmPlugin - Dictionary.TryGetValue causes threads hang with multiple threads.
22406	Bug	Resco Cloud: For SystemUser, use PrimaryKeyName instead of "Id"
22463	Bug	SharePoint (blob storage): Failed to initialize when user is missing Organization.Write permission.
22405	Bug	WebApp: Unable to save settings.
22454	Bug	Woodford: Non-standard delete behavior with modal windows


Released on March 28, 2023 (release information).

  Data mapping in bulk
  Multiple images limit
  Multiple images display
  Image size
  Easy access to variables
  Report preview
  More control over page size
  Clone style
  Nicer app UI
  Form designer UI overhaul
  Calendar: week selector
  Form localization improvements
  Design Size button removed from view editor
  Sync download performance tips
  Rich text tab and process flow tab technology change
  Windows 8.1 app support change
  Statistics dashboard
  Add comments to steps
Resco Cloud
  OneDrive storage for Resco Cloud blobs
  Azure Cosmos DB storage for server audit data
  File columns support
  Reports on backend
  Virtual entities
  Permissions change
  Use organization setting for week numbering

15.3.2 (server)

Released on January 13, 2023.

21391	Bug	Error loading questionnaires after upgrade to 15.3
21572	Bug	Resco Cloud: User page timeout when many users, projects, and roles
21387	Bug	Woodford: Make the Branding email verification optional
21403	Bug	Woodford: Security profile cannot be assigned on all backends


Released on January 10, 2023.

21353	Bug	iOS: calendar on associated view not showing
21385	Bug	Admin console / Entities - Cannot add status reason to the active status of an account
21431	Bug	It's impossible to save private views for old Woodford projects
21383	Bug	Change list - no information shown in "edit list"
21422	Bug	Localization: translated name of view not shown for multiselect calendar view
21378	Bug	Resco Cloud - Export returns an invalid response


Released on December 13, 2022 (release information).

Report Designer user interface improvements
  Map questions to fields
  Buttons can create instances of repeatable groups
  Omit unanswered questions from reports
  Import and export of guides
  Media library
  Tall images
  Rich text editor
Tree view improvements
  Large data
  Create records
  View record detail
  Collapse all
Resco Cloud
  Store files in SharePoint
  Asynchronous import in REST API
Style editor improvements
Rules editor
Private views on all devices
Working with licenses in bulk
Schedule Board
Security policy for migration scenarios
Support email verification

15.2.2 (app)

Released on November 9, 2022.

20764	Bug	App UWP: non-preview note attachments not showing filename
20996	Bug	App: Cannot send log
20994	Bug	App: Pictures on iOS are being rotated by 90 degrees
20635	Bug	App: Video can't be added via Select Picture on iOS
20755	Bug	Inspections - Salesforce - Answering lookup question with locally created record corrupts "new json" questionnaire
20768	Bug	Inspections: Record audio crashes app when stored in SharePoint
20629	Bug	JSBridge: DocuSigning doesn't work from JavaScript
20425	Bug	JSBridge: iOS resumeSave not working
20995	Bug	Salesforce External App User Login
20630	Bug can be used as part of address list

15.2.2 (backend)

Released on October 14, 2022.

20578	Bug	Dynamics: Woodford 15.2.1 import error
20522	Bug	Resco Cloud: "Exception while fetching entity resco_question" during full sync
20529	Bug	Google sign-in is missing on
20523	Bug	Blob storage: Unable to delete records if the database version is less than 41
20476	Bug	REST service: Large response timeouts and out-of-memory exceptions
20510	Bug	Salesforce: Office attachments cannot be opened
20547	Bug	Cloning questionnaire enables versioning


Released on October 7, 2022.

20459	Bug	WebApp: Impossible to scroll in a dropdown list
20536	Bug	Inspections - Missing questions in longer questionnaires
20434	Bug	Cannot submit an email in Woodford > Mobile Apps
20429	Bug	DetailView tab goes white on Android
20481	Bug	When opening record from the map view, is empty
20487	Bug	Entity form with the Timeline component freezes
20488	Bug	Wrapped text is not working on UWP
20469	Bug	iframe: open in external browser not working on Android
20465	Bug	Database verification issue - idx_sharepointdocumentlocation_regardingobjectidTarget


Released on September 27, 2022 (release information).

Dynamics: Daily control over audit log maintenance
Use button to trigger commands
Resco Mobile CRM - required Windows version
New browser component in UWP app
Improved MDM support
Resco Cloud
  API changes
  Blob storage
  Send SMS via AWS
  SMS authentication
  Use Exchange for outgoing mail
Schedule Board
  Live location of resources
  Scheduled task remains selected
Syncing layouts with Salesforce
  Improved grid layout editor
  Restrict image/media actions
  Restrict image/media display size
  Smart styles for yes/no questions
  Select language for questionnaire reports
  Dynamics backend integration improvements

15.1.3 iOS bugfix

Released on September 13, 2022.

Bug	App crashes on iOS 16


Released on August 18, 2022.

20132	Bug	Result Viewer: not showing values from new JSON format
20165	Bug	Result Viewer: not loading images
20187	Bug	Questionnaires: Unable to save cloned questionnaires
20188	Bug	Salesforce: Unable to clone questionnaire with all versions


Released on August 16, 2022.

20141	Task	Integrations: Support upload of NN entities and lookups from Resco Cloud to Dynamics


Released on August 9, 2022.

20117	Bug	Admin Console - New accounts not created with the option "auto create customer" selected
20066	Bug	App: Cannot add images from gallery when running under MS Intune
20064	Task	Change the text of the marketing consent upon registration forms
20082	Bug	Guides: App and Web app: missing author's name on the preview of a guide during collecting
20084	Bug	Guides: App: tweak font size and weight in tips and warnings
18608	Task	Integrate Citrix MAM SDK
20051	Bug	Wrong photo orientation due to the missing EXIF metadata
20111	Bug	Proper handle of "app" subdomain for Google login
20047	Bug	Questionnaire Designer: changing group order is not being saved correctly
19970	Bug	Resco Cloud REST API - Not able to use Import
20022	Bug	Salesforce: Results Viewer doesn't show question values and show errors on refresh
20112	Bug	SMTP SSL port 465 does not work on AppService
19942	Bug	WebApp: when selecting price list, app tries to save the record and displays an error


Released on July 15, 2022.

19944	Bug	App remains locked after users enter password
19860	Bug	App: View Filter in MCRM does not yield results as per configuration
19959	Bug	Charts: Error when switching to list view
19667	Bug	Guides Editor (Dynamics): published guide changes to draft after the edit
19606	Bug	Guides on Dynamics - Redoing the way we edit/save guides on Dynamics
19853	Bug	Guides on Dynamics: Can not delete photo from Media Library
19960	Bug	Guides: Guide form is blank on UWP
19967	Bug	Guides: Missing Woodford descriptions
19697	Bug	Guides: UWP: missing image on Feedback in online mode
19903	Bug	JSBridge: Error retrieving entities via JSBridge
19961	Bug	JSBridge: JSbridge log doesn't contain important debug info
19913	Bug	Questionnaire Designer: Cannot open localization editor
19934	Task	Questionnaires: Allow "Guide" question on Dynamics
19896	Bug	Questionnaires: Woodford not opening on backend
19966	Bug	Report: Header is printed with a blank page after picture
19950	Bug	Report: Pagebreak not working as expected
19887	Bug	Storage Analyzer will not open email and send logs (perhaps due to size)


Released on July 6, 2022.

19902	Bug	Import Entity Metadata - Update is called instead of import
19690	Bug	Houston Guides: App: small zoomed images when the guide is opened on full screen (landscape/portrait)
19851	Bug	Sync: Conflict is not recognized when a user changes a record during sync
19859	Bug	Salesforce: Serialization error when regenerating report on new JSON questionnaire
19868	Bug	Inspections: Complete With Report: Shared variable not included in custom report filename
19871	Bug	JSBridge: Error saving report to SharePoint
19879	Bug	Values in the dropdown with special character is not visible in the app
19885	Bug	Merge conflict: Exception thrown in Desktop app
19889	Bug	Bulk Update: warning that fields will be cleared is missing
19897	Bug	Questionnaire with answer storage "compressed JSON" stores without compression
19905	Bug	Migration Tool - Unable to provide import if the current organization has not defined base currency
19910	Bug	Buttons on view stopped working
19941	Bug	OData does not escape multiline character (\n)


Released on June 21, 2022 (release information).

  Merge conflict form improvements
  Bulk update
  Form caching
  Cascading delete
  Fixes in monitoring synchronizations
  Troubleshooting SharePoint integrations
  Integration: Azure Logic Apps connector
  Leaner JSON
  Change group labels using rules
  Tweaks to the Yes/No question
  Static image size
  UI: Switching between groups & group icons
  Custom commands for Button components
  Grid layout editor improvements
  Access guides from questionnaires
  Reorder uploaded images
Schedule Board
Houston / Guides
  Scanning QR codes
  Guides for Microsoft Dynamics
  Redesigned harvesting
Resco Cloud
  Import binary documents via Admin Console
  Okta authentication for Resco Cloud
  Transaction mode and priority for workflows
Salesforce: Support for status picklist on the view for Campaign member object
Business process flows changes


Released on May 4, 2022.

19242	Bug	Mobile Reports: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
19039	Bug	WebApp: Unable to start webapp
19089	Bug	WebApp: Smart rules (and rules?) not working


Released on April 21, 2022.

19182	Bug	Integrations: Saving during processing upload results is called twice
19137	Bug	Questionnaire Designer: Issues when moving groups via drag and drop
19177	Bug	Resco Cloud: ResetPassword page redirects to login page
19133	Bug	Route Planner: Crash when a map pin is bound to a shared variable
19105	Bug	Salesforce: Community user login - URL with "" is not supported
19113	Bug	Salesforce: Crash when opening record via lookup detail item


Released on April 7, 2022.

18994	Bug	App crashes after opening Order form containing OrderItems with rowscript variables on the view
19087	Bug	App crashes after opening tree view on Android
19083	Bug	Cannot access log file on the About form
19046	Bug	Inspections: from questionnaire not working
19016	Bug	JSBridge: select.MultiplePhotos not working
19030	Bug	Pricelist not set automatically from account
19023	Bug	Salesforce: Logout silently fails when switching organization
16234	Bug	Salesforce: Records not being updated in app after sync
18956	Bug	Salesforce: RoutePlanner: Error saving modified route in online mode
19041	Bug	Schedule Board does not start for Resco Routes


Released on March 29, 2022.

18972	Bug	Cannot sync: Specified value has invalid Control characters
18981	Bug	Exchange: Filter used for recurrent appointments not working for UWP
18988	Bug	Icons for online and offline modes are exchanged
18993	Bug	Salesforce: Fatal upload error - cannot add tag to already tagged record
18963	Bug	Salesforce: Incomprehensible sync error message when new upload API is used.
18982	Bug	Windows Store app cuts the email body to 2083 chars
18979	Bug	Windows Store app doesn't recognize app settings after update to v15.0.0


Released on March 25, 2022 (release information).

New "Resco" app
  Multiselect actions for Questionnaire Designer
  Disable automatic reports in Questionnaire Designer
  Display all images of multi-image question
  Set up report command
  Create new record from a lookup question
  Reuse answers more effectively
  Disable immediate filtering in Result Viewer
  Export with question labels, not IDs
  Compress selected questionnaire fields
  Salesforce: Additional fields for JSON serialized answers
  Default value for Image/Media question
Schedule Board: preferred time window
Tagged images on forms
Document filters for Salesforce
Salesforce: work with archived and deleted records
Salesforce: optimized upload of multiple records
Route plan improvements
Resco Cloud Integrations
  Mapping of lookup fields
  Mapping of status/option set fields
  Mapping of external date-only and time-only fields
  Batch upload
Resco Cloud authentication options
Enterprise authentication
Woodford command-line interface (CLI)
Woodford GitHub integration improvements
Debugger port change
  Using PDF documents in guides


Released on March 7, 2022.

18688	Bug	Integrations - Unable to open Resco Cloud-Dynamics integration if integration user has enabled MFA


Released on February 12, 2022.

18498	Bug	Integrations - Upload to BC is not working.
18334	Task	Integrations - Add 'decimal' to pre-cached types
18357	Task	Integrations - Allow to execute processes during synchronization
18363	Task	Integrations - Do not throw an exception if the target record does not exist and its value is not part of the primary key
18372	Task	Integrations - Do not allow to execute update operation if one of the simple primary keys is null
18382	Task	Integrations - Default metadata changes for BC - External Line No fields should have integer equivalent in Resco
18396	Task	Integrations - Handle batch results processing
18438	Task	Integrations - Save integration transaction with empty error field if no error was thrown
18442	Task	Integrations - Do not try to upload a record that was deleted and does not have a defined upload sync filter
18520	Task	Integrations - Business Central - Add new default mapping for RescoItem[product]


Released on January 29, 2022.

18140	Bug	ActivityParty not downloaded for activities downloaded based on Linked Incremental Sync filter
18289	Bug	App freezes if user opens work order/incident in the app
18278	Bug	Business Central: Error if users try to sync work order to BC
18281	Bug	DocuSign: App crashing after signer information is entered
18181	Bug	FieldService: after update to 14.3 it is impossible to schedule work orders
17916	Bug	Inspections: Load fetch not returning expected results when link to an entity is used
18053	Bug	IServices: getsubscription service responds incorrect licenses
9225	Bug	MultiOptionSet: It is not possible to check values of multioptionset field in form rules
18176	Bug	OData: Filter operator "eq/ne null"
18034	Bug	Payment status iFrame shows wrong error message if payment session creation fails
18079	Bug	Selected view is ignored for "Add Multiple Existing"
18153	Bug	Skip onboarding if Voiceover is ON
17739	Bug	Upload of 1000 records takes too long time.(10 min)
18243	Bug	Web app: Touch and hold should be disabled on route plan.
18064	Bug	Web app: Click&Hold on map does not work
10757	Bug	Web app: Map: On longpress new record should be created (with lat+long fields filled)
18166	Bug	Woodford shows missing RecordTypeLocalization warning even if the entity is not in metadata
17606	Task	Integrations - Support integration of external entity which has multiple PK


Released on December 16, 2021.

17937	Bug	Cannot close form after running ExecuteJS step in a Button Click rule
17969	Bug	Misleading publish version name in Woodford
17828	Bug	Payment process doesn't produce Payment entity record and the payment session can't be tracked
17941	Bug	Salesforce: Entity names are duplicated in Select Entity Dialog
17922	Bug	Salesforce: Unable to load questionnaire designer and templates
17966	Bug	Start AppPool after server Update.
17841	Bug	WinDesktop: Signatures are being cut


Released on December 11, 2021 (release information).

  Tree view improvements
  Simpler form rules
  Pay with Resco (preview)
  Add multiple records to associated view
  Integrations improvements
  Resco Cloud connector
  Web triggers for REST API
  Web triggers for OData
  Record Type translations support for Salesforce
  Support for working with marketing campaign members for Salesforce
  Buttons and reports
  Import questions from images/PDF documents
  Questionnaire records are easier to reference
Schedule Board improvements
  Working hours editor
  Start Schedule Board from work order
  UI cleanup
  Functional locations
  Control how images are displayed in guides (fit or fill)
  Mobile users can leave feedback for guides
  User permissions now apply to guides libraryr


Released on Oct 21, 2021.

17227	Bug	Questionnaire: Decimal number changes to whole number after save and close
16854	Bug	resco.FieldService: app stops responding when using "Tagged Image" and configured to a particular Dependency Level 	 	 
17212	Bug	TinyMCE is used without meeting license conditions	 


Server and Houston changes were released on Oct 19, 2021.

16953	Bug	Unable to login with AD to web services
17009	Bug	resco.FieldService onboarding: incorrect documentation URL
17234	Bug	Resco Cloud - TinyMCE is used without meeting license conditions
16981	Bug	NullReferenceException when missing StmpCloudService tag in web.config.
16868	Feature	Integrations - Measure elapsed time of operations during synchronization
17008	Feature	Integrations - Business Central - Support integration of Service Items
16966	Feature	Integrations - Business Central - Resolve lookup fields and external primary key during Import and Export (not Sync)
16592	Bug	Houston: Wrong 'Name' and 'Direction' fields
16964	Bug	Houston: Users can't delete cover photo from library
16460	Bug	Houston: Useless tab after call ends
16463	Bug	Houston: Useless button when having a call from Houston app
16963	Bug	Houston: Uncentered photograph icon in the library
16547	Bug	Houston: Tabs are in left tab after orientation change
16671	Bug	Houston: only published guides into the device
16842	Bug	Houston: Houston Service: Uploaded image entity has empty filesize
16670	Bug	Houston: Downloading only images that have regarding object
16821	Feature	Houston: Avatar can be changed by user. Load user image if possible.
16984	Feature	Houston: Ask for sync, if is user online
16594	Bug	Houston web: Editing an image in guide saves edits in Media Library
16952	Bug	Houston web: Disunified placeholder picture when guide is missing a cover image
16920	Bug	Houston app: Square users
16921	Bug	Houston app: Some guides do not have square thumbnails
16657	Bug	Houston app: Show more not showing all guides
16645	Bug	Houston app: 'Show more' button for guides issues
16755	Bug	Houston app: Scanning QR of unsynced guide makes nothing (no warning)
17154	Bug	Houston app: problem with rotation on tablet. Not work on some tablets
17207	Bug	Houston app: Deleting first step of Collected guide
16753	Bug	Houston app: Added equipment is not available when creating collected guide

Client changes were released on Oct 12, 2021.

Bug	17059	Salesforce - The record type set in rules when creating a new entity is ignored
Bug	16848	JSBridge: SendSMS not populating message text on Android
Bug	16849	iOS: CRASH: app crashes on start if it was killed before
Bug	16956	Sync error if a user has SharePoint config set as "Same as CRM"


Released on September 28, 2021 (release information).

Resco Houston
    New tablet UI
    Create guides in the app
    Guides library
    Save API calls when syncing attachments
    Set maximum image size for upload
    Upload multiple files
    Server-side business logic improvements
    Salesforce API update
    Video calls in Dynamics
    Tree view
    Sync with Business Central
    Change in behavior: Execute JS from rules
    Create questionnaire templates by importing Excel/CSV files
    Collapsible question groups
    Grid layout for questions
    Multiple images question
    Finer control over commands
    Configure report generation
    QR codes in reports
Results Viewer - improved export function
Route plan and Routes AI
    Configurable name of the activity
    Control route plan with JSBridge
RealWear user interface changes
Schedule Board user interface changes
Business Process Flow improvements


Released on July 31, 2021.

Bug	13764	Dynamics: Access Teams - delete records that are no longer shared
Bug	15949	Exchange: Connection via Online type throws exception DllNotFoundException: dnsapi.dll
Bug	15801	Houston Product: Regarding property of Note entity is missing Equipment in lookup targets
Bug	15823	Houston Product: Sample data contains garbage
Bug	14898	Houston: Call from CAT results in a black screen for the callee
Bug	15474	Houston: No video is shown from an incoming call
Bug	15480	Houston: Video call is not working if the device doesn't support AR
Bug	14658	Location Monitor: Error when opening server component
Bug	15846	Location Tracking glitches
Bug	15866	MobileCRM: App crashes when the Badge is configured on Home
Bug	12232	MobileCRM: ArgumentNull_Generic exception when opening calendar
Bug	16043	MobileCRM: crash log fails to show or log errors coming from SecurityManager
Bug	15879	MobileCRM: Unable to retrieve settings from secure storage for Power Bi on v
Bug	16028	Route planner: Incorrect icons are used
Bug	15752	Route planner: Cannot choose custom appointment location on the map
Bug	15682	Salesforce: DeviceEntityWins option creates an issue when saving server-created records
Bug	15722	Salesforce: some strings in the filter not translated
Bug	15923	Woodford: Check-in config properties are empty after re-opening
Bug	15906	Woodford: Error adding rich-text editor to project
Bug	16033	Woodford: Error opening project


Released on June 25, 2021 (release information).

Resco Houston
    New product
    New component: button
    New questionnaire wizard
    Result Viewer improvements
    Support for Hindi language
    Tree view
    Badges on home screen
    Automatic refresh of views
    New style options for forms and questionnaires
    Schedule Board improvements
    Route planner
    New integration option for Resco Cloud
    Updates of the default app projects
    Mobile reports
    Storage analyzer
    New Sync Filter options for Dynamics


Released on May 31, 2021 (Android only).

Bug	15180	Android: Unable to login with Dynamics guest account


Released on May 3, 2021.

Bug	14667	DocuSign: It is not possible to save signed document when the Save command is disabled
Bug	14694	DocuSign: Signing document offline causes sync error "Index out of range..."
Bug	14678	Mobile reports: bad cell alignment
Bug	14716	Inspections: Questionnaire Designer crashes when choosing constant as condition in LoadFetch
Bug	14658	Location Monitor: Error when opening server component
Bug	14650	Sync Dashboard: It is not possible to click Error or Project info
Bug	14804	Woodford: GitHub integration - cannot commit project
Task	14859	Build app using Xcode 12 and iOS SDK 14


Released on April 15, 2021.

Bug	14548	ComboItems missing for shared variables in the rules editor
Bug	14545	Houston: Call to WebApp results in a black screen
Bug	14461	Inspections: No margin when you change the background color of a question
Bug	13394	WebApp: Create WorkOrder command not available


Released on April 13, 2021.

Bug	11066	Inspections: Capturing a photo and then trying to preview it is not possible in Online Mode.
Bug	14531	Order form: Unrelated Order item tab is acting like a related tab


Released on March 29, 2021 (release information).

    Client portal
    Cloud storage for images
    Questionnaire reports: custom layout of questions in a group

    Full availability on Android
    Pre-defined arrows
    New UI

    Capsules (preview)
    Style editor improvements
    Mobile reports improvements
    Route planner improvements
    Schedule Board: new On Change rule
    Dynamics: authentication changes
    DocuSign offline for iOS


Released on February 22, 2020

Bug	13358	Charts: Incorrect horizontal axis labels ("other")
Bug	13562	Chromium browser: iframes are not loaded on a form
Bug	13640	Chromium browser is invalidated when another instance of hidden iFrame loads the same URL and it's disposed
Bug	13715	Dynamics: Device control policy (Lock Application) does not apply to device
Bug	13733	Dynamics: Push notifications don't work
Bug	13737	Exchange: optional attendees not populated from the "CC" field of the mail
Bug	13731	Resco Cloud: Passing URL query for anonymous projects
Bug	11872	SharePoint: download problem when documents are changed on SharePoint


Released on February 5, 2020

Bug	13695	Resco Cloud: Woodford script file 'woodford.min.js' renamed to 'woodford.bundle.js'
Bug	13675	Resco Cloud: Unable to import data when lookup target with non-default id exists on lookup target.
Bug	13561	Salesforce: Product selector on Order lost an option to configure source entity views.
Bug	13466	Android: Form load crashes during config load on a device without Google Play
Bug	13511	iOS: app hangs up in GA when entering background under MobileIron
Bug	13396	MobileCRM: Email buttons are not displayed on the Win7 app
Bug	13483	Charts: Improve chart legend when using an aggregate fetch by option set
Bug	12570	Houston on web: Calls on multiple devices don't stop
Bug	13551	Devices locked while not respecting device security policy
Bug	13412	Signature size set to 0
Bug	13419	Invalid XML in fetch resco_mobiletracking aggregates
Bug	13518	Questionnaire object cannot be constructed when the metadata is not initialized
Refactor 13530	Refactor same code for Woodford and Questionnaire JavaScript execution
Feature	13514	Add export questionnaire web method to Resco Cloud data service
Feature	13515	Create no-UI publish method for questionnaire
Feature	13517	Load Questionnaire by id
Feature	13101	OData API to generate OpenAPI schema
Feature	13482	Generate Open API enum display values.
Feature	13364	OData dynamic schema entity/properties definition.
Feature	13406	Strict lookup field name and Dynamic picklist options.


Released on January 22, 2020

Bug	13241	Houston: Android: Rejecting incoming call while fullscreen does not remove call
Bug	13340	iOS: App crashes when deployed via MDM (Intune, AirWatch,...)
Bug	13235	Mobile Report: The generated XLSX report requires repair
Bug	13311	Resco Cloud: Deployment password re-hash
Bug	13239	Resco Cloud: Plugin SDK - Entity.OrderBy missing method exception
Bug	13185	Salesforce: iOS crash when creating Event with Record Type from Calendar
Bug	13305	Woodford: Two invisible buttons on new public view
Bug	13314	City smart services: Unable to change password
Bug	13171	FS: When reducing the FSM screen width, the Label name does not render properly


Released on December 17, 2020

Bug	12515	App: Unable to dismiss very long error messages.
Bug	13058	CRASH: iOS: Enterprise App crashes right after Appointment is saved 
Bug	13110	Dynamics: Access Teams sharing is not supported
Bug	13039	FS: CombinedForm: IsFormEnabled not respected for Work Order part of the form
Bug	13096	FS: Error applying form rule: failed to set variable
Bug	13065	FS: Navigating back from a service account record opens a blank account form 
Bug	13128	FS: On load rule error in app: object reference not set to an instance of an object
Bug	12973	Home screen: After deselect "useHomeIcon" gallery stays without selected icon
Bug	13167	Houston: function is working only when WebApp is accessed directly
Bug	13147	Inspections: app crashes when user clicks on a static image in repeatable group
Bug	13183	Inspections: Language setting is ignored in preview report
Bug	5659	Location tracking: Local time isn't refreshed after moving to another time zone
Bug	12961	Resco Cloud CRM plugin - Update Metadata - Removed entity on Server is not removed on Client (RC<->RC)
Task	12604	Resco Cloud: Enable RegisterConnect Page for
Bug	13215	Resco Cloud: Unable to start Smart City scenario
Bug	13047	Salesforce Chatter: Info message after creating first salesforce chatter tab is not user friendly
Bug	13131	Salesforce Chatter: Missing entities and fields.
Bug	13154	View: Header is missing on sort/filter popups.
Bug	13032	WebApp: Houston command is visible even though it is not enabled in Woodford
Bug	12437	WebApp: Records are not visible on the agenda view.
Bug	13157	Woodford: Dynamics section is visible on Salesforce org
Bug	13079	Woodford: Unable to collapse group after creating new project in Wizard


Released on December 3, 2020 (release information).

- remote assistance AR calls now available for Android, iOS and Web
- initiate AR call from any entity form
- improved drawing precision accuracy on iOS using plane detection

Smarter Inspections Reports
- easily customize automatic reports for Inspections on all backends
- preview customized automatic report from Questionnaire Designer on Inspections Cloud

Woodford & App
-  introducing Apps – one org with multiple apps for user to choose from 
- organize menu items into Sections, easily add icons and app logo 

- offline Chatter Entity Feeds with online refresh
- enhanced synchronization of shared records


Released on October 28, 2020.

Bug	12192	Allow disabling use of versionnumber in full or incremental sync per entity in Advanced Sync Setup
Bug	12197	Charts: wrong labels of second Horizontal axis field
Bug	12191	CrmPlugin: Advanced Sync Deletions - Sync throws an exception if some system entities are checked
Bug	11808	CrmPlugin: Synced records miss some fields if the organization is precreated
Bug	11415	CrmPlugin: Synchronization of intersect (N:N) entities throws an exception if the organization is precreated
Bug	12051	Houston: Issues with connection/scene mapping with newly generated Agora keys
Bug	12316	Inspections: application forcibly closed by iOS when a report is run
Bug	12215	Inspections: Group's OnLoad rules don't execute.
Bug	12331	Inspections: Using rules, it is possible to assign text longer than allowed by the question
Bug	12042	Localization for DateLabel in activity view is not working
Bug	12198	Reports: Error running mobile report when it contains invalid cell positions
Bug	11735	Reports: Language-specific report not visible in the app
Bug	12150	Reports: SSRS Print report issue - report cannot be run anymore
Bug	11850	Reports: Waitscreen disappears before the mobile report is completely generated
Bug	12024	Richtext editor: cursor returns to the beginning of the text after pressing Enter (MS Store version)
Bug	12194	WebApp: Option set value label is incorrect
Bug	12195	Woodford: pop-up window for properties is displayed underneath the list of tabs 


Released on October 14, 2020.

11865	BUG	App crashes when syncing SharePoint
11806	BUG	Charts: Chart showing currency within count value
11799	BUG	Houston: The dialing/calling should have a time out
11878	BUG	Houston: The 'Enable' checkbox should be disablable, and this option deletes Agora key from configuration
11386	BUG	Inspections - Report Designer - the back button that does nothing
12039	BUG	Inspections - Report Designer - regression - creating a new report for an older questionnaire shows an error message
11851	BUG	Inspections - Questionnaire Designer: Salesforce: Logo is missing in Report when Dependency Level is Images or Full.
11861	BUG	Inspections - Tagged Image is not rendered properly on iOS and Android devices (it is rotated)
10564	BUG	Inspections - WebApp - Unchecked checkbox does not have a label displayed -Template Fixing Control Panel
11877	BUG	iOS: App crashes after Exchange integration is enabled and form of new email is closed
11813	BUG	iOS: Condensed view looks bad on iPhone
11847	BUG	iOS: RoutePlanner: App crashes right after saving new route
12016	BUG	PlayStore crash when activity returned non-existing file URI
12019	BUG	Resco Cloud: if the password expires during online mode, server popup message is not clear enough
11863	BUG	Result Viewer: Created Date filter picks questionnaires from day before
12092	BUG	Salesforce: Confusing error message when SF org is moved to another SF cloud instance.
8341	BUG	Salesforce: Files disappear after the second sync if the parent entity uses Always Full Sync
11849	BUG	Salesforce: Online: Error generating questionnaire report with Tagged Image in Online Mode
11512	BUG	TimeLine Control: Configuration window: Entity properties are scrolled
11875	BUG	Unable to load view: Comparer.Compare returns inconsistent results
12014	BUG	UWP app: Incorrect time format in route planner for the German language
12021	BUG	Web app: Inspections SayTextStep opens an empty message box
12027	BUG	Web app: Loading dialog image cannot be found


Released on September 30, 2020 (release information).

- Questionnaire localization
- Performance improvements
- Reduced database footprint 

- Houston: video call with Salesforce
- Houston: receive calls using web app
- Houston: calls saved to the Phone call entity, including additional written notes

- DocuSign offline signing for Android
- Woodford: redesigned home screen editor, easier form icons, timeline and process components
- Reports: Preview report in the designer. Option to not break cell to next page
- Salesforce Chatter


Released on July 29, 2020.

11194	BUG	Charts: Group by error Invalid value 'tag' for date grouping.
11148	BUG	Clicking on ContentDocumentLink crashes app when related entity is not in metadata
11204	BUG	DocuSign: Re-login on failed transaction stopped working
11197	BUG	Inspections: changes in questionnaire are not reflected in the mobile report
11179	BUG	Inspections: Tagged image - the group name is only partially visible - obscured by the tag
11207	BUG	Inspections: It is possible to run mobile report on questionnaire which is not saved
11070	BUG	iOS: Missing "clear value" button for editable date time field in List
11153	BUG	MobileCRM: Localization is not applied for time picker
11166	BUG	PDF Report: Footer breaks into new page.


Released on July 17, 2020.

10890	BUG	Mobile Reports Barcode rendering in PDF
11111	BUG	Wrong structure of exported Sync Dashboard data
11116	BUG	If set displayFormat property to no correct format, app crashed
10630	BUG	WoodfordHTML: Dynamics Business Process Flows enable/disable checkbox for individual processes doesn't work
11126	BUG	MobileCRM: Arg_KeyNotFound on select grouped by option in Line Charts
11137	BUG	"Loading..." does not disappear if user runs a specific report.
10515	BUG	MobileCRM: Value of Numeric Item is reset to zero after losing focus of the field
11091	BUG	Execute JS should not be available in views
11101	BUG	Fatal Upload Error - '.', hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character.
10934	BUG	Inspections - score footer - min max range not rounded properly - MSdynamics
10937	BUG	Unable to open questionnaire on Internet Explorer
10976	BUG	Data from charts go beyond the frame
10977	BUG	Woodford: TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of null
10997	BUG	Inspections: OnSave rule not executed for repeatable group
11030	BUG	Google Integration login doesn't work on Win7 desktop
11088	BUG	Completing questionnaire with a report with set enhanced signature causes app crash in Online
10858	BUG	Woodford entity forms icon is not visible in some cases
	BUG	WoodfordHTML5: Sync Dashboard - duration format update (hrs:min:sec)
	FEATURE	new toolbar icons for theme editor in Woodford
	BUG	Fixing wrong icon size from yesterday Updated 6 files under $/MobileCRM/Main/Tools/Web/CommonUI/Images/Toolbar/Color
	REFACTOR Sync: Prevention of SQLITE_LOCKED errors. Handling of 2 situations, which can generate this error.
	REFACTOR Sync: performance: SyncAnalyzer uses NOLOCK fetches.


Released on June 23, 2020.

FEATURE	Entity form rules step ExecuteJS.
FEATURE	JSBridge: DefaultKeepAlive flag exposed through JSBridge command (Desktop only)
FEATURE	OAuth authentication for technical portal user
FEATURE	Win7: MapView implemented as Chromium browser with Google Maps HTML.
BUGFIX	Inspections: Do not fail on potential stackoverflow in rules workflow.
BUGFIX	iOS: NewDetailImageItem - fit image also by width.
BUGFIX	iOS: Turn off delegate mismatches in enterprise build (which should be suitable for MDM wrapping).
BUGFIX	Mobile report is always generated with name "Report" on Dynamics and Resco Cloud + Quote Report named incorrectly on Salesforce.
BUGFIX	Scheduler: Task with zero allowed resources could be scheduled to any resource.
BUGFIX	Sync: Some cleanup optimizations switched off in case of FullSync.
BUGFIX	Win10: App crash on charts.


Released on June 11, 2020 (release information).

- Questionnaire Scoring
- track Questionnaire Completion time
- improved storage options for static images
- rules performance optimization

- AR collaboration & remote assistance video calls (beta - iOS only)

- Process Control to guide users through a series of steps
- simplified icons configuration with partial WYSIWYG
- chart improvements - dynamic date grouping, multiple Group By clauses


Released on May 13, 2020.

BUGFIX	9126	Unable to add N:N relation for different id with the same target entity (user to user)
BUGFIX	10421	Business process flow sync errors
BUGFIX	10438	SharePoint MFA integration problem on Win 10 Store app
BUGFIX	10276	Inspection_template name problem for generating reports
BUGFIX	10283	Inspections: Repeatable questions groups not working with Holographic scene
BUGFIX	10320	Tagged Holo Image iOS: Newly created group (tag) is not added to the scene
BUGFIX	10392	Export command on list view currently accepts only 950 records


Released on April 30, 2020. Win10 only.

BUGFIX	10397	Win10: Error applying form rule - Crashes in DetailItemTextBox (InvalidCastException: InvalidCast_WinRT, Resco.UI.WindowsRT.DetailItemComboBox, MissingMetadataType)


Released on April 22, 2020.

9651	BUGFIX	Charts: Stacked charts do not show revenue tag for the uppermost component
10201	BUGFIX	Inspections: Android app crash after completing a tagged image questionnaire
10381	BUGFIX	Salesforce: Sync fails for Files created during ongoing background sync
10362	BUGFIX	iOS: SafeAreaInsets - new UI - GridCellHeader
5832	FEATURE	iOS: FilterPicker now uses UIPopoverPresentationController for iPads
9976	BUGFIX	iOS: AppFolder: Text color for AppFolder text-editor is white (should be black)
9808	BUGFIX	iOS: View selector popup is not correctly centered on iPads
10298	BUGFIX	iOS: Ultimate list-set needs display every time when the frame was changed.
9543	BUGFIX	Win10: When the visibility of a LookUp view changes in an onChange rule, the lookUp field is never enabled again.

Released on May 6, 2020.

48594	BUGFIX	Schedule Board: Labels for Skill and Territory fields not consistent on the Resource tab
48565	BUGFIX	Woodford: SyncDashboard: No data are presented in the list of sync records (at bottom of sync dashboard)
48546	BUGFIX	Woodford: ThemeEditor: Hoverable list separators, easier to select
48543	BUGFIX	Woodford: ThemeEditor: Clickable search background on a phone screen
48535	BUGFIX	Inspections: questionnaire in publish status - values not readable
48533	BUGFIX	Inspections: designer: datetime default value was not properly serialized and deserialized
48531	BUGFIX	Inspections: designer: max length was not exported with text question
48530	BUGFIX	Inspections: designer: newly imported questionnaire becomes dirty
48451	BUGFIX	CSS: MobileUsers grid not scrollable to bottom


Released on April 15, 2020.

7440	BUGFIX	Email form 'to' field value is filled two times
8499	FEATURE	Implement SharePoint integration using new API
8761	BUGFIX	WoodfordHTML: Property "Required for status" for MediaTab on EditForm is Empty, however, status was selected
9698	BUGFIX	Inspections - Tagged Image - when the image is deleted, it cannot be loaded again in App
9807	BUGFIX	Image DetailItem: form is not refreshed if a user changes binding.
9837	BUGFIX	Enhanced Signature: Report entity is not preselected and reporting fields are not available for selection
9848	BUGFIX	DetailItemImage: Properties of DetialItemImage are confusing
9867	BUGFIX	FormTable: Table disappears on the Android app after returning from landscape mode
9871	BUGFIX	Form Table: Woodford: Usability issue: No warning if the field has no position - first validation occurs before publish
9969	BUGFIX	Slovak localizations were missing in projects, after providing export/import from production organization to organization on build
10004	BUGFIX	Dropdown options are not available for entities enabled after another entity was opened
10021	BUGFIX	WebApp Lepsia Obec - Error applying form rule while trying to add an incident photo
10131	BUGFIX	Set the "Answered On" date field value also for the binary kinds of questions (e.g. Image)
10165	FEATURE	Woodford configuration option to enable new API
10177	BUGFIX	It takes too long to close RichTextEditor properties - user is confused
10178	BUGFIX	Tagged Image questions groups not visible on iPhone, iPhone Xr
10183	BUGFIX	Woodford: Error in developer console after a role is selected
10185	BUGFIX	iOS, Android: Limit icon drawing size
10200	BUGFIX	Inspections - NoLabel style not centered in Windows App
10202	BUGFIX	Inspections - app - form name of a questionnaire does not change when changing the questionnaire template
10209	BUGFIX	Inspections - it is not possible to remove default value on Single Choice
10211	FEATURE	Add nice custom error page to
10217	BUGFIX	RescoCRM: Text in Cyrillic script is displayed as ?????
10220	BUGFIX	Inspections - app crash after opening questionnaire template
10223	BUGFIX	Win10 App crashes when opening form for the first time
10225	BUGFIX	App crashes when opening/closing Setup
10226	BUGFIX	Table - Image won't resize in iOS/Android app
10232	FEATURE	Store attachment ID as value of Binary Question
10271	BUGFIX	iOS: Table formatting fields
10277	BUGFIX	Smart Rules are lost when Questionnaire uses JSON storage
10289	BUGFIX	Table - Button Click - Button is missing
9647	BUGFIX	Encrypted fields type do not show up in Woodford
9798	BUGFIX	Image DetailItem: Error is visible if user pastes signature
9883	BUGFIX	CloudDocuments: Add info for Users/Admin about the importance of Root folder for Cloud documents
10169	BUGFIX	Not able to use Migration Tool if default localization is missing
10179	BUGFIX	DarkMode visual bugs
10180	BUGFIX	Destination type for directions inconsistent between platforms
10188	BUGFIX	iOS: Form Table layout issues
10196	BUGFIX	JSBridge: setting "preventClose" causes close button to disappear for all lookups
10210	BUGFIX	WebApp: Exception on View Search when the Search Field contains an option set
10218	BUGFIX	Salesforce: Connection to Woodford sometimes fail.
10269	BUGFIX	Location tracking: Validate the XML sent to the Location web services. Ignore corrupted records.
10303	BUGFIX	Woodford MobileUsers no scrollbar (off by header size probably)


Released on April 2, 2020 (release information).

- no-code business logic: smart questions, defaults, styles
- questionnaire icon and logo
- better support for JSON formats

- Smartwatch support improvements
- Augmented reality for iOS

- Improved Form Table Designer 
- Enhanced Signature Flow 
- Editable Images and Rich Text on Forms 
- Automatic Photo Crop with aspect ratio 
- Synchronization improvements: custom upload order; users can cancel sync 
- Significant database performance improvements


47214 BUGFIX: Win10: MonthCaledar handled every cell click twice
47207 BUGFIX: Win10: Refresh global search placeholder after app language has changed
47181 REFACTOR: iOS: RTL ordering of panels
47174 BUGFIX: Android: Don't access Platform.Instance from AppForm.OnLayout
47160 BUGFIX: Sync:  Prevent INT overflow in activityparty download if MaxSyncCount is too high
47158 BRANDING: ApplyBranding support Android.ScreenOrientation and iOS.iPhaone/iPad Orientation values
47151 BUGFIX: RoutePlan: Prevent unwanted route point re-selection after changing the order with drag&drop
47148 BUGFIX: iOS: FieldOne HostForm null check on entity in OnSaveCompleted - numerous  AppStore crashes experienced
47145 BUGFIX: OAuth login form crashed when user deleted and relogged account
47144 FIX: MobileCRM.Win10: Stacked chart display old chart onHover
47143 FIX: MobileCRM.Win10: Bar charts doesn't support Stacked nor Grouped view
47142 BUGFIX: iOS: Added null check as new appointment view may be removed during appearance animation and app crashes
47141 BUGFIX: Salesforce: Application refuses to update customization due to incorrect cleanup of dummy Content Documents
47137 BUGFIX: Sync: Fix of rare NN-related bugs
47135 Settings: Default MaxSyncCount value increased to 1 million + SyncLog: Improved description of SyncAnalyzer errors
47104 BUGFIX: Salesforce: Sync fails when permission for entity with linked Files is removed from mobile user
47101 Win10: Forward button included (serves as Back button in RTL)
47100 Win10: RTL-related fixes
47092 BUGFIX: Android: SendEmail action fixed to support both Gmail & Outlook
47078 FIX: MobileCRM: saving entity with a collection having more than 100 children twice,resulted into constraint violation error
46958 FEATURE: Mobile Reports: When emailing report from multiselect, pass first record reference as relationship variable
46950 Android: Do not show download progress in status bar on devices with top cutout (notch) and Anroid 9+ in portrait
46943 FEATURE: Sync: Custom upload order
46942 BUGFIX: APP: ActivityListItem - Scheduled Start/End now uses TryGetValue instead of direct access
46941 BUGFIX: APP: Check if email detail form exists before showing it
46939 BUGFIX: Win7: DirectEdit in list must not clear existing value
46932 Report: Excel: Fixed assignment of horizontal alignment constants to vertical alignment. Fixed warning
46931 Report: Excel: Use style with text wrapping enabled for texts with multiple lines
46930 Report: Word: Convert new line characters '\n' to WordML line break tag <w:br />
46929 Report: Html: Replace new line characters '\n' with html tag '<br/>'
46928 Android: Hide tab bar when content was scrolled externally. Added comment
46927 Android: Initialize list later after the editor takes focus and allows another item to store changed data as data in the list
46926 All: Use correct color for home icons if custom home theme is used
46921 BUGFIX: Sync: appSettings.LastSyncDate is not updated if sync finished with SyncResult.ConnectFailed
46920 BUGFIX: Scheduler: Several components on pages in QuickMenu were disabled even when zoom mode was not "Month overview"
46919 BUGFIX: Scheduler: Tasks with status Confirmed or CoffeeBreak were not included in route on map and were not included in statistics
46918 BUGFIX: Scheduler: FilterStatus and other items in ButtonsBar were not reduced or hidden properly when ButtonsBar width was not sufficient
Woodford HTML Changes
BUGFIX: Hide the publish indicator after all requests finished
BUGFIX: Optimization of permissions granted during publish


46945 BUGFIX: Customization download: Analysis of the server fault response: We supposed hexa error code, while the server returned decadic form
46943 FEATURE: Sync: Custom upload order For the description see SyncSetup.txt
46942 BUGFIX: APP: ActivityListItem - Scheduled Start/End now uses TryGetValue instead of direct access
46941 BUGFIX: APP: Check if email detail form exists before showing it
46939 BUGFIX: Win7: DirectEdit in list must not clear existing value
46932 Report: Excel: Fixed assignment of horizontal alignment constants to vertical alignment
46931 Report: Excel: Use style with text wrapping enabled for texts with multiple lines
46930 Report: Word: Convert new line characters '\n' to WordML line break tag <w:br />
46929 Report: Html: Replace new line characters '\n' with html tag '<br/>'
46928 Android: Hide tab bar when content was scrolled externally
46927 Android: Initialize list later after the editor takes focus and allows another item to store changed data as data in the list may vary depending on value from this another item
46926 All: Use correct color for home icons if custom home theme is used
46921 BUGFIX: Sync: appSettings.LastSyncDate is not updated if sync finished with SyncResult.ConnectFailed
46920 BUGFIX: Scheduler: Several components on pages in QuickMenu were disabled even when zoom mode was not "Month overview"
46919 BUGFIX: Scheduler: Tasks with status Confirmed or CoffeBreak were not included in route on map
46918 BUGFIX: Scheduler: FilterStatus and other items in ButtonsBar were not reduced or hidden properly
46910 BUGFIX: Win10: DetailItemLink takes focus when clicking on editor
46890 BUGFIX: iOS: PasswordManager - presentation modal fix for iphone X types
46888 BUGFIX: DirectEdit on View fills number field with zero value after focus is lost PART 2
46887 BUGFIX: DirectEdit on View fills number field with zero value after focus is lost PART 1
46876 Inspections: use TryGetValue on resco_options filed on resco_question entity
46867 BUGFIX: Report: Pdf: Remove fully drawn cells from row with fixed height
46866 BUGFIX: MobileCRM.Win10: Charts: Missing Axis Labels (only every second is displayed)
46865 BUGFIX: Fixed incorrect date formats
46864 BUGFIX: Endless sync loop when some background sync older than appSettings.CustomizationReadyTimeout finished
46862 Synchronization: Missing end element for Warn002 message when generating sync log
46860 BUGFIX: Online mode did not respect setting MaxExecuteMultiple when sending request batch
46859 BUGFIX: Charts labels overlap + error when charts use year grouping
46858 BUGFIX: Win10: Drilldown window in the center of view when the chart is too large
46856 BUGFIX: Incorrect implementation of RemoveItemCampaign/RemoveItemCampaignActivity web requests (Dynamics)
46842 BUGFIX: iOS: Xamarin.iOS bug workaround revised to work with changed private property name
46840 FEATURE: WebApp: RoutePlanner support navigation
46788 BUGFIX: JSBridge: Maintain the order of MobileCRM.bridge.alert calls
46745 BUGFIX: Confirm Password field cannot be filled when scanned from QR Code
46702 BUGFIX: App crashes when opening form with field using stylename which is missing in styles
Woodford HTML Changes
BUGFIX: Cannot open Image Query editor in Edit Styles dialog if ImageQuery is empty
BUGFIX: Fixes for new default project for Dynamics
BUGFIX: ThemeEditor: Wrong binding for tab name color in preview fixed
BUGFIX: ConfigEditor: Filled in missing config subcategories which lead to hidden config values


Brand new look & feel of Charts
- the app uses a different visualization library

Rules support square root and other math operators
- native support of more complex math operations

Support for Saelsforce Time type
- Time data type from Salesforce is enabled in Resco

Redesigned Theme editor in Woodford
- full WYSIWYG experience

Inspections improvements
- AI Image recognition for Inspections
- Apple Watch and HoloLens support
- Command Editor
- Folders
- Group rules

Various bugfixes and performance improvements


Woodford HTML Changes
BUGFIX: Replace the slash / with backslash \ in the file paths returned by zip library for Offline HTML import
BUGFIX: Remote Sync Conflict resolution doesn't work for Salesforce
BUGFIX: Sorting and Exporting of user in MobileUsers view fixed


Woodford HTML Changes
BUGFIX: Remove the duplicated application entry from the index.tmpl.html file
BUGFIX: Incorrectly initialized list of products for users deleted in CRM in Mobile Users editor


46059 BUGFIX: Error when saving new Questionnaire with empty image to Salesforce in Online mode
46040 BUGFIX: Static image in repeating Question Group causes error when opening Questionnaire
46076 BUGFIX: Failure to sync the entity ServiceEndpoint (and other entities without RowVersion field) if the sync type is 'Incremental Sync'
46006 BUGFIX: iOS13 - App crashes when uploading videos to Cloud storage
46060 BUGFIX: iOS13 - App crashes if notifications are disabled for the app
46049 BUGFIX: Mobile Report does not work with Cloud Documents in Online mode
46020 BUGFIX: iOS: Expand/Collapse button should only be available on New Form UI
45889 BUGFIX: Scheduler: The last clicked resource row in the list is not selected (highlighted) when Map view is used
45866 BUGFIX: Salesforce: Full sync freezes the app when syncing certain Layouts
45884 BUGFIX: Scheduler: Switching between Scheduler and Map views doesn't maintain selection and view scroll position
45094 BUGFIX: AI Vision: Search in View should use only the result with highest probability.
46096 BUGFIX: iOS13 - App crash when appointment set to "Complete"
FEATURE: Sync Cleanup - performance improvements for Salesforce
FEATURE: Mobile Audit is uploaded last to ensure that any referenced records are uploaded first.
Woodford HTML Changes
46098 BUGFIX: Add support for new Dynamics 365 attribute type "File".
46075 BUGFIX: Salesforce Inspections Demo Data used Attachment instead of Files in Generic Questionnaire Template
46074 BUGFIX: Toolbar butons in rule editor of inspections designer and woodford not working properly
46072 BUGFIX: Configuration section typo fix
45994 BUGFIX: Change the publish version label from "Version 12.0" to "Version 12.1-12.0"
45993 FEATURE: Do not copy the user email in registration form in case it ends with @onmicrosoft
46065 FEATURE: Add license management support for Inspections


45819    BUGFIX: Salesforce: App crashes when creating Event/Task from the list on Lead form
45817    BUGFIX: Win10: Ignore ArgumentException in month calendar item drag image rendering (popup might be closed during rendering)
45767    BUGFIX: Source has been attached to any resource when there has not been valid resource (in mode 'Source To Owner relationship')
45766    BUGFIX: Only one resource has been selected for feature 'Source To Owner Relationship', but in some cases the owner can have several resources
45765    BUGFIX: Scheduler: RescoInputTimePicker and RescoInputDatePicker control did not show dropdown  with correct index
45763    SharePoint: Sync problems when adding and deleting SharePoint docs
45760    BUGFIX: iOS: DetailItemText - TextView content padding removed
45739    BUGFIX: Feature 'Source To Owner Relationship' has not been implemented correctly for fs_resource
45735    sAIVision - check rule variable from woodford to 'undefined' string value
45734    BUGFIX: Win10: Barcode scanner doesn't need audio & requests permission if denied
45732    Accessibility: VoiceOver: iOS: Can't edit already filled Lookup fields
45731    Inspections: Tagged Image fixes
45730    LOCALIZATIONS: Remove unnecessary translations of DetailView tabs (es-ES)
45728    LOCALIZATIONS: Remove unnecessary translations of DetailView tabs (en-US)
45712    BUGFIX: Mobile CRM: Windows Store app cannot open Lookup Dialog window
45710    BUGFIX: Scheduler: Old resource did not redraw its route in Map view properly when task resource was changed
45709    BUGFIX: Scheduler: List for Resource and list for Source entities ended with infinite loading in some cases
45704    BUGFIX: Mobile CRM: App crashes when exporting records
45674    BUGFIX: Unable to save signature as PNG
45655    BUGFIX: iOS: DetailItemButton - disabled item and parent behavior fix
Woodford HTML Changes
45781    FEATURE: WoodfordHTML: Configuration menu divided into tabs and subcategories
45641    BUGFIX: Wrap buttons in side panel (css style)
45584    BUGFIX: Configuration minor category and typo fixes
45534    BUGFIX: ListDesigner -  style of element is set to default rather than 'null' if user deletes assigned style
45533    FIX: Hide the Inspection entities in the delete plugin editor and the upload only entities in the delete and update plugin editor
45528    BUGFIX: Metadata Editor - Added duplicate fields check and refactored LoadData method for better legibility and simplicty
45521    BUGFIX: AIVision - Scan Image command availability in various context
44592    BUGFIX: GlobalMaps Allow multiple initial views per entity
45521    BUGFIX: AIVision - Scan Image command availability in various context
45493    BUGFIX: AIVision - RuleEditor validate scan image workflow, if exists configuration for entity with workflow 
45429    FIX: Scrollbar for Menu in IE
45421    BUGFIX: AIVision - WoodfordHTML - Create new Document on IE is not supported
45402    BUGFIX: WoodfordMetadata: MaintenanceService - missing 'statecode' and 'statuscode' attribute in fetch added
45400    BUGFIX: FormDesigner - style of element is set to default rather than 'null' if user deletes assigned styl without having the form saved in the meantime
45368    BUGFIX: ownerid has not been set in config
45338    BUGFIX: Push notification (Lock/Wipe) should send OS id Metro instead of Windows
45318    BUGFIX: Metadata Editor - added default LabelMetadata (displaynames) for default Status Reason field
45302    BUGFIX: Color selector "Transparent" button sets and also unsets transparent color
45298    BUGFIX: Rules - Added checks and handling of MultiSelectPicklist type field in rules
45246    BUGFIX: XRM: When publishing project, do not update User entity permission in role, if it is already set
45243    BUGFIX: It is not possible to add condition with "id" field on Activity (activitypointer)
45172    BUGFIX: Offline HTML files are sent to CRM in two phases rather than one
45163    BUGFIX: ProjectPage - Sort entities by display name not logical name
44979    BUGFIX: Salesforce: Not able to configure any entity (Show Fields) when ContentDocumentLink is disabled
44954    BUGFIX: Incorrect indexing of configuration file values fixed
44909    BUGFIX: Serialize ParentLookup settings in derived (child) project
44824    BUGFIX: Form designer doesn't set dirty if nothing was changed (detail item button select caused this)
44815    BUGFIX: Toolbar overflowed in dialog window
44628    BUGFIX: Salesforce: Woodford: Product selector component does not have an option to configure default source views


Azure Image Recognition
- use Artificial Intelligence to recognize items in captured images

Buttons on Entity Forms
- custom buttons on forms, adding the ability to execute actions directly from form's UI

Reuse Answers from existing Questionnaires
- selected questions can have values pre-filled from previously answered Questionnaires

Questionnaire Template Versioning
- better support for rollout of different versions of Questionnaires

SmartWatch support for Inspections (Android)
- execute & complete Questionnaires also on Android Wear devices

Improvements in Scheduler, Location Monitor and Sync Dashboard


44585   FIX: MobileCrm: try catch block around convert.changetype method when setting the variable value to detailitem of the questionnaire
44580   FIX: MobileCrm: References cannot be converted using convert.changetype as they do not implement IConvertible interface


44475   FIX: MobileCrm: QuestionVariable - convert the value before setting it to detailviewitem. Reason: values of incompatible types could be set from rules, causing app to crash
44465   BUGFIX: RoutePlan crashes when source entity has 2 pairs of lat/lng fields enabled but the source view does not have any of them selected
44463   BUGFIX: Salesforce: RecordTypes were not alphabetically sorted
44455   BUGFIX: Sync: SharePoint: Preventing NullReferenceException (rare case)
44453   BUGFIX: Inspections: Salesforce: The RegardingId is not properly set when user fills it manually
44431   BUGFIX: Check attachament model for MobileReport in constructor and Save method
44406   BUGFIX: RoutePlan crashes when the source (account) view has no lat/lng fields and contains a link with no attributes
44336   BUGFIX: ImageQuery for Cloud Documents doesn't work after Full Sync
44285   BUGFIX: Export/Run report crashed when no entity was selected in list
Woodford HTML Changes
44565   BUGFIX: Do not create the files marked as deleted in the published source backup for the child project, but mark them as deleted instead
44532   BUGFIX: BRANDING: Allow 'Request' button for request entities with Completed status, when 7 days from build went by
44499   FIX: Repost Builder: Removed obsolete padding property from panel
44490   Inspections Designer: Saving issue fixed, validation of rules + shared variables for lookup filter
44482   FEATURE: Inspections: Designer Allow to set custom fonts and font size of question style
44478   FEATURE: Inspections Designer: Allow the SetGps Step in questionnaire rules
44472   FEATURE: ReportBuilder: Allow to set borderthickness, padding and margin separately for each side of the box
44460   FIX: ReportBuilder: Do not allow to save report if source is not defined for a repeater
44457   FIX: ReportBuilder: Allow to set '0' value of padding and margin property of report style
44450   FIX: Inspections Designer: When pasting a snippet that has only one question, allow to select that question after pasting
44444   FIX: RescoSDK: Mtadata -> allow to work with the local entities (resco_shrepointdoc, emails, etc...) in the Report editor
44428   FIX: Inspections Designer:Aallow to set 'Show on Report' on static questions
44425   FIX: Webtools: Sort the entities in rule editor (Dynamics metadata are not sorted by logicalname)
44321   BUGFIX: Inspections Designer: do not decode encoded XML twice
44303   BUGFIX: Salesforce: Cannot create Scheduler component in Inspections project


44264	BUGFIX: Incorrect conflict resolution if the locally changed record happened to be the only record that was changed in the server
44229	BUGFIX: App crashes after attempt to open the sync error
44206	Scheduler: Missing reference to WorkOrderPlanner class in TypeScript file
44198	BUGFIX: Win10: Hide the control when collapsed. MapView breaks otherwise
44171	BUGFIX: Do not normalize Question.Value of string "" to NULL
44169	BUILD: iOS: Deprecated option UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend removed from Info.plist
44121	BRANDING: Routes scenario included in Resco CRM create org wizard (turned off for Mobile CRM)
44087	BUGFIX: Desktop: CEF (Chromium WebView): Allow universal access from file urls
44083	BUGFIX: QuoteClose actual revenue might be negative, setup proper constraints


	Android: VoiceControl - Application can be operated using Voice
	Win10: Calendar cell height optimized 
	Application will ask whether to save a generated report
	Automatic Grid – Form fields can be arranged in a grid pattern. The layout can be automatic, adding columns depending on the available space, or configured by Admin
	Application applies new customization on start automatically. Synchronization will switch to background mode after upload, minimizing the time users cannot work

	Show precise Upload progress information and detailed record download numbers
	Permissions are updated each time the application is synchronized after launch

Expand/collapse views
	Configure less often visited views (lists, details, maps) to be collapsed by default,	   allowing the user to expand them on demand

Dynamics 365
	Business Process Flow support for latest Dynamics version

	Files instead of attachments everywhere - Content, such as Signatures, Mobile Reports and Scanned Business cards can be stored in Salesforce Files instead of Attachments
	Configuration option to sync all Salesforce files related to an object, not just ones in user’s library or directly shared with her


43647    BUGFIX: iOS: MessageBox-related fixes
43632    BUGFIX: SearchForm force the cached entities, we already know the entities to search
43631    FEATURE: Win10: Calendar day height (cell height) is computed from business hours
43630    BUGFIX: Desktop: Do not scrollIntoView multiline text DetailItem on click
43629    REFACTOR: Desktop: Do not show reminders that were already displayed while the app is running
43628    BUGFIX: Google, Exchange contacts: fullname filter is compatible
43622    REFACTOR: WIn10: Do not clear metadata when app is suspended. UI code that is running might depend on it
43555    BUGFIX: Salesforce: Combined Sync Filters due to Mark as Parent Pointer setting were incorrect
43554    BUGFIX: Salesforce: Picklists did not show all the options if the value contained a dot
43531    BUGFIX: Salesforce: Questionnaire images created in Offline via Capture Image or Choose image were invisible
43276    REFACTOR: Win10: Demo data warning taken from localization was reworded
43267    BUGFIX: Don't inspect dirty flag on disposed form controller, as the AppStore crashed


43276    REFACTOR: Win10: Demo data warning taken from localization (and doesn't mention Dynamics)
43267    BUGFIX: Don't inspect dirty flag on disposed form controller (AppStore crashes)
43263    BUGFIX: Android: Delay LocationTracking service creation on startup
43262    TASK: Parse suburb text from resolved address response
43260    BUGFIX: Salesforce FetchToSOQL - Allowed referenced fields on polymorphic lookups are not resolved properly
43259    BUGFIX: Desktop: Bring all types of DetailItems into view. Previously only Text items were handled
43243    BUGFIX: Google, Exchange contacts: fullname filter is compatible
43240    BUGFIX: Salesforce: For non-admin user it is not possible to answer questionnaire with static images
43226    REFACTOR: Salesforce: IsSalesforceUrl methods moved from Configuration to LoginInfo
43225    FEATURE: Salesforce: MobileCrm can be used with build ( metadata server when Url is rescodev.(test.)
43155    BUGFIX: Exchange: Meeting response might not have "start" date defined
43132    BUGFIX: Error parsing Guid from text reference throws exception with misleading message about Salesforce
43130    MobileCRM: Unhandled ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown since changeset 43108
43121    BUGFIX: Inspections: The Questionnaire command confirmation message is a long multiline text
Woodford HTML Changes
BUGFIX: Always use typeof <var> === "undefined" to test if the variable is undefined
BUGFIX: Convert the unassigned default value ("") correctly to null and not to 0
BUGFIX: Typo in mobile project fixed from resco_langauge to resco_language
BUGFIX: Add Read/Write permission on the Mobile Device Control entity for roles associated with the published mobile project
BUGFIX: Change the application icon in the about page frmn ICO to PNG (ICO is not supported by Dynamics)
BUGFIX: Do not XML decode already decode text, it can corrupt the XML text which contains some encoded parts


BUGFIX: UpdateAddress ignores non-string fields
REFACTOR: Questionnaire with completionstatus Canceled is considered IsCompleted (any non null, 0)
BUGFIX: DownloadMarketingListMembers check lists in batches (100)
BUGFIX: Sync MarketingMembers has incorrect logic
BUGFIX: Scheduler: Error object was not converted to string message properly
BUGFIX: Scheduler: FallbackView was not used also when task, source or resource entity did not have


	Display form fields next to each other if there is enough horizontal space (Auto Form Grid config option, in pixels) 
	Win10: Quick Navigation bar. Click on form title to show 
	Auto downscale images selected from photos
	iOS, Android: Hide inline buttons on click outside 
	Android: Group (push) notifications 
	SF.comRoute Planner – user can create and re-schedule service appointments 

	Do not download N:N entities marked as online-only 
	Do not block during cleanup phase
	Faster and less frequent cleanup phase 
	Support users with complex security setup (more than 5000 permissions per user) 
	OneDrive supports both business (AzureAD) and personal (LiveID) login.
	Optimized Sync Analyzer for, fewer API calls and faster
	Optional Incremental sync with sync-filter. Warning: this will prevent correct cleanup of stale records. Records that do match the sync filter will not be discovered and will not be removed from the local DB 
	Optional sync-filter can completely disable download of records (primary-key is null). This can be used p.e.: for “upload-only” scenarios

 	Automatically use CRM login for Exchange 
	Win10: Auto-discover Exchange server
	Exchange Home item can be now hidden in setup 
	Display meeting response details


41985    BUGFIX: Win10: Use standard fileIO methods (except open & delete)
41984    BUGFIX: When copying DynamicEntity, copy the partylist not just the pointer
41983    BUGFIX: SharePoint upload: A misleading sync error removed
41982    BUGFIX: Sync does not download NN entities (incl. listmember entity)
41981    BUGFIX: Set entity multiselect picklist property value using JsonSerializers
41979    BUGFIX: Always reload EntityHub command
41978    BUGFIX: MobileCRM: Improve the username discovery for OAuth2
41976    FEATURE: JSBridge: DynamicsEntity.forceDirty parameter to force sending (saving) of properties
41973    BUGFIX: Chat: Don't crash when chat is closed during loading posts
41971    REFACTOR: Demo blob store support
41968    BUGFIX: Salesforce - Creating the WorkOrderLineItem from list on non-parent entity form crashes the app
41967    BUGFIX: EmailForm: Espace attachment name. Attachment name with ' (single quote) was not visible
41966    FEATURE: Docusign: Re-login on refresh token expiration
41965    BUGFIX: Salesforce: RoutePlanner: Incorrect completion status was used
41964    BUGFIX: iOS, Android: Choosen multiple photos (note list) now respect max image size
41951    DownloadEntityImages(): Preventing duplicated IDs
41857    BUILD: iOS: Permission descriptions were added to Info.plist (due to Inspections review rejection)
41847    All: Open content file in read mode. iOS doesn't allow to open it as writable
41831    BUGFIX: UpdateAddressFields crash on Dynamics (missing contrycode field added for SalesForce)
41800    BUGFIX: Scheduler: An "undefined" string was shown in Task/TimeOff tooltip, when Task/TimeOff name was not set
Woodford HTML Changes
BUGFIX: Clear the entity primary Id before Create entity action
BUGFIX: Wait while the import of ZIP file ends before disposing the wait message
BUGFIX: JSZip: Backslashes replaced by forward slash in filemanes to ensure that the directory detetion work correctly
BUGFIX: ReportBuilder: Select entity dropdown was not visible for new image cell
FEATURE: Warning Message for Inspections and Create lead in CRM
FEATURE: Display only a warning if there is an error when the statistics for maintenance are loaded
BUGFIX: Check that the text for the SayTextStep was serialized correctly and the <text> element is present


41762    BUGFIX: TimeOff state has been listed in task property dialog
41761    BUGFIX: Win10: Check a microphone exists before starting audio recording
41757    BUGFIX: Scheduler: Task could not be saved in task dialog, if "TimeOff" status was set before
41756    BUGFIX: Scheduler: View was swiped when swipe began on focused task (When pointer events were used.)
41751    BUGFIX: (minor) SyncUploader: Misleading logs. (Caused by SalesForce code.)
41743    BUGFIX: Scheduler: Slider control start and end value bubbles do not have correct time in AM/PM format in some cases
41738    BUGFIX: Scheduler: Slider control start and end value bubbles do not have time in expected format on iOS8 and iOS9
41737    BUGFIX: Handling of slow responses of
41727    DESIGN: Win10: Map markers didn't respect current screen scale (just those with label - caused strange view in RoutePlan)
41724    BUGFIX: RoutePlan: Route details were missing occassionally (setTimeout replaced by delayed KO notification)
41719    BUGFIX: Win10: RoutePlan "InvalidCredentials" error handled by restoring the map session (after one hour of usage)
41717    BUGFIX: Win7: Bkg chat service watching for new chat post could crash if chat user fetch failed with exception
41716    BUGFIX:LocationTrackingEnabled flag was moved to LoginInfo (Configuration isn't saved to config.xml) + applied correctly
41692    BUGFIX: Security: Clear invalid password count immediately after it's verified (otherwise the app isn't unlocked at all)
41678    FEATURE: Salesforce: Update Address/GPS - Take into account CountryCode field
41670    BUGFIX: Android: App asset stream is not searchable (required to unzip demo DB)
41667    BUGFIX: Salesforce: Sync Layouts causes sync failure when LayoutId is empty
41639    BUGFIX: Scheduler: Scheduler crashed, when error message needed to be localized before Container initialization
Woodford HTML Changes
BUGFIX: Icon for "Change Localization" command (On the Form)
BUGFIX: Serialize integer constant 0. Validate integer constant with options
BUGFIX: Mark FormDesigner as Dirty only if changes to map, iframe, signature were saved
BUGFIX: EntityForm IFrame serialize as XmlElement not XmlAttribute
BUGFIX: Resco CRM Sync "Is Connected" and Update Metadata


New Report Editor
	Brand new HTML5 based Mobile Report editor.
Sync Dashboard
	Overview information for administrators, to gain insight when are user synchronizing, whether there are any errors and how long sync takes.
Location Tracking Monitor
	Visualize the location tracking information (position, heading, speed) gathered from your users’ devices.
Custom Fonts
	Add fonts to Woodford. Use in Views and Forms (via Styles).
Field Level Permissions
	Dynamics 365 Feature. Once enabled in Woodford config, the Resco app will follow the Dynamics 365 configuration, making fields read-only as required by policy.
Route Planner
	Optionally filter appointments to current user only.
	Background non-blocking attachment sync.
Box File Service
	File synchronization service, similar to DropBox, GoogleDrive and OneDrive
Azure Blob Storage for Dynamics 365
	Support (configurable) for storing annotations as Azure Blobs.
	Reads available signature fields directly from PDF.
	Refresh “Favorites” labels simplify delete and duplicate checking.
JavaScript Bridge
	Introduced configurable Calendar long-press JS command.
	Show passive (non-blocking) notification window.
	Start SMS from JS.
	Promise based Save and Fetch methods.
	Select multiple photos.


41017    JSBridge: DocumentService.selectMultiplePhotos + FEATURE: Win10: DocumentService supports ChooseMultiplePhotos action and respects AllowMultipleFiles flag
41016    BUGFIX: Sync Upload: Several bug fixes. UploadRequests were finalized
40999    BUGFIX: DocuSign: Document name was not used as email subject
40987    BUGFIX: Form relationship is lost when Select Form Rule is in place
40972    BUGFIX:  Questionnaires: Deleting an anwered Questionnaire in MobileApp caused Sync Errors
40964    FEATURE: LocationTracking service fills in the "resco_description" field with additional data as JSON (speed,course,accuracy)
40959    BUGFIX: TimeTracking - missing validation for command parameter added
40958    BUGFIX: Win10: Cancel async entity form PrvLoad handler when clearing the form
40951    BUGFIX: FormRules IsLoaded variable is an input argument and must not change while the async-rule is exececuting
40947    BUGFIX: Rule crashes when entity load finishes after formis closed
40946    BUGFIX: Win10: Re-save report file if it was deleted while the app was suspended (WinStore crashes)
40945    BUGFIX: Scheduler: Entities (Accounts) with not linked entities (Appointments) were visible only in list for source entities
40937    BUGFIX: Win10: Setting Item.Focus = true in OnLoad script doesn't work on Lookups with ShowDialogOnly
40936    BUGFIX: Salesforce: Updating a Sales Detail after Add via JavaScript doesn't work
40934    BUGFIX: On first launch, remeber the connect info (when server return invalid input)
40933    BUGFIX: iOS: Accessibility activation point correction
40932    BUGFIX: RoutePlanner: Optimization not allowed in view only mode or for only one waypoint
40931    BUGFIX: Destktop: OAuth2 login crashes the app when Chromium is enabled
40929    BUGFIX: Android, iOS: Invoke click handler in StartEdit when picker doesn't exist
40841    BUGFIX: Docusign: Android: Multiple signers flow crash fixed
40827    BUGFIX: Don't allow to create entity from map (long-press) when AllowCreateNew is not allowed paired list or when entity doesn't have create permission
40826    BUGFIX: Dispose footer (aggregate) request when view is closed or another view is selected
40808    BUGFIX: Android: Lock whole bitmap drawing to prevent its recycling by loading thread
40800    FEATURE: Sync warnings: Can be switched off - setting ShowSyncWarnings (Default=true); Aggregation of similar warnings; Localization of entity names
40798    JSBridge: QuestionGroup.IsExpanded
40775    JSBridge: setAppColors included in TS definition + comment fixed
Woodford HTML Changes
BUGFIX: Initialize CloudDoc metadata after standard entities
BUGFIX: Do not overwrite sharepoint labels with XRM localization fallback
BUGFIX: Correct the ExecuteMultiple return values and handle it correctly in PublishService.GrantPrivileges.
BUGFIX: height of the rule editor in woodforddialog was not properly calculated by browsers (flex+ position: relative = mess)
BUGFIX: workflow deserializer was hardcoded to take the element at 1st posiotion as root of the xml. (new lines were causing error)
BUGFIX: localName might be null
BUGFIX: Report empty file as empty string in the data service.
BUGFIX: Allow both slashes in Images zip files. Don't crash if the contains unknown files.
BUGFIX: Correctly recognize empty file (drag&drop)
BUGFIX: it was unable to delete empty custom image
BUGFIX: Commit files before upgrading "deleted" for derived projects
BUGFIX: Import and Merge commands added
BUGFIX: Produce zip files with slash (not backslash)
BUGFIX: Use the same version labels in the publish version combo. SILVERLIGHT
BUGFIX: Escape the filename in fetch xml for flat project format.
BUGFIX: Use the same version labels in the publish version combo.
FEATURE: Safe admin's time by granting permissions for Resco custom fields only on first publish.
FEATURE: The failure to update user permissions no longer breaks project publishing process.
BUGFIX: Unable to clear remember password and RescoCRM Sync does not work when password not remembered.


40759    REFACTOR: Questionnaire Remove dashboard button
40753    BUGFIX: Scheduler: AutoPlanner started optimization before rest of resources were added into dictionary
40752    BUGFIX: Scheduler: New tasks auto-scheduled from source entities were not removed from grid view
40751    BUGFIX: Scheduler: Task in grid view was updated although save to DB entity was not performed and finished with error
40750    BUGFIX: Win10: Catch "Wrong Bing API key" exception and ignore it - everything will work except showing direction
40749    BUGFIX: Android: new google map API: added key into url request
40743    BUGFIX: Bing vs Google key mismatch fix and api-key cleanup when changing servers
40735    BUGFIX: Android: Check if header view exists
40723    FEATURE: JSBridge: setAppColors (TitleForeground, TitleBackground, etc.)
40721    BUGFIX: "open" URL play store crash fix
40719    BUGFIX: Android: GooglePlayServices nugets updated to support Oreo (fixes GCM registration failure and build errors)


40716  BUGFIX: Questionnaire JSON serialization dramatically optimized
40703  BUGFIX: Android: We allow to move personal calendar events, so request also write permission to avoid crash


40700  BUGFIX: Json Serialize of entity property must correctly escape reference primary name
40697  BUGFIX: iOS: Open the Email "To:" lookup after the form is loaded
40693  REFACTOR: RouteOptimization: Remove unnecesary statement
40690  BUGFIX: eSignature: Android: Network on main thread exception fixed
40688  BUGFIX: TYPESCRIPT: Include inkController to minize
40684  REFACTOR: WebClient: LocationTracking: Better stop detection


40680  BUGFIX: Reminder: Trivial coding bug - missing "throw"
40675  BUGFIX: Android: Oreo crashed when push service registration arrives after app already went to background
40673  REFACTOR: Android: Safer check if accessibility is enabled
40667  BUGFIX: DocuSign: Api and Secret key default configuration value set
40665  BUGFIX: Android: App crashed on Android 8 without fingerprint
40664  REFACTOR: Native OAuth auth form shows wait cursor on parent form because it's not actually shown at all
40663  BUGFIX: Android: InvokeOnUIThread is executed on AppForm instead of BaseForm
40655  BUGFIX: Android: Use some default scroll factor value on devices with Android less then Oreo becuse of missing system properties
40650  BUGFIX: ReportGenerator image null check


Application User Interface 
	Configurable form field label width
	Configurable checkbox on/off images 
	Charts precision fixed for multi-series
	Charts use user’s preferred currency for money fields (online mode) 
	Multi Window support. User can pop-out (tear-off) forms into separate windows. For Windows Desktop only
	Entity Hubs can be added as associated tabs on Entity Form 

	Keyboard Navigation & Accessibility 
	Win10 Calendar keyboard support
	Android Keyboard navigation support 
	iOS accessibility navigation – gestures

Application Logic 
	Route Planner – one-click route optimization
	User can add or remove fields in export dialog
	DocuSign – it is possible to configure custom API keys
	Check-in/Check-out command for time tracking
	Precise method for creating records on a map view via long-press
	Legacy PDF viewer (in-app) can be configured on Android 
	Entity & Field mapping for lead qualification on Resco Cloud
	User can create a new record from Activity Party multi-lookup form
	About button added to SetupForm. About home item can now be removed and send-log is available 
	Generated Mobile Reports images are smaller - are no longer stored in full size

Application Synchronization and Network 
	Attachment sync filter - user can specify the entities for which to sync attachments
	Advanced Sync Setup - low level sync parameters control
	Compression for outgoing (upload) data for Resco Cloud
	Online/offline switch can be hidden (via Woodford setting)
	Support for attachments stored in Azure. (Dynamics) 
	Background sync of files and attachments now shows a progress bar

	Multiple forms for an entity are supported
	OnChange rule trigger for form fields (via Style). After every key-stroke or after focus is lost. Default is still After-Keystroke on Windows, and Focus-Lost on iOS, Android
	Form field label and editor (textbox, combobox, etc.) width is configurable via Style (Columns)
	CheckBox field uses the style ImageBasePath folder for on/off icons (0.png, 1.png)
	Less-than, greater-than operators added for DateTime fields. In Woodford and App (filter, advanced find)
	Entity Hubs can be added as associated tabs on Entity Form
	Separately configurable colors for Home, New color theme and Icon-set 
	Scheduler (Scheduling board) for Dynamics and Resco Cloud Web

	Form Rule Tab.<tabName>.IsExpanded property added. Shows/Hides a view in “New UI” while keeping the header visible 
	Added ErrorMessage variable to Route-planner OnAdded rule. If set the error is displayed to the user and the add operation is cancelled

	SaveFileDialog method - User can choose the name and location of the file to be saved
	Calendar (Tourplan) IFrame - Allows to setup form commands
	HomeItem IFrame data URL opens an entity form
	Access Network Info from JS. Whether the device is connected and whether the connection is “fast” (Wired/WiFi) or “slow” (3G/4G, aka metered connection)
	Execute Dynamics custom workflow action via JS. Custom workflow actions are Dynamics server-side workflows with input parameters
	New Style Editor 
	Access Questionnaire entity from JS 
	Change Question Style via JS (fix)
	QuestionGroup.IsExpanded property added. Configurable via Designer (default state), Rules and JS. Can be toggled by user. Last state is saved

	Improved API call consumption, improved handling of synchronization conflicts and more efficient upload of binary files
	Support for dependent picklists based on Record Type 
	Action buttons for creation of associated records can be configured via Woodford 
	Route Planner – support for completion based on selected Status field


40133  FEATURE: JSBridge: Include questionnaire entity into QuestionnaireForm.requestObject
40129  FEATURE: Win10: MDM config loader
40127  BUGFIX: Exchange: Do not change appointment status if it is already synced to CRM
40126  BUGFIX: Desktop: App crashes when user clicks on textbox and the Background Color of Detail Item is configured
40125  BUGFIX: FavoritesForm - Refresh list after background sync
40119  BUGFIX: Salesforce: Error when adding item to DetailItemCollection from Javascript
40114  BUGFIX: Salesforce: Opening Task/Event form crashes when RelatedTo lookup points at entity are not enabled
40113  BUGFIX: Questionnaire: App crashes when opened questionnaire contains lookup to entity
40112  FEATURE: Docusign: Integration (API) Key can be configured via Woodford
40111  BUGFIX: Salesforce: Sync fails if StateCode/CountryCode fields are enabled
40077  BUGFIX: RoutePlan: Create wait cursor just before sending request (otherwise it may keep spinning)
40073  FEATURE: JSBridge: getNetworkInfo 
40072  FEATURE: Allow less-than, greater-than operators for date fields


39848  BUGFIX: Desktop: Ignore clicks when the dateTime item is disabled (even if DetailView parent is enabled)
39846  BUGFIX: Desktop: DayPicker guard against Popup being called too soon


39125  BUGFIX: iOS: Entity notification click was ignored (unless notification button was pressed)


	Favorites stored as records – previously Favorites have been stored only in the device’s local memory
	New line layout in reports  – in mobile reports, new fields are arranged in a more clear-cut way
	RFID scanner Bluetooth support (Android) – external RFID scanners can be paired with Android devices via Bluetooth and provide data for the Resco Mobile CRM application
	Close open quotes before closing the opportunity

Exchange integration
	Do not mark as completed – you can set up the Resco app to automatically not mark past Exchange appointments as completed 
	Server URL configuration – system administrators can set up the URL address of the Exchange server directly in the Woodford configurator
	User login configuration – system administrators can configure the app in Woodford the user’s CRM login credentials when signing in to Exchange as well

	Inline edit for MultiSelect picklist – users can edit also MultiSelect picklist fields
	Multi-selection using keyboard (Desktop) – users of the desktop version can select multiple items on a list view
	Visualize focused item (Desktop) – the desktop version of Resco Mobile CRM now highlights the last focused item on a list view
	Tooltip on hover if text does not fit (Desktop) – when the user moves the mouse pointer over an item with a text that does not fit in the available space, a tooltip will appear to show the complete text
	Resizable columns (Android, Desktop) – users can change the size of the list view columns

	Resizable splitter between list and form (Android) – on Android tablets users can change the width ratio between list and form views with a simple swipe of a finger
	Write-in DateTime field – in fields where users enter a date and/or time, they can now not only select the values from a picker but also type them in manually
	Form fields keyboard navigation – users of the desktop version can navigate through all form fields using the keyboard
	Form commands and view selector keyboard navigation – users can also navigate through all the form commands and the view selector utilizing their computer’s keyboard 
	MultiLine text field search dialog (Desktop) – it is now possible to search text in multiline fields after pressing Ctrl+F
	Clear Lookup field via Delete key (Desktop)

Documents & reports
	Document edit roundtrip (iOS) – Changes made to a document in an external editor (e.g. to a text document in Word) will be now saved and visible in Mobile CRM as well
	MediaTab.IsEditable rule – in the Woodford configurator, system admins can set up a rule that defines whether the record’s media tab will be editable
	MediaTab.commandMask rule – admins can also utilize a rule in Woodford that defines what actions will be allowed on the media document, so these actions can change based on certain conditions
	Native PDF reader (Android) – PDF documents can be opened directly in the app thanks to Resco’s own, built-in reader/viewer
	Load image (preview) for cloud documents (via cell style image query) – it is possible to display also cloud documents on views as thumbnails
	Static images in EntityForm. The image item name is used as the image path
	DocuSign for PDFs and reports – PDF documents and mobile reports can be signed using DocuSign when internet connection is available

	IFrames implemented via Chromium (Windows 7) – previously IFrames were displayed utilizing the Internet Explorer engine; now instead the Chromium browser engine can be used

	New SharePoint API – SharePoint Rest APIs have been partially implemented to speed up synchronization; full implementation later on will also provide OAuth2 support
	Faster sync for large installations – revised Cleanup, Attachment download, and Incremental database re-index for smoother synchronization

	Customizable via the Woodford configurator
	Horizontal list configurable in Woodford – administrators can set up custom views (appointments, tasks, etc) as the source for the Scheduler
	Optimize resource tasks – the app can re-organize tasks that belong to a specific resource
	Re-book task – the application can automatically re-schedule a task for another time, if the resource is not available for the originally requested time slot
	Substitute resource – if required, the application can also re-assign a task to a different staff member (resource) who has the required skills and time slot available

	Localization – all languages of active Salesforce users are automatically available in the app
	Select multiple photos for files, attachments and documents
	Dependent picklist support – the Resco mobile client supports picklists that offer options based on the value selected in another field
	Support for Resco Inspections and Inspections Designer
	Shortcut to create contacts and tasks from incoming calls
	Better formatting of Salesforce validation errors 

Resco Cloud server
	Azure AD login – it is now possible to utilize Azure AD for user authentication and management in Resco Cloud, even utilizing + Oauth authentication protocol
	Security roles for Teams – Resco Cloud now enables to set up security roles for entire teams


39096   BUGFIX: Desktop: IEWebBrowser: fast fix for NullReferenceException related to document handling
39095   BUGFIX: Android: Grant also read permission in image capture intent
39094   BUGFIX: Android, iOS: Address<->Location OSM service needs redirect to be allowed
39093   REFACTOR: Chat: Don't add users to observable array one-by-one
38959   BUGFIX: Android: Moved memory allocaton for data matrix result into processing thread
38902   REFACTOR: Map: Global config for pin aggregate/expand
38861   BUGFIX: Use entity LogicalName instead of ObjectTypeCode for connectionroleobjecttypecode fetch on Resco CRM
38748   REFACTOR: Source code aligned for partner releases
38743   BUGFIX: MERGE: Correct TeamRoles version check
38731   BUGFIX: EmailList: Check (null) whether the list row is an email and not the loading indicator
38719   JSBridge: setDataSourceFactory added to Typescript definition file
38717   FEATURE: JSBridge: EntityList.setDataSourceFactory now enables js-data-source for Calendar
38682   BUGFIX: Move OnSyncFinish call *after* the sync database-connection is disposed


38675   BUGFIX: JSBridge: HttpWebRequest get response code and type before reading response stream
38674   BUGFIX: iOS: Maps: Initial region setting caused that the first region wasn't resolved (until user moved a bit)
38672   BUGFIX: Exchange remove more Database.Instance cases
38668   BUGFIX: Desktop: View Selector include the “OK” button in the popup-list height calculation
38667   BUGFIX: MobileReport make PageBreak work inside repeater too
38666   BUILD: Win10: App package image assests reorganized to allow generating one side-load package
38665   BUGFIX: iOS: Click on sync button in buttongroup in not that hard (sync dialog)
38664   BUGFIX: iOS: DetailItem icon refresh after kind change
38662   REFACTOR: Chat: Non-working unread message count visualization commented out (caused visual defects)
38662   BUGFIX: Chat: Opened channel wasn't refreshed by push notification + Win7 watch thread didn't catch new messages
38661   REFACTOR: Make the chronological sync upload order the default
38657   BUGFIX: Exchange: During sync WriteChangeLog on the same database instance as the email DynamicEntity is saved
38651   FEATURE: Sync Permissions: XRM: Download permissions for team roles
38650   FEATURE: New sync setting LoginInfo.UploadRecordsInChronologicalOrder. Controls the order of the upload records.
38564   BUGFIX: eSignature: Universign sandbox/prod url switching for oauth requests
38484   BUGFIX: Salesforce: WorkOrder form - On Change scripts are not executed


38262   BUGFIX: Win10: Don't call SuspendOpp.GetDeferral - it causes the app exit when moved to background (minimized)
37929   BUGFIX: Win10: Map crash when SetRegion is set (in US?)
37928   BUILD: Inaccessible (private) method in EntitList changed to protected
37927   BUGFIX: Prevent pricePerUnit editing until the price is marked as overridden
37926   BUGFIX: Win10: Not Nullable DateTime DetailItem the "Done" button was hidden instead of the "None" button
37926   BUGFIX: Win10: Do not apply formatting if numeric detail item value changes while focused
37926   BUGFIX: Win10: Second "panel" (form) width might not be setup, so use a default. Round widths to integers.
37926   BUGFIX: Win10: Do not assume third panel exists when printing (you can print from mobile report launched from list)
37922   BUGFIX: Win10: Calendar - Daily/Works - When CalendarView has working hours set and Event is moved via Drag & Drop it doesn't stay, but moves one hour
37920   BUGFIX: Webclient: There is an overloaded static method for loading viewdefinitions either by loaMask or listMode
37919   BUGFIX: Win10: Don't close modal form with HW back key when IsCloseVisible is false (unified behavior with other platforms)


Mobile Reports
    Legally binding electronic signatures via the integration with Universign (requires Universign license)
    Break report cell across pages – correctly divide report cells across the pages of the mobile report PDF document
    Dynamics 365 On-premises SSRS reports support – with ADFS OAuth authentication, you can utilize SSRS reports even with on-premises deployment
    Export maximum – set up a maximum number of records which can be exported from a list
    Rules support – create rules in report designer; add calculated fields or define field visibility 

    Aggregate pin – multiple records at the same approximate location, one pin with a number will be displayed
    Aggregate pin pop-up – tap on an aggregate pin to see a list of records represented by the pin
    Google Maps on iOS – on iPhones and iPads you can now use Google Maps instead of the built-in Apple Maps
    Manage MapBox offline maps – in Settings section users can download/remove MapBox offline maps
    Initial position based on a record – setup initial map region based on a specific entity record
    Geocoding – Woodford tool can be used to geocode existing records on the server; it is now possible to create a filter for entities to geo-code

    Merge dialog – for synchronization conflict a dialog window can appear allowing selection of values in fields in the merged record
    Salesforce sync speed optimization – generally 2 times faster synchronization with Salesforce
    Background attachment sync – app can automatically switch to a background download of attachments
    Dynamics 365 multi-select picklist support – picklists which enable users to select more than one option in Dynamics 365 are now supported
    Send sync log to server – application can send the synchronization logs automatically to the server during sync, saved as SyncEnd audit records
    OAuth authentication support for on-premises Dynamics 365 deployments utilizing ADFS 

Personal information management
    Automatically track e-mail threads – auomatically track every new e-mail once you’ve tracked an earlier e-mail in a conversation (Exchange & Gmail integration)
    Import personal events to CRM – the mobile client can  view or store personal events (e.g. calendar appointment) on the CRM server
    Notification windows support on Windows 10

    Import dialog – a dialog window enabling to import a CSV file as records
    Merge dialog – dialog window to merge 2 or more records, optionally re-parent children, and optionally de-activate subordinate records
    Advanced Find – include custom filters used earlier when looking up records via Advanced Find
    Text annotation in image editor – add and format text to the photos and pictures in the app’s built-in image editor
    Keyboard shortcuts for desktop – CTRL+S (Save), CTRL+F4 (Close), CTRL+N (New associated record) shortcuts for Windows app

Barcode Scanning
    Required code length – system admins can specify the required length of scanned barcodes
    EAN 2 & EAN 5 code formats supported

    HTML beta version updated – global optimization of Woodford’s HTML beta version; the beta version should be used for testing purposes only
    Hide/show time editor in form – use IsTimeVisible rule property to make the time editor visible on forms
    Manage the Attachment tab on Note form – new “Attachment” rule in Woodford allows to easier manage attachments which are added to the Note form

Resco Cloud Server
    MailerLite, GetResponse support – new e-mail marketing services can now be integrated with Resco Cloud
    Entity & Attribute map – system admins can apply simple rules for copying fields when creating a new associated record
    New query operators added

    Select Record Type – choose a Record Type (e.g. personal or company account) before creating a new record, or change it for an existing record (“Change Record Type” command)
    Import Salesforce layouts – you can now utilize multiple layouts within a single Resco form
    Automatically show/hide form sections – based on imported Salesforce layouts and Record Type configuration, the app can display or hide certain sections of forms


37847   BUGFIX: Fetch user business unit id on WhoAmI
37846   BUGFIX: Remove NOP conditions before XRM (Resco Cloud CRM) fixes
37813   BUGFIX: WebClient: dialog.js must be minimized prior to detailview.js (inheritance)
37812   BUGFIX: WebClient: Do not throw if checking if entity is enabled (by its name)
37810   BUGFIX: WebClient: Order of files in index.html correctd so classes can be rpoperly inherited
37808   BUGFIX: WebClient: Rules -> treat undefined value as 0 
37804   BUGFIX: For existing OAuth tokens use the default MSFT endpoint to refresh the token if no custom endpoint is defined
37798   BUGFIX: Use the mobile client id as resource for oauth2 authentication for external users
37777   BUGFIX: Resolve the external user custom ADFS hostname before the login form is loaded that it can be used by the native login form too


37770   BUGFIX: Stable: OAuth2 crash for native auth form


37757	BUGFIX: iOS: Document view ask for photo library permission (if not determinated) before call open external
37755   REFACTOR: Wall/Chat: Internal entities excluded from lookup
37754   BUGFIX: iOS: Set textItem secure (password) after recreating text input
37747   REFACTOR: PDFClown: Allow progressive jpegs (SOF2 marker) and throw more descriptive error when jpeg doesn't contain SOF0 or SOF2 markers
37736   BUGFIX: Android: Scale text size in navbar progress according to density set in setup and draw it with navbar's forecolor
37700   BUGFIX: Win10: Make the suspend callbacks thread-safe

v10.3.3 (Beta - iOS, Win10 only)

37693   BUGFIX: Win10: MapView unregister Tapped event before removing pins (caused memory leaks)
37675   BUGFIX: Use the correct primary field name for Google Calendar => Resco Cloud CRM synchronization
37672	FEATURE: Support for custom ADFS authentication for external mode
37667	BUGFIX: Select default sort direction then assign OrderBy (OrderBy is null if equal to defaultOrderBy)
37666	BUGFIX: iOS: Taken into account safeAreaInsets on appointmentView / Calendar view (iPhoneX)
37664	BUGFIX: Win10: Abort sync before app is suspended 
37664	BUGFIX: Win10: Don't run async command on disposed form
37656	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Multiple signature attachments belonging to the same record cannot be distinguished in the SF UI
37645	FEATURE: Allow to track open external activies except email
37643	BUGFIX: Do not update email.resco_statuscode field from server
37642	BUGFIX: Dynamics reports: Report viewer URL detection
37635	BUGFIX: iOS: Removing '/' from telephone number
37616	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Synchronization fails when lookup fields with null primary names are returned
37614   BUGFIX: Android: Measure hidden panels if their size changed otherwise they may be drawn/laid out wrong when they appear


37546   BUGFIX: Use the correct attribute for phone number type in contact synchronization
37544   BUGFIX: iOS: Create blurview only once
37539   BUGFIX: Allow "create new" command in shared variable lookup form
37538   BUGFIX: Win7: Update the header template *before* the base.Resize (otherwise the new width will not be applied)
37537   BUGFIX: iOS: OpenURL escapes url only if it contains whitespace
37508   REFACTOR: Explicit conversion to int for Http Status code
37508   BUGFIX: Scheduler: Very small task did not follow touch point correctly during moving in some cases
37508   BUGFIX: Scheduler: Very small tasks disappear from view when zoom is too short (zoomed out). 
37508   REFACTOR: Sync: Customization download: More detailed log
37503   BUGFIX: Exchange integration: New MailboxType value was introduced by MSFT (User)
37499   BUGFIX: Questionnaire: Repaint image question after edit
37498   REFACTOR: JSBridge: Native web request takes the right response code (implemented in WebServiceBase)


37502   BUGFIX: Scheduler: Very small task did not follow touch point correctly during moving in some cases
37501   BUGFIX: Exchange integration: New MailboxType value was introduced by MSFT (User)."
37497   BUGFIX: Questionnaire Repaint image question after edit
37493   BUGFIX: Scheduler: Very small tasks disappear from view when zoom is too short (zoomed out)
37492   REFACTOR: Sync: Customization download: More detailed log
37484   BUGFIX: Questionnaire: Set right value label for picklist (don't use the value as index)
37483   BUGFIX: Questionaire: Group variables didn't work in rules
37478   FEATURE: JSBridge allow to send via native http web request against an HTTP server
37475   BUGFIX: iOS: Load From (iCloud) now works correctly on ios 11 and above.
37473   FEATURE: Add InitializeFrom support for entity maps
37472   FEATURE: Questionnaire: Allow to maximize the questionnaire form
37459   BUGFIX: Salesforce: It is not possible to configure product images for line item objects (OpportunityProduct, OrderProduct, QuoteProduct)
37458   BUGFIX: iOS: MakeCall '+' encoding
37457   FEATURE: Universign: Environment type and visibility can be configured via Woodford
37456   REFACTOR: Android: Don't allow app backup (causes UnsatisfiedLink exception after reinstalling and maybe also other problems)
37455   FEATURE: Send log file when app launched via mobilecrm://open?sendlog URL - when password isn't saved
37453   FEATURE: Project with isolated Planner
37450   FEATURE: JSBridge: HomeForm.updateHomeItems method included (with TS definition & example)
37447   BUGFIX: FieldOne combined form - reload the booking when workorder form is saved-only
37440   REFACTOR: JSBridge rename property indicating whether using tablet or not
37437   BUGFIX: SharePoint: Incorrect processing of Db.ExecuteReader() The probability that this bug manifests is extremely low.
37436   BUGFIX: Salesforce: Download customization fails when new customization disabled audit
37435   REFACTOR: Questionnaire: Group repeat count validation
37431   BUGFIX: iOS: Increase height of footer by bottom safe area inset (iPhoneX)
37430   REFACTOR: Questionnaire: Run OnChange/OnLoad/OnRepeat rules as expected


The Mobile App
    Configurable adding of new records from lists – add records directly in the list view without opening the form (in-line record adding)
    Configurable list header per view – system admins can set for each view to display the header or not
    New “Export document” action – this command enables saving documents as file under different name (e.g. doc_v1, doc_v2, etc.)
    Global search – add the Search bar to the app’s Home section and choose which entities and views will be searched through
    Ring Central support – get in touch with contacts directly from the app using Ring Central (Ring Central app has to be installed)
    Connection role and associated entities support – connection roles provide flexible ways to describe relationships between records; now available in Resco as well

Mobile Reports
    Support for custom fonts in Word – use custom fonts in mobile reports generated as Microsoft Word documents
    Load static images using data field binding – use static images across all mobile reports (e.g. logo in header/footer)
    Fixed row span in PDF format – when exporting a mobile report in the PDF format the span between rows is now generated correctly
    Universign support – add legally-binding digital signatures into PDF documents utilizing integration with Universign 

Security & Configuration
    Configure the iOS version of the Resco Mobile CRM app via MobileIron – administrators can set key-value pairs remotely (e.g. URL, username...)
    Optionally hide locked configuration items – locked options available in the app’s Setup section can be also hidden
    Custom application login dialog image – add logo, icon, or other image also to application's login dialog screen
    Native OAuth support – the OAuth login dialog is launched outside of the Mobile CRM application, in the OS web browser; enables also single-sign-on (utilizing cached cookies)
    OAuth support for External user mode – external users can log into the app using the OAuth security protocol (via Azure AD)

    Fields – support folr all standard input types (text, number, picklist, A/B option, option set, lookups, multi-select options) and images (capturing photos, loading from library, editing)
    Groups – questions can be sorted into multiple groups (sections) and these groups can be easily repeated
    Rules – set up custom business logic via On-load, On-change, and On-save form rules
    JavaScript Bridge – create logic that goes beyond what’s available via rules

JavaScript Bridge
    Show/Hide home item – hide items from Resco Mobile CRM’s home screen via JavaScript
    Application logout – logout dialog can be initiated via JavaScript (no need to restart the app)

v10.2.4 (iOS only)

37057   BUGFIX: If PinnedCertificates is not in setup form, app will not crash
37045   BUILD: iOS: Missing iOS 11 property replaced by constant value which it returns


37042   BUGFIX: iOS: *.heic image format support.
36985   BUGFIX: If PinnedCertificates is not in setup form, app will not crash.
36953   BUILD: iOS: Info.plist contains more descriptive location usage explanation (solves AppStore rejection)


36933   LANG: Slovak translation (Fixes and Field service texts)
36928   REFACTOR: SetupForm: Hide PinnedCertificate if locked in Woodford
36913   BUGFIX: JSBridge: Allow no callback in DetailCollection methods
36912   BUGFIX: JSBridge: showNewDialog can now send the Reference&PartyList and takes number in ivariant culture
36912   BUGFIX: JSBridge: HomeForm.updateHomeItemAsync allows to update only some of the HomeItem props
36872   BUGFIX: iOS: BarcodesSanner clears Finished flag after scan is completed
36868   REFACTOR: JSBridge: Added completion callback to "sayText" 
36851   BUGFIX: iOS: Crash when badge notification is sent (ForceFullSync)


36842   BUGFIX: Win10: DetailItemText shows placeholder even if disabled (like on other platforms)
36834   REFACTOR: Disabled combined work order - resource booking form by default. Can be enabled in Woodford con...
36831   BUGFIX: Android: DetailView - Clear datasource before clear contents
36830   BUGFIX: CrmEntity2011.Enumerate(): incorrect handling of ActivityPartys with IsDirectParty=true. Caused sync uploader crash.
36829   BUGFIX: Win10: DocumentView doesn't display images without filename extension because it ignores MimeType
36821   BUGFIX: iOS: DetailItemText creation of attributed string now takes into account enabled state of item
36819   BUGFIX: iOS: DateTime picker - Add TimeSpan instead of add only minutes when TimeIncrement > 0 (get "now" time)
36815   BUGFIX: Android: SQLite native libs updated (tgkill crash fixed)
36810   BUGFIX: Salesforce: Synchronization crashes if SF API provides decimal number for integer type. Fixed by rounding as SF UI.
36805   BUGFIX: JSBridge.js: EntityList.clickCell fix + date formating fix
36797   BUGFIX: Android: Wide cells should cover full width
36794   BUGFIX: Android: Allow text item buttons for multiline text
36793   BUGFIX: Android: Add height of new wide cell instead of replacing it
36784   BUGFIX: CombinedForm must check whether there is a host editor (MS Field Service compatibility fix)
36783   BUGFIX: Execute Questionnaire from list even if there is no standard entity form
36756   BUGFIX: Salesforce: Synchronizing more than 25 XRM records at once results in Sync failure


User experience
    Open custom Home item after launch – set up any item available on the app’s Home screen to open automatically when users launch the app
    Select/deselect all records – users can select or deselect all records on a list by tapping the total number of records in the list’s footer
    Preview offline changes – if this option is active a ChangeList item will appear on Home, where users can see offline changes which haven’t been synchronized with the server
    Enhanced keyboard navigation (Windows 10) – perform actions like date selection in the Calendar or adding values to fields from picklists via keyboard
    “Between” and “Not Between” filter operators – for filtering based on numeric values operators “Between” and “Not Between” have been added
    Qualify Lead dialog considers the Parent Account and Parent Contact fields – if a lead has Parent Account and / or Parent Contact fields filled in these will be used in Qualify Lead dialog
    Maximize dialogs (Windows 10) – double-click (or double-tap on a touchscreen devices) on the header of a dialog window for a full screen view
    Sync notifications (iOS, Android) – when the synchronization is completed, the users will be informed about it via a notification
    Select text in disabled field (Windows 10) – if a certain field is disabled (not editable), the user can still select the text (and numeric values) from this field
    Quickly create records from device’s main screen (Android) – users on Android devices can quickly add new records simply by pressing on the app icon
    Customizable map styles – admins can use Mapbox to add customized maps to the traditional Resco Mobile CRM map view
    Glympse integration – the mobile users of Field Service for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can share their current location with their back office
    Set up initial map position and zoom – you can also define the initial map position when users open the map view

Code scanning
    Data Matrix barcode – support for two-dimensional barcodes consisting of black and white “cells” or modules arranged in a square or rectangular pattern, also known as Data Matrix
    QR code scanning (Desktop) – users of the desktop version of Resco Mobile CRM can now also use the camera built-in their computers to scan QR codes directly from the app
    Private channels – users can create channels in chat which will be invisible to other users, unless invited to join
    Send entity notifications – you can send and receive interactive push notifications that will take the user directly to the record you are discussing
    Create and fill dynamic questionnaires – create dynamic mobile questionnaires with our new SurveyBuilder module for Dynamics 365/CRM, or directly in the dedicated designer

Resco Field Service
    Semi/fully automatic scheduling – the Scheduler can automatically assign incidents to the staff that is qualified and available to solve the issue
    Violations and alerts – in the Scheduler the back office users can be notified about irregularities and breaches with new state icons
    KPI monitor – users can see a status bar in the app that displays the defined key performance indicators (KPI) to see how they’re fulfilling their business targets
    Two-week mode – the Calendar has been expanded with a new Two-week view on top of the standard Day, Week, Month, and Agenda views already available
    Hide weekends and dim non-working hours – system admins can set up the Calendar so that it will not show weekend days and even dim non-working hours on working days
    Statistics overview – see a monthly statistical overview of completed vs. scheduled work orders
    Create Quote from Work Order – users can create Quotes directly from Work Orders
    Service Interval field on Asset – a new field which indicates how frequently regular maintenance has to take place has been added to the Asset entity
    Recurrence field on Appointment – users can set up that an Appointment should be repeated after a particular time period and show it in the Calendar
    Automatically create next recurring appointment – if an Incident is created from Appointment with recurrence, new Appointment is created automatically for the next date
    Upload modifications in the order of creation – synchronize the changes done in the app with your CRM server in the order they were carried out
    Certificate pinning (iOS) – you can store the security certificate on the Resco Mobile CRM app to ensure that any SSL request made matches the certificate your CRM server uses
Form Rules & JavaScript Bridge
    Shared variables in List row-script are accessible through JavaScript – virtual fields (shared variables) are now available on lists as well
    FormatText function – to easily format structured text admins can use new formatting option that will replace strings {entity.fieldname:format} automatically with corresponding fields
    FormatSingle function – pass {1} to get the entity ID, or {2} to get the entity name of a lookup
    GetDatePart function – a new parameter has been added: WeekOfYear
    Notifications on Home items – JavaScript Bridge now enables to show notification icons (red circle with a number) on Home items


36147   BUGFIX: Audit Analyzer supports Resco CRM backend
36144   REFACTOR: JSBridge: Allow negative onSave validation without any message (""#NoMessage#"" placeholder)
36137   BUGFIX: iOS: WKWebView InvokeScript gives the same return value for every Javascript expression as UIWebView did (except boolean!)
36136   BUGFIX: iOS: OnCanExecuteCommand didn't accept "false" return value of the Javascript callback (WKWebView only)
36122   REFACTOR: WorkOrderScheduleForm mixed up location request and load request (caused crash in Android LocationProvider)
36121   BUGFIX: Android: Crash while stopping the LocationService (Java GC cleanup issue)
36120   BUGFIX: iOS: WKWebView JSBridge delays commands arriving during the requestObject callback processing
36112   BUGFIX: RoutePlan: Don't localize menu actions (they are always in English)
36111   BUGFIX: Unused localization string "Alert.InvalidOnlineUserName" removed
36106   BUGFIX: The username for CRM Online in case of custom ADFS doesn't need to be an email address. It can be also Domain\UserName
36103   BUGFIX: Use the email entity primary name field as subject
36102   BUGFIX: Salesforce: MobileCRM crashes setting up Exchange when Calendar and Contacts are enabled in Woodford
36099   BUGFIX: iOS: Google sign-in web page error fixed (explicit UserAgent was required)
36095   BUGFIX: Android: LocationService crashed when disposed twice
35994   BUGFIX: Win7: JSBridge error string encoding bug fixed
35911   CLEANUP: iOS: Mapbox - removed test maptype
35906   BUGFIX: iOS: Mapbox - min/max sort before start download offline regions
35818   BUGFIX: iOS: Mapbox - offline regions min/max zoom level sort
35817   BUGFIX: iOS: Relayout form when picker was dismissed. In some cases it is laid out without extra space for status bar.


35785   BUGFIX: AuditAnalyzer: Notify user if Audit entity is disabled
35784   BUGFIX: iOS: JSBridge: DocumentService actions were crashing on iPad when the form had no command (BarButton)

35783   BUGFIX: EntityList count-distinct aggregate method
35780   REFACTOR: iOS: Don't process the WKWebView message handler command immediately - it might cause the requestObject to not return any value
35774   BUGFIX: Android: Ask read storage permission before opening camcard app
35773   BUGFIX: Android: Check if map is ready to display before attempting to call methods
35768   BUGFIX: Chat: Don't crash when background fetch activates just before the chat is closed
35767   BUGFIX: Chat: Don't crash when loading an attachment which is being saved on another thread
35766   REFACTOR: iOS: MapBox - Parsing min max zoom level
35764   FEATURE: Salesforce Scan QR or CamCard business card to Contact or Lead
35762   BUGFIX: Win7: MapView: Don't set current location to 0,0 on timeout/error
35761   BUGFIX: AuditAnalyzer: Inflate region in fetch to include also audit records out of the visible region that are close enough to match precision
35758   BUGFIX: Android: JSBridge: It wasn't possible to unregister the back button handler
35757   REFACTOR: JSBridge: Changed method for opening home group item
35756   FEATURE: JSBridge: Open inner groups items on HomeForm
35754   BUGFIX: Email: Salesforce: Better check for inline attachments (taken from EmailForm) - see ChangeSet 35742
35749   BUGFIX: RoutePlan: Fetch all attributes for route entities to allow setting them from completion workflow
35747   REFACTOR: iOS: Handle scroll offset also for WKWebView on New UI form
35746   BUGFIX: iOS: DocumentView handles file URLs with query/hash fragment via NSUrlComponents instead of manual parsing & reconstructing
35744   BUGFIX: Salesforce: Offline ContentDocument - IsLatest flag of current version not cleared when creating new one
35743   BUGFIX: Salesforce: Active list of ContentDocuments (or Links) is not updated when related ContentVersion is modified
35742   BUGFIX: Email: Better check for inline attachments. Allow to view inline images in AttachmentForm.
35736   BUGFIX: MobileCRM fails to execute view RowScript with Fetch due to missing Context.ExternalActions
35735   FEATURE: Scheduler: Screen settings are saved/loaded, so user comes back into the some scene as he had last time
35732   BUGFIX: MobileCRM: Don't cast an OptionSet value to enum in DynamicEntity.TryGetValue method. NULL value raises a NullReference exception. (Uses int? instead)
35731   FEATURE: Optionally hide BusinessProcessFlow when the process definition was not found instead of showing a "Process not found" error
35730   REFACTOR: Mapbox - download or remove maps, not both
35728   BUGFIX: MapBox - Create MapboxService only if configfile exists
35722   BUGFIX: Win7: Align View Selector on screen according to the available space
35721   BUGFIX: iOS: Force WKWebView to allow XHR to local files (AngularJS wasn't able to start the app)
35720   BUILD: Add number decimal separator to chart config from C#

35719   BUGFIX: Android: CallDetection forbidden on devices below API Level 21
35717   BUGFIX: Win10 - Blind fix for random map crash when panning/zooming (started to happen with recent windows update)
35715   BUGFIX: Win10: Do not clear EntityList.DataSource when reloading the list. It causes the search-box to lose focus.
35713   BUGFIX: Charts: Use the Culture's decimal separator
35712   BUGFIX: Chart draws axis ticks independent of the number of data points
35711   BUGFIX: Android: CallDetection: Secondary info from last detected contact cleared
35710   BUGFIX: Salesforce: Create Order from Contract - Account and other fields are not initialized
35709   BUGFIX: Android: CallDetection: Instead of unknown contact, app displayed last detected contact
35708   BUGFIX: Salesforce: Dummy initial values for non-createable primary fields are not set
35707   BUGFIX: Check for errors in Exchange integration cleanup only for the email entity
35705   BUGFIX: Android: Use text color from dynamic style if provided
35704   BUGFIX: iOS: Draw text with color from dynamic style if provided
35702   BUGFIX: EntityList clears row script variable when changing views
35697   BUGFIX: Spelling errors fixed in en-US


Email, Contact, Phone
    Send e-mails from Exchange and Gmail – when both Exchange and Gmail are configured in the app at the same time, choose which account will be used when sending e-mails
    Google contacts sync – work with Google contacts by synchronizing Google account and Mobile CRM
    Android call screen – during incoming call show the caller info if stored in the Mobile CRM’s contact database plus shortcuts for related actions (e.g. “Import call”, “Open contact”, etc.)
    Show e-mail sync errors – e-mail address in an incorrect format will be detected when sending a message
    Mark multiple e-mails as read/unread – on a list view users can simply tap on message state cells to change the status of multiple e-mails
    Start e-mail sync after an e-mail was sent – automatically start e-mail synchronization each time a message was sent from the app (configurable)
    Allow to set Exchange configuration through MDM – Third-party mobile device management (MDM) systems can be used to set Microsoft Exchange account configuration

    Editable lists in Agenda view – users can directly edit records listed in their Agenda view
    Wrap text in day & week calendar (Windows 10)
Mobile Analytics
    Extended auditing capabilities – see which customers have been (or haven’t been) visited by Mobile CRM users
    Track external users – see how and where their external users utilize the app

    Offline Maps (Android) – define which maps will be stored in local memory, so users can use the map without connection to the Internet
    Configurable timeout for location service requests – define a time period after which a location service request will be terminated
List views
    List view footer – footer with selected and total record count; it can also include an optional aggregation calculator
    Specify the number of records displayed on a list – any list view can be configured to show a pre-defined maximum number of records to the user
    Dynamic cell style and visibility – the style and visibility of cells can change depending on a rule
    Grid view – with configurable column count the app can now also show multiple records per row
    Sort by linked field in the list view header – sort records based on linked fields which can be added to the list’s header

    PartyList & StringList element at operator – provides access to values in PartyList fields
    Get roles via rules – access user roles in the app without the need to create dedicated projects
    Dynamic cell style and visibility – the style and visibility of cells can be controled via rules
    Optional form commands on new record form – when creating a new record custom form commands can be now enabled
Mobile Report
    Specify the number of records shown in a mobile report – report can be configured to show only pre-defined maximum number of records
    Bold, Italic and Underline font weight style – defining text styles is simplified by a new pickers that allow to turn on/off specific font attributes
    Run a mobile report from view – users can now generate reports directly from a list view
    Extended Note attachment sync filter (per entity and per file type) – for entities and file types you can set additional filtering parameters (e.g. maximal size)
    Multiple SharePoint sync speed improvements
JavaScript Bridge
    LocationService timeout – an exact time period after which a location service request will be terminated can be specified
    Show MobileReport dialog – MobileReport dialog can be shown via JavaScript
    WKWebView (iOS) – on iOS you can use new WKWebView to render HTML pages
    Setup lookup item views
    Handle EntityList cell click event


34922	CLEANUP: iOS: Obsolete splash screen images removed (reduces bundle size)
34916	BUGFIX: iOS: Reports crash: Don't use Thread.Abort on bkg thread with run loop!
34903	EntityList header ignores cell bound to a rule variable
34900	BUGFIX: iOS: RoutePlan iFrame zooms out when opening the popup on iPad Mini
34889	BUGFIX: iOS: Mapbox offline maps - save last download time. Redownload only if xml file has changed.
34879	BUGFIX: ImageEditor resize image when window resizes and the crop tool is used
34878	BUGFIX: Run Report command uses OAuth2 for Dynamics Online (even for Standard User)
34877	BUGFIX: SharePoint uploader redesigned so that it does not produce permission errors (item level permissions)
34875	BUGFIX: Android: Try to guess mime type if not specified when loading new document
34872	BUGFIX: Win10: Don't show reminder multiple times
34871	BUGFIX: Win7: Never try to save the DocumentView's WebBrowser content
34870	BUGFIX: Entity list refresh must only scroll to bottom if we've seen any previous list item
34868	BUGFIX: iOS: Link to SharePoint document in notes crash
34867	BUGFIX: iOS: Correctly offset image and content when navbar visibility changed
34866	BUGFIX: Base64 decoder ignores white spaces
34845	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Incremental sync fails if more than 25 entities are enabled in project
34844	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Crash when creating new Case or Asset if WorkOrders are disabled
34844	BUGFIX: Salesforce: No charts in default project work in Online mode
34844	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Support Professional Edition organizations
34844	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Online: Fetch with linked entity fails when linked entity contains no attributes


34792	BUGFIX: Win10: RoutePlan: Drag/drop allowed also for touch mode (touch actions disabled for drag handle)
34781	FEATURE: Allow admin to prefer sending logs via web service instead of native email
34774	DESIGN: iOS: RoutePlan: Let the cleared time input be at least clickable (it's not possible to hide "Clear" button for date/time pickers)
34769	BUILD: Win7: MSI installer requires .Net 4.6.2 and points to its download page
34766	BUGFIX: SalesDetailEntityList: Incorrect FallbackConfiguration
34764	BUGFIX: MobileCRM: Do not process the folder classes for unclassified folders if the FolderSchema.FolderClass property is not available
34763	BUGFIX: SharePoint.DocumentList: Incorrect DefaultConfiguration
34761	REFACTOR: ImageEditor: Addeed extra paremeters for Selection for future use, fixed initial rotation on Win7
34760	REFACTOR: Sync Log: Publishing download queue stats even in case the download was interrupted due to an exception
34759	BUGFIX: TimeOffs has not been included in Scheduler
34758	REFACTOR: iOS: Remove Map selection
34752	BUGFIX: SharePoint sync: Lists inaccessible due to permissions caused sync exit
34751	FEATURE: Win10: Drag&Drop files into Email
34750	BUGFIX: Flip to Calendar incorrect view and no buttons
34748	BUGFIX: iOS: Handle initial zoom and region in generic map container
34747	REFACTOR: Win10: Handle time picker closed event differently for WinPhone10 compatibility
34736	BUGFIX: iOS: Apply first template's bkg color as list's bkg color if list has templates when updating app style
34734	REFACTOR: Connect to Resco CRM server: Improved error handling (Http error 403 Forbidden)
34733	BUGFIX: Password Manager button visible only for iOS also on App login form
34730	BUGFIX: Win10: DetailView - OnMouseWheel scrolling
34726	BUGFIX: Android: DetailView Text - Kind Button is now visible again after nochange editing
34722	BUGFIX: iOS: Use the same size for icon regardless of subtitle visibility
34720	BUGFIX: ActivityFeeds: Load entity images correctly (not as relative path to content images)
34718	BUGFIX: iOS: DetailView Text - Kind Button is now visible again after nochange editing
34716	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Drag&Drop doesn't work on EmailMessage form
34707	BUILD: Add #endregion section to language files
34702	BUGFIX: Season indication bug fixed
34697	BUGFIX: MobileCRM: Some servers don't return the folder class. Classify all unclassified top level folders as mail folder.
34692	BUGFIX: Android: Measure TabBar when user wants to show it by toggling for the first time
34691	BUGFIX: iOS: Don't allocate InkBox backbuffer until it is really used (e.g. for empty DocumentView which will load another content)
34690	BUGFIX: Win7: Show ContextMenu in SearchPanel (right click)
34689	BUGFIX: Win7: Scroll DetailView on MouseWheel
34688	REFACTOR: Option for the Quote.Activate command to _not_ close the form (default on Dynamics CRM)
34681	FEATURE: Apply SyncFilters to BusinessProcessFlowInstance entity
34671	BUGFIX: Quote to Order did not copy products. SaveRequest must check children recursively.
34667	BUGFIX: Fixed wrong selection of item in Tree View during second opening of the same private chart definition in Chart Editor
34662	BUGFIX: Mobile Reports - User can save generated report even if she doesn't have permission to create the attachment entity
34657	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Event/Task form - cannot create Order from related Quote
34656	REFACTOR: JSBridge: Allow forcing online/offline mode for entity save
34654	BUGFIX: Always sort by Lookup label in Resco CRM
34652	BUGFIX: Android: LocationService can't be started after it was stopped (JSBridge getLocation works only once)


34647	BUGFIX: Android: BaseForm crash for Android 3.x (PlayStore reports)
34645	BUGFIX: Win10: JSBridge.GetAppImage crash fix for images being colorized
34640	REFACTOR: Run report throws more reasonable exception
34639	REFACTOR: ReportService: Compiler error for WinRT: PathEx.Combine() -> Path.Combine()
34637	BUGFIX: EmailForm: Do not assume resco_source field is always available
34636	BUGFIX: Initialize ActivityTypeCode field in the offline database
34635	BUGFIX: Android: LocationService crashes if event handler stops it before it starts
34633	BUGFIX: Scheduler: Function hasFilterByTerritories did not return correct value
34632	FEATURE: JSBridge: Download Dynamics report (and place it into a note or local file accessible from Javascript)"
34631	REFACTOR: ImageEditor: simplified scaling of the image for the view"
34626	BUILD: New and Updated language files
34625	BUGFIX: Scheduler: Label for row of unscheduled tasks was not centered on iOS with align-items attribute
34624	REFACTOR: More user-friendly error message  in WebServiceBase
34622	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Incorrect prompt to Save or Cancel attachment when user explicitly clicked Save button
34621	REFACTOR: Removed debug console logging for ImageEditor
34620	BUGFIX: LoginForm password manager available only for iOS
34619	BUGFIX: ImageEditor: Redraw crop on window resize
34618	BUGFIX: Reauthenticate Dynamics CRM OAuth
34617	FEATURE: Allow to configure max age for OAuth offline-token beyond the access token validity
34615	BUGFIX: Win7: Check the initial conditions (Iframe / Webview)
34614	BUGFIX: Android: Do not scale list's legacy buttons twice.
34611	BUGFIX: Win7: GoogleMaps API version was incorrect - changed to latest - now supports unlimited waypoints in directions.
34610	DESIGN: RoutePlan: Minor style changes (text wrapping & mouse cursor)
34609	FEATURE: Win10: JSBridge supports app images colorization
34607	FEATURE: Dynamics CRM Reports work over OAuth
34606	BUGFIX: Desktop: Only explicitly restore the application window if there are modal children. Otherwise the system takes care of it.
XXX 34604	BUGFIX: Android: Correctly initialize event view on drag start. Relayout to correct position and size when view's size changed.
34601	BUGFIX: iOS: Correctly initialize event view. Redraw it after pop animation to show text in correct size.
34599	BUGFIX: Show localized error message when we cannot find pricelistitem for product
34598	BUGFIX: Win10: Segmented control crashed with null dataSource. Do not create segmented control for empty data source.


    Offline maps (iOS) – define which maps will be stored locally, available even without connectivity
    Password manager support (iOS) – password manager can be used to store Resco Mobile CRM password
    Notification pop-up (Windows 10) – when the app is minimized, notifications will appear in the lower left corner
    Drag & drop files to emails and chat (Windows 10 & desktop) – elect files and drag-and-drop them directly into e-mails and chat conversations
    Unique names for photos (Windows 10) – photos attached to the records now have unique names containing the date and time
    Smoother and faster in-app animations (Windows RT and Android)

Route planning, maps & navigation
    Re-designed route planning – re-designed route planner with modernized user interface optimized also for phone screens
    Drill down records from Map to List – flip records on a map into a list view
    Navigate with Waze, Sygic or Google Maps – launch Waze, Sygic, or Google Maps, not only the OS’ built-in navigation
    Location data age and precision parameters can be custom-defined

    In-app chart editor – users can create their own customized charts directly in the Setup section
    Include list’s search text in query – when a view is flipped to a chart, the app shows only results matching the search text
    Use correct precision for numeric fields in charts

    Image editor – annotate, crop, rotate pictures and photos attached to records
    Sharepoint Sync filters – define which data will be synchronized between the application and the user’s SharePoint
    Faster SharePoint synchronization
    OneDrive and Google Drive document titles – special characters document names have caused synchronization issues and are now recognized by Resco Mobile CRM

    Drag-&-drop in the monthly calendar view – drag-and-drop activities in the monthly calendar to re-schedule activities
    Quick month and year navigation – new Month and Year fields in the calendar’s search bar to navigate through extensive time periods

Mobile Reports
    Signature Field – signature element within a report document, for digital signature (using a 3rd party tool, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, etc.)
    Pre-select mobile report – pre-select a specific type of mobile report 
    Set culture for formatting – set up how the contents of a mobile report will be formatted
    Automatic page count variable – the number of individual pages in a mobile report
    Automatic row index variable – the number of each row in a mobile report
    Special Fetch Table variable –  data table to perform further report-related actions
    Group fetch results – aggregate the fetch results in a mobile report
    Numeric values format in Excel

    MDM Setup for Exchange and SharePoint – remotely enter Exchange and SharePoint login credentials
    HomeRealm setup through QR code/Login tag – additional parameter – HomeRealm – can be now set via QR code or Login tag
    Un-minimize app before asking for password (desktop)

User Experience
    Optional list header row – a header can be added to the top of the list view with click-to-sort
    Filter and Sort in Activities – filtering and sorting of records on the Activities entity
    Show-related button in Activities – quicker access to related activities
    Set view height – set custom view height (in pixels) for elements on forms in Resco Mobile CRM’s New UI
    Configurable search bar visibility – search bar can be hidden from any chosen view
    Show correct views in Lookup dialog when entity is changed

Editable lists
    Ask to save changes – the app asks whether a change should be saved or discarded when users edit records without opening them
    OnChange and OnSave JSBridge events – actions triggered in JavaScript, when records are modified or saved directly on a list

Woodford form rules
    Get date part – extract individual day/month/year from a date
    FormatSingle method with C# options – enables to use C# formatting options in form rules
    Sort fetch results – organize results returned by Fetch in rules

Woodford JavaScript Bridge
    Editable list OnChanged and OnSave events – handle editable list actions like change or save via JavaScript
    Iframe IsDirty property – if an Iframe is shown as a Home Form item, control whether the user can close this item
    AddProductWithQuantity method – easier adding of products with different quantities (one call instead of multiple)
    AudioRecorder service – utilize Audio Recorder via JavaScript to initiate recording and other actions
    Optimized Note and other document entities creation – streamlines the process of creating and adding Note and other document entities
    Fetch XML serialization – generate XML from Fetch classes and vice versa


Note: Currently only iOS version is available.

33420	BUGFIX: Salesforce - Price Book delete it online mode - Replaced hotfix with correct result parsing
33412	BUGFIX: QR scanning with HomeRealm
33408	BUGFIX: Pdf: Do not use deflate for zero length content.
33400	BUGFIX: iOS: WatchApp - Show dashboard also with DemoDatabase
33388	BUGFIX: Pdf: Generate Adler32 checksum after deflated data


33373	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Deleting records from local database was not working
33371	BUGFIX: Win7: Open http url with PDF in browser (instead of opening signature pad)
33369	BUGFIX: Sync Permissions: CRM4 compatibility (Permissions download crashed on CRM4)
33368	BUGFIX: Salesforce - adding attachment fails when current user is different than owner of the parent object
33366	BUGFIX: ActivityList: Do not show AdvancedFind. Correctly load personal view.
33365	BUGFIX: MobileReport: Reload report file when modified (signed) in the report dialog
33362	BUGFIX: Chat: Handle no subscribed channels correctly
33337	BUGFIX: IFrameForm lock reversed logic
33334	BUGFIX: Salesforce - Online - Chart legend labels not displayed for aggregated values
33332	BUGFIX: Salesforce - Email - Offline - Task created when Email is tracked lacks newlines in email text
33326	BUGFIX: iOS: Clear cached last content size value when loading new data
33324	BUGFIX: Android: Do not clear focus in other views when reloading data
33318	BUGFIX: Android: Make async text update (clear formatting) before edit cancelable. Do not set value back.
33317	BUGFIX: Android: Do not clear focus in other views when reloading data
33315	BUGFIX: Salesforce - Task related to Email is duplicated in local database after synchronization
33313	BUGFIX: Win7: Calculate actual width for date in DetailItemDateTime
33311	BUGFIX: AsyncEnumerable might not return any data even if the MoveNextCompleted event is raised
33280	FEATURE: Workaround for internal server errors. Some records raise an internal server error when they are loaded in batch. Load them separately.


33259	FEATURE: Android: Show toast for chat message when app on foreground
33251	BUGFIX: Calendar crash - remove duplicate private appintment by index (otherwise it requires resco_personalappointment)
33248	FEATURE: Win7: Show toast for chat messages
33246	BUGFIX: Salesforce - Body of original email is not included in forward/reply messages if it was sent from SF UI
33245	BUGFIX: Salesforce - MobileCRM can't display body of email if it was created in SF before resco specific fields were created
33239	FEATURE: Android: Animate search bar resize together with buttons in/out animation
33238	CLEANUP: Salesforce - Removed excessive SOQL logging
33236	BUGFIX: Android: Don't show the close button on Home Form (even if home replacement is set)
33235	BUGFIX: OrderDetail crash when price is "null" and volume discount active (customer report)
33234	BUGFIX: HTMLCharts: Column bars, horizontal bars and area charts had legend and controls radio buttons overlapped
33229	BUGFIX: Android: Use override of DrawRoundRect method available on older OS versions, less effective
33228	BUGFIX: SyncErrors - problem entity cannot be resolved if already deleted by user
33227	BUGFIX: Android: Don't crash if DocumentService folder was removed on background
33227	BUGFIX: Android: Don't crash if the last photo taken from DB no longer exists
33223	BUGFIX: Salesforce - MobileCRM - Custom GeoLocation fields are not working with Map nor RoutePlanner
33222	BUGFIX: Charts: Missing invariant culture (crashes for IL number format)
33217	BUGFIX: Existing tasks with empty Due Date are displayed with Current Date on Task form
33215	BUGFIX: Win7: Chat: Background check service didn't work with Resco CRM server
33214	BUGFIX: Android: Do not allow to start new swipe to refresh gesture when one is pending
33212	BUGFIX: HTMLCharts: Column of last month needed to be scrolled to be visible on screen, becuase minItemSize was used
33211	DESIGN: Chat: Attachment icon position fixed for entity wall on large screen + CSS reformatted
33209	BUGFIX: Chat: User identity is defined by id (and not by name which is loaded async!)
33208	FEATURE: Android: Search text edit with clear text button
33203	VERSION: iOS: Minimum iOS version raised to 8.0.
33202	REFACTOR: CallImport use DynamicRepository instead of GetAs<>
33193	BUGFIX: MobileCRM: Do not reuse the existing ActivityParty linked entity when downloading the activity parties as it can filter out some records
33192	REFACTOR: iOS: Don't show sign up option on the first launch form
33191	BUGFIX: Win7: MapView was invisible after going to background and back
33186	BUGFIX: Salesforce - SendEmailLink cannot make HTTP requests on UI thread


    VoiceOver screen reader support (iOS) — utilize the screen reader technology to enable visually impaired people use the app
    Click to select in picklist (Android, iOS) — users can select the option with just one tap
    Import phone number into any field with phone call format (Android) — select which field to save the phone number to when importing
    Always show cancel button (Windows 10) — no need to scroll through a lengthy dialog window to get to the Cancel button, now it is always available at the bottom
    Print files (Windows 10) — print any file type — like images, signatures, text, and PDF documents — directly from the Resco app also on Windows 10 devices
    Simplified date selection (Desktop) — the date editor can be “zoomed out” to month and year selector, so users are able to select the date faster
    Maximize camera dialog (Desktop) — the camera dialog can be maximized to full-screen and the last used mode is remembered by the app

    Multifactor authentication — Resco Mobile CRM can now provide multi-factor authentication utilizing the OAuth 2 authorization framework
    Pre-fill login information —  system admins can use the mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to pre-fill the login credentials for users

    All/Unread Only button — new toggle button in the search view on the Emails
    Automatically show keyboard when writing a new e-mail — the cursor will be automatically placed into body once users hit the “New message” or “Reply” button
    Show unread count — a notification badge on the Inbox folder on Home Form shows users how many unread e-mails they have
    Mark e-mail as read timer — select the amount of time after which Mobile CRM will automatically mark new e-mails as read in setup

    Eliminate duplicate appointments — detect duplicates in Exchange and device calendar, show only once in the Resco Mobile CRM calendar
    Sync appointments by date — Resco Mobile CRM synchronizes Exchange appointments by their scheduled end date

    Push notifications re-done and added sounds — the push notifications delivering a notification for new messages in the in-app chat have been rewritten and now include a sound signal
    Channel browser — overview and selection of the chat channels in which the user can have conversations
    Upload file dialog — when users send an attachment they can see its details first
    Simple survey — enables users to create simple polls and surveys directly within the channels
    Show unread count — similarly to e-mails, notification badges on the Home Form show users how many unread messages they have in each channel

    Calculate subtotals for sales entities — the app now calculates the partials along with the final results
    Fix total field when only removing products — when the products were just removed for Order, Quote, Opportunity or Invoice, there was a bug in the calculation of total amount which is now fixed

    Marketing lists — users can now create marketing lists in Resco Mobile CRM, utilizing the handy multi-selection of records
    Convert campaign response — when a potential customer replies to a message sent as part of a marketing e-mail campaign, the user can immediately convert this reply into a new case or opportunity

    Update map on form when address is changed — when the user changes the address and a map view is also used on the form, the map will automatically show the updated location

AdvancedFind editor
    Simplified AdvancedFind editor — the app dialog and inline editor for creating conditions now requires significantly less user interaction and clicks to properly define the lookup conditions

Form rules
    Media tab form rules — in Woodford new rule properties — IsLoaded, IsDirty, IsEmpty and Caption — are now available for the app’s Media tab
    New conditions in rules — PartyListContains and DoesNotContain form rule conditions

    Inter-application communication — using an URL Schema architecture, data from third-party applications can be transferred into Resco Mobile CRM and processed via JavaScript
    Show MultiLookup from JavaScript Bridge — open a dialog to select multiple records
    Prevent IFrames from closing through JavaScript Bridge — to not lose unsaved changes on IFrame forms, you can indicate via JavaScript that the form contains ‘dirty’ data

    Extended Configuration options — ShowMap, ShowDashboard and SendMeetingInvites properties in Woodford
    PublishAll projects button — publish all child mobile projects with one click in Woodford


32611	BUGFIX: Hide pull-refresh before first launch wizard
32609	BUILD: Win7: UIElements interface changes reflected
32601	REFACTOR: Sharepoint sync per folder. Now works with large (5000+) DocumentLibraries and lots of folders.
32600	BUGFIX: iOS: Focus on detailview from rule now works even if set before first layout
32599	BUGFIX: Culture-independent int/string conversions (Hebrew minus sign problem)
32590	BUGFIX: Don't crash in favorites if the form is closed before refresh finishes
32585	BUGFIX: For horizontal list do not apply per width row templates 
32584	BUGFIX: Win7: Prevent large top margin for views in FlexiForm
32583	BUGFIX: Prevent scroll while lookup or combo popup are open
32577	BUGFIX: Do not copy the product-description field if the sales detail is not write-in
32551	BUGFIX: JSBridge: LookupForm.allowedViews: broken backward compatibility fixed
32549	FEATURE: Use the entity localized name in map pin annotation
32547	FEATURE: JSBridge: Get detialViewItem index by desired name
32537	BUGFIX: Android, iOS: Correctly handle tap on icon when editing and alignment is set to far
32534	BUGFIX: iOS: Check content size when setting scroll offset to not scroll too far when size of the control changed
32523	BUGFIX: Preserve the original content of xml elements when reading the ADFS security token including white spaces...
32522	FEATURE: An XmlResderSettings property added to WebServiceBase class to allow better control over XrmReader
32516	BUGFIX: Shared Variables are not visible on the form
32503	BUGFIX: Salesforce/Oracle - ConnectForm - If user registers under different email than his SF login, app can't connect to XRM organization
32496	BUGFIX: Do not cache localization labels
32495	BUGFIX: Salesforce - Incremental sync fails on INVALID_REPLICATION_DATE when organization was created sooner than 15 dayse before sync
32484	BUGFIX: Salesforce - Opening Opportunity detail crashes the app if Quotes are disabled in Salesforce
32446	BUGFIX: iOS: Occasional crash when switching the chart view (Don't allow 2 parallel requests running)
32442	BUGFIX: Win7: Disable Drag'n'drop/IE context menu in MapView's WebBrowser
32440	BUGFIX: RoutePlan: Completition status is visible from Route menu
32415	REFACTOR: Exchange: Minor formal changes
32414	BUGFIX: Win10: RoutePlan: Don't change value on detached element (Edge doesn't like it)
32413	REFACTOR: Exchange: Formal changes: Removed async interface, cookies (unused, bad implementation)
32412	REFACTOR: Removed property WebServiceBase.UnsafeAuthenticatedConnectionSharing
32411	REFACTOR: Added method IDataRecordExtensions.GetSafeInt32()
32405	BUGFIX: Salesforce - Address fields are not initialized from parent account when creating Quote for Opportunity
32403	BUGFIX: Android: JSBridge: Crash when logging errors on disposed JSBridge
32402	BUGFIX: Salesforce - iOS - App crashes after selecting pricebook when adding first line item in Quote and Opportunity + small fixes for PriceBook in Oppty, Order & Quote
32401	REFACTOR: Chat: year was shown instead of a day
32400	REFACTOR: Chat: Moment.js replaced by localized date/time printing
32398	REFACTOR: Android: DocumentService: Too many brackets in print available condition
32396	BUGFIX: Android: Printing notes (signature)
32395	BUGFIX: Chat: Use current culture language for displaying dates/times (same as in detail views)
32393	BUGFIX: Salesforce - Server deletes are sometimes not detected. Fixed by additional call to QueryAll API. 
32392	REFACTOR: iOS: Email editor padding fix via documentElement (previous solution wasn't accurate)
32391	BUGFIX: iOS: Printing unsaved notes (signature)
32388	FEATURE: Salesforce: SyncDelete, added SOQL requests for deleted entities
32387	BUGFIX: iOS: Email header padding wasn't set on iOS10 (document.width is no longer used in iOS 10 Safari)
32386	BUGFIX: Android: DocumentService: Paste crashes fixed & overall ContentResolver usage refactored
32385	REFACTOR: Minor Exchange optimization: Removal of X-ClientStatistics web request header. (Only used by Microsoft support)
32384	BUGFIX: Win7: MessageBox Cancel button is always visible and does not scoll
32383	BUGFIX: iOS: Commands on GridCellHeader now can be unset
32382	BUGFIX: Solve an exotic NullReferenceException in Metadata._CustomizationInvalidatesChangeLog() sent by user
32378	BUGFIX: Win10: Wait until the item is constructed when taking focus
32377	BUGFIX: Salesforce - FetchToSOQL - Nested special case filters didn't work (e.g. Owner = currentUser)
32368	BUGFIX: iOS: ListPicker long option name with image layout ???
32363	REFACTOR: JSBridge: ListDataSource presets the page & count
32360	FEATURE: JSBridge: Start edit and set focus on item



    iOS 10 support — Resco Mobile CRM runs smoothly on Apple’s latest operating system for iPhones and iPads
    3D Touch shortcuts (iOS) — users can easily create new appointments & tasks, send e-mails, and log phone calls utilizing 3D touch shortcuts
    QR code login (iOS & Android) — QR codes containing the credentials can be used for the login information automatically filled in
    NFC login (Android) — NFC tags encoded with user credentials will prefill the Sync dialog
    Desktop handles mobile URL link format — desktop version can now handle the “mobilecrm://” URL links
    Significantly faster barcode scanner (Windows 10)

Dashboards, charts & e-mail

    Design dashboards in the mobile app — build customized dashboards directly within the application
    New chart types — users can utilize the new Donut, Gauge, Area, and Stacked Area charts 
    Extended chart configuration options — stacked/grouped option for bars, the possibility to remove drill down, or set label styles for pie charts
    External e-mail content loading option — option to automatically load external e-mail content


    Calendar hub — users can display multiple entity types at the same time in the calendar
    Event preview in Month view — the monthly calendar now shows a handy preview of user’s appointments
    Week number configuration — set up a way in which the calendar will count the weeks of the year (day which marks the start of a week)
    Show events with zero duration — events in the calendar that have “From” and “To” set to the same value
    Faster synchronization of Exchange e-mails and appointments 


    Edit document from list — users can open and start editing documents straight from the list
    Print document from JavaScript — print documents via JavaScript

Mobile reports

    Excel support — Resco Mobile CRM can now generate mobile reports also as Excel spreadsheets
    Image and signature support in Word — mobile report in Word format also can include images and signatures
    Conditional visibility — sections can be left out of a mobile report if they meet specific conditions
    Page break support — markers in reports which signify that the content that follows is a part of a new page

Route planning

    Configurable Start Hour, Duration and Work Location — system admins can now set up default Start Hour, Duration (time spent at each stop), and Work Location
    Optional completion button — system admins can choose whether to include a completion button


    Responsive list design — when the available width of the list view changes, the application can automatically update the view look
    Load records through JavaScript Bridge — data for list views can be created using JavaScript Bridge
    Handle list commands through JavaScript Bridge — list buttons, multi-selection actions and custom commands can be now handled via JavaScript

Form rules

    IsSectionVisible field property — an entire section of fields on a form can be hidden or shown with a single rule
    Focus field property — focus on a field can be set via a rule or JavaScript
    Caption form property — set form title via rules


    Currency format — support for Dynamics Currency Format Code (currency sign before or after the numeric value)
    Entirely configurable minute value in time picker — admins can choose any value for the time picker’s minute field (from :00 to :59)
    Search picklists using external keyboard - users can search through available options by typing via keyboard
    Update picklist items through JavaScript Bridge — add, remove, and modify picklist options easily via JavaScript Bridge
    Show activities for related records option is now configurable in Woodford — including activities from related records on Accounts and Contacts can be now set in Woodford
    Create entity from ManyToMany lookup dialog - new entity record can be created from the ManyToMany lookup dialog
    Scanning in list and Lookup form works in the same way — unified the way how search using barcode works
    Set accuracy and age for location query through JavaScript Bridge — additional parameters (meters & seconds) can be defined for the GPS retrieval
    Localizable chat — the in-app chatcan be localized to other languages just like the rest of the Resco Mobile CRM app


32133	BUGFIX: iOS: Don't crash for unsupported language/calendar pairs (rather fall back to invariant calendar)
32132	BUGFIX: iOS: Activity Feeds: Post/Comment editor wasn't able to insert the reference (@) on iOS
32128	FEATURE: Parse the authentication service endpoint from the WSDL file
32120	FEATURE: Support for new authentication flow (No LiveId, No ACS).
32119	BUGFIX: Crm2011 BusinessProcessFlow workaround for CRM2016 Update 1 Bug
31988	BUGFIX: iOS: Do not allow subtitle to overlap parent's bounds
31963	BUGFIX: Android: Ignore setting title caption in two-panel popups when clearing the form
31892	BUGFIX: Android: Handle just decimal separator in numeric input and do not let app crash
31856	FEATURE: EntityHub template selector support
31855	BUGFIX: Win7: Use screen size instead of parent size when showing messageBox. The parent might be minimized.
31786	REFACTOR: Android: Don't crash trying to copy unaccessible file to clipboard


31786	REFACTOR: Android: Don't crash trying to copy unaccessible file to clipboard
31780	FEATURE: JSBridge: ActivityPartySerializer supports also direct parties (email)
31779	BUGFIX: iOS: InlineLink Item and popup hieght (bad layout fix for inline lookup)
31778	BUGFIX: iOS: InlineItemLink Height of DropDown view (bad layout fix for inline lookup)
31777	BUGFIX: iOS: UltimateList: ClearTemplateCellFrames can be called from constructor before rowTemplates are initialized
31776	BUGFIX: iOS: BusinessCardScanner - Encode CamCard AppKey with URL encoding. App do not crash if AppKey contains invalid characters.
31775	BUGFIX: iOS: Creating UltimateList with constructor(frame) can cause crash. Frame set after constructor.
31774	BUGFIX: JSON parser handles dictionary with key name containing space char (ComboBox via JSBridge fix)
31773	BUGFIX: iOS: ImageFactory.GetImageAsDataUrl handles also images without colorizing (for JavaScript Bridge)
31754	BUGFIX: Errors during creation of XRM organization were missing in crashlog
31708	BUGFIX: Don't raise an error for expired trial license. Apply the default customization instead.
31703	REFACTOR: Field Permission flags extended 'NoQuery' and 'Static'(for Salesforce support)
31647	BUGFIX: Android, iOS: Refresh filter group (e.g. Activities view settings) when a selection changed


31647	BUGFIX: Android, iOS: Refresh filter group (e.g. Activities view settings) when a selection changed
31628	BUGFIX: Allow to drag personal calendar events
31613	REFACTOR: The map annotation fields are sorted also by Y coordinate to have better control over the order in case of multiline templates
31602	BUGFIX: Added next format for oracle url to IsOracle check
31589	BUGFIX: Win7: DayPicker scale of Day Header Height
31588	BUGFIX: Testing of RescoSoapException for specific strings. SyncUploader and customization downloader incorrectly parsed specific SOAP fault formats.
31587	BUGFIX: Reset list refresh info
31587	REFACTOR: Do not refresh the list again if already refreshing
31586	BUGFIX: Show list load error only if the list is still loaded
31585	BUGFIX: Set currency from parent sales entity on write-in child
31584	BUGFIX: Exchange Appointment sync: Use Meta.PrimaryFieldName instead of hardcoded field (fix for Resco CRM Exchange Appointment integration)
31583	BUGFIX: Crm2016 BusinessProcessFlow fix, hide special process flows ("TaskFlow")
31582	BUGFIX: Correctly restore last-used entity in ActivityList view filter
31581	BUGFIX: Allow <br/> in ContactInfo form values (customer request)
31580	BUGFIX: Win10: Cancel async image loading in DocumentView
31580	FEATURE: Win10: Click to open attachment. Keep original file name even if we need to rename the temp file.
31579	BUGFIX: Desktop: Send mouse scroll message to opened popup instead of scrolling the control below it
31578	REFACTOR: Win10: Unified ComboBox with image display
31576	BUGFIX: Win8/10: Barcode scanner fixes
31574	BUGFIX: Calendar Week Rule configuration for start of week
31573	BUGFIX: Calendar must use the start of week when calculating week number
31572	BUGFIX: Mark children to be recursively deleted in entity metadata. Use the information to drop any changelog entries if the parent is deleted.
31572	BUGFIX: Do not upload changes to Notes (annotation) when Record is deleted (notes will be deleted by the server automatically and the orphaned records are cleaned up during sync).
31572	BUGFIX: DatabaseService.ExistsOnServer(): Implementation of ExistsOnServer() used createdon value supposedly supplied by the upper layer. However, this was not always true.
31569	BUGFIX: Respect Command Mask (Woodford setting of commands for document tab) and do not force add DocAction.Email
31567	BUGFIX: Use the ActualStart, ActualEnd date in Email ShortDate
31469	BUGFIX: iOS: Improved selection of culture info if device is set to non-standard lang-region combination
31458	BUGFIX: ActivityFeeds various fixes (comments, auto-feeds, no need of Online mode)
31392	BUGFIX: iOS: ComboImages - Label.Width bug
31371	REFACTOR: iOS: ComboBox - editor horizontal alignment applied also to image
31352	REFACTOR: Android: Horizontally center align image with text when image is above or below text
31347	REFACTOR: Chat: Various CSS improvements


31342	BUGFIX: Chat: Emoticons and Attachment menu for Windows
31339	BUGFIX: Chat: PostEditor buttons not showing 
31334	BUGFIX: Exchange: Set calendar appointment field modifiedon (temporary solution using DateTime.Now)
31333	BUGFIX: Chat: Don't crash if previously selected channel was deleted
31332	BUGFIX: Chat: Exclude current user from private messages
31330	BUGFIX: Chat: iOS chat overflow on rotate 
31327	REFACTOR: JSBridge: MobileReport distinguished from Dynamics CRM reporting
31325	BUGFIX: Android: Correctly order mapping from ContentAlignment to Paint.Align
31323	BUGFIX: Handling of login problems - cleanup of the customization-dependent data that could potentially cause app crashes
31322	BUGFIX: Allow multiple Lookup Forms (recursive filtering in list)
31319	REFACTOR: Make EmptyAttachment html body cover the whole window (useful for desktop drag & drop)
31318	FEATURE: Desktop: Allow Drag&drop into the Note Form when showing the list of commands
31317	BUGFIX: Android: Reversed top/bottom image alignment
31316	FEATURE: Report: Page break before top level Grid or Repeater (pdf & word)
31315	BUGFIX: Load the meeting request calendar unique ID in extra call as Exchange 2007 SP1 doesn't support this property on emails
31314	BUGFIX: Use safe access to the DateTimeSent and DateTimeReceived fields on email message as these properties might not exist
31313	BUGFIX: Win10: Do not add favorites as live tiles
31310	BUGFIX: Win10: Don't crash in Link Item if there is no item template. RoutePlan now uses the default item style.
31309	BUGFIX: Android: Do not crash if calendar permissions are not granted (dialog for them may be pending)
31306	REFACTOR: Android: Call animation start method only when it is available and do not crash
31305	BUGFIX: Correctly reset AppointmentForm permissions (for External and CRM appointments)
31304	REFACTOR: Chat: Updated scroll events for iOS
31302	REFACTOR: Chat: Updated design of the side menu and postEditor, changed emoji and attachment icon
31301	REFACTOR: Exception.GetExtendedMessage() never returns null or empty string. (Could happen for Java.Lang.Exception.)
31300	BUGFIX: Sync Errors Form: Handling of null ExceptionText
31295	BUGFIX: Salesforce/Oracle: Synchronization of some offline changes quietly ignored
31284	BUGFIX: Chat: IE size of images, updated border-radius of images
31279	REFACTOR: Synchronization: Downloader logs warning if too much time is spent in waiting due to full cache - Plus on WinRT/Desktop Downloader cache increased to 250MB
31278	BUGFIX: Chat: IE transition compatibility
31275	REFACTOR: NFC: Do not create pending intent, intentFilters and techLists if the NfcAdapter is null
31274	BUGFIX: Chat: IE11 date splitter fade
31273	REFACTOR: Android: Do not waste time layouting not visible tabbar
31268	BUGFIX: Salesforce: Contact and Lead synchronization fails in case the mobile project allows user to edit Fullname
31267	BUGFIX: Do not allow ActivityList to be flipped
31261	REFACTOR: NFC: NFC is enabled when BarcodeScanner is turned on
31260	BUGFIX: iOS: LabelForegroundColor set properly also when creating Attributes for AttributedString
31255	BUGFIX: Android: Handle segmented control changes
31252	BUGFIX: iOS: Combo editor relayouts itself if new Image style needs same bounds
31251	BUGFIX: Desktop: Detail Item is created with IsEnabled false so initialize explicitly
31250	BUGFIX: Andorid, iOS: Update title to correct date when month calendar changed
31247	BUGFIX: Android: Trick to force textview to initialize insertion controlers if there is no initial text
31246	BUGFIX: Win10 Cortana: Handle HomeForm selection changes after the initial phrase list was installed. Guard against very qick selection changes. Don't crash on exception.
31244	BUGFIX: iOS: UseLastPhotoTaken - Check if there is any photo before requesting image data
31243	BUGFIX: Exchange: Trucate the appointment text fields correctly and request a text version of the description
31240	BUGFIX: Win10: Hide splitters when only a single panel is visibile
31239	BUGFIX: NFC: Accept any MimeType
31238	BUGFIX: Win10: Cortana must handle expection during init. Make most methods private and simplify initialization task.
31237	FEATURE: Added NFC basic functionality
31236	BUGFIX: Charts: Dot not use SI prefix format for values between -1 and 1 (fixes displaying 'k' after the values) 
31228	REFACTOR: Parsing of SOAP fault responses: Callstack removal, faultstring processing...
31219	BUGFIX: Show LICENSE: NOT FOUND error if there is not more license available
31218	BUGFIX: Don't abort the sychronization if the customization can't be downloaded. Use the default customization instead.
31216	BUGFIX: Win10 Mobile: JSBridge: InvokeMethod: Missing methods not available via reflection on .Net Native build
31213	BUGFIX: MobileCRM: Do not validate Free license
31212 	BUGFIX: Chat: Full width of horizontal menu on entity
31210	FEATURE: Win10/WinRT: Chat: Handle push notification with specified channel ID
31209	BUGFIX: iOS: JSBridge: Blind fix for occasionally missing URL in LoadingFinished
31208	BUGFIX: Encode special characters in list template cell binding constant
31206	BUGFIX: Win10: Email provided in setup wizard wasn't displayed later in the wizard
31205	REFACTOR: Sync progress report: Making clear that the analyzer phase finished and the download started
31204	BUGFIX: Desktop: switch text/numeric editor (the underlying TextBox) to RightToLeft
31203	BUGFIX: Chat: Show post before it is saved, then update with the save result (pending or done). Do not allow new posts until saved.



    Oracle CX support — connect Resco Mobile CRM to Oracle Sales Cloud (part of Oracle CX solutions) and work with their data on the go
    Salesforce — seamlessly integrate Resco Mobile CRM with Salesforce to provide access to CRM data


    Individual permissions requests (Android M) — the app asks individually for permissions to access particular functionality when required
    Fingerprint login (Android M) — users can simply log in to Mobile CRM with their fingerprint
    Voice control (Windows 10) — users can control the application using voice commands to Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana
    Audio recording & playback (Windows 10) — users can record audio files, attach them to records and play them back, all directly within the application
    Make calls from desktop version (Windows 10) — users can make calls directly from the desktop version of the Resco Mobile CRM app utilizing Skype

Route planning, Calendar & Exchange integration 

    Any entity on route plan — admins can define any type of default or custom entity as the outcome of route planning
    Any entity on calendar — calendar can now show not only activities, but any other entities as well
    Flip view to calendar — any view can be flipped to calendar
    Show & Import appointments from Microsoft Exchange — users can access their Exchange appointments in the mobile app with direct integration
    Send appointment meeting requests — further leveraging the integration with Exchange, users can send appointment meeting requests directly from Resco Mobile CRM


    MS Word & HTML offline reports — Resco Mobile CRM can now generate not just offline reports as PDFs, but in MS Word document and HTML formats as well

User interface

    Search View — custom views can be defined for searching
    Redesigned chat — an entirely new approach to Resco chat, with redesigned user interface and simplified adding of attachments
    Configure text edit as DropDown or DropDownList — users can utilize drop down lists for quicker editing of text fields
    Multiple views on Order details — users can utilize customized views on Order details
    Use filter/sort on Order details — users can also filter/sort records on order details
    Default images — the app will display a default image on a list in case there is no data image is available
    Editable images — for simplified visual navigation, users can tap the images on lists to choose from options on picklists
    Validate child entities — system admins can set up the app in the Woodford configurator to validate the child entity based on parent entity (for sales entities)

JavaScript support

    Run report from JavaScript — the application enables users to run reports even from a completely customized interface created with JavaScript
    Send e-mails & attachments from JavaScript — the app now also allows users to send e-mail messages with attachments from a custom JavaScript interface
    Dynamics CRM JavaScript partial compatibility — translate JavaScript written for Dynamics CRM to Resco Mobile CRM more easily


    Partial device wins strategy — if the same record has been modified both via the app and on the CRM server since the last synchronization, only the fields modified through the app will be changed on the server
    Full Device Wins — if the same record has been modified both via the app and on the CRM server since the last synchronization, all the fields of that record will be changed on the server according to the app
    Synchronization error localization — admins can include customized text in sync error messages, that can guide users to faster solve the problem
    Background synchronization speedup


30151	BUGFIX: Android: Blind fix for store crash in call import
30150	BUGFIX: Android: JSBridge crash on late command response
30147	BUGFIX: Win8.1 Fix PDFClown file loading
30145	BUGFIX: Win10: Clear and Restore map annotations when parent is changed. Otherwise the map-control crashes.
30142	BUGFIX: SyncDownloader: Extremly rare case when the downloader submits incoming records without reading MinActiveVersion. Could cause error "ActivityMimeAttachment does not contain attribute modifiedon".
30140	REFACTOR: CRM4 service: Undisposed XmlReader + some cosmetic changes
30139	REFACTOR: Line Chart shows a large dot always (not just on hover)
30135	REFACTOR: Charts various fixes (sizes, alignment, string format, etc.)
30133	BUGFIX: iOS: Show tutorial only on the first run (not after going to background and back)
30132	BUGFIX: iOS: InkBox: Don't scale/translate the ink stroke when saving into image
30129	REFACTOR: Android, iOS: Show single button with double width. Hide buttons when button clicked
30128	BUGFIX: HTMLChart: Bar/Column height - label length. All values on axis have the same fomat. Axis labels in the middle of axis
30127	REFACTOR: iOS: BaseForm - HideEditControl replaced with Global ResignResponder
30125	BUGFIX: Android: JSBridge: Prevent crash when trying to set an errror on already unassigned JSBridge
30123	BUGFIX: Sync error "'ActivityMimeAttachment' entity doesn't contain attribute with Name = 'modifiedon'". Temporary fix.
30122	FEATURE: JSBridge: writeFileWithEncoding
30121	BUGFIX: iOS: Global ResignResponder in form close. Fixes issues with closing keyboard on different screens.
30118	BUGFIX: iOS: SegmentControl - Selection changed event now registred
30117	BUGFIX: Fix bar/column chart textFits calculation
30116	BUGFIX: JSBridge: Allow to open the Sync Errors home item
30112	BUGFIX: iOS: DetailItem : Apply style only if different style was asigned
30111	REFACTOR: iOS: ComboBoxEditor - performance optimization
30107	BUGFIX: List search with mulitple words now constructs correct filter ("and" operator and full-phrase)
30106	FEATURE: JSBridge: Asynchronously get the boolean value of isEmpty on media tab
30105	BUGFIX: Sanitize HTML in Route Planner, Activity Feeds and Win7 MapView
30104	BUGFIX: iOS: SearchRowView now layouts buttons only if search is not editing
30103	FEATURE: JSBridge: isEmpty property for media tab
30102	BUGFIX: If the Lookup Item is dialog only, don't create the inlineHandler if Targets are set later on
30101	BUGFIX: Android: Do not call ApplyStyle (re-setup DetailItem) if the same style was assigned
30100	BUGFIX: Win10: Do not call ApplyStyle (re-setup DetailItem) if the same style was assigned
30094	BUGFIX: Sanitize HTML in Chatter (leave only safe tags and entity reference)
30092	BUGFIX: Saving entity:  If the view works with columns from linked entities, then these columns are ignored when saving changes.
30089	BUGFIX: ExceptionExt.GetExtendedMessage() did not interpret the parameter includeDetails
30085	FEATURE: JSBridge: MediaTab exposes isEmpty property
30084	FEATURE: Allow to localize/configure the name of the generated Dynamics CRM report
30083	FEATURE: Allow the user to save the mobile report as note when launched on a single record
30082	FEATURE: Media Tab IsEmpty property
30072	BUGFIX: Escape field values on ContactInfoForm before pushing into HTML
30071	REFACTOR: Optimization: Getting rid of some inefficient uses of the Disposable class
30069	BUGFIX: Additional minor improvements related to the error logging (Error processing when InitializeFromRequest is sent to the Server)
30060	BUGFIX: iOS: Segment row view now handles zero image/text height and adjusts image/text height to item height.
30055	REFACTOR: iOS: ComboBox with empty display value now display NoneText only if provided (in segment control)
30054	REFACTOR: iOS: Set small left and right padding to the grid cell header if cell is maximized as grid margin is not applied here.
30052	BUGFIX: RoutePlan supports config with empty completion status for appointment (backward compatibility)
30050	BUGFIX: iOS: Center button group if navigation bar is very thin
30049	BUGFIX: iOS: DetailView check itemStyle when setting properties via JS
30047	BUGFIX: Android: ItemStyle null check
30045	REFACTOR: Only show Active mobile reports in report selection
30044	BUGFIX: iOS: Set Default or selected style for item created using JSBridge
30040	BUGFIX: WinRT: Exception processing in HttpWebRequestSync
30038	BUGFIX: HTML Chart: Set the same padding value for long text calcualted in axis.maxXTickLen  
30037	BUGFIX: ListView might not contain an IReference. Crashed when map was the initial control.


30040	BUGFIX: Minor: WinRT: Exception processing in HttpWebRequestSync
30038	BUGFIX: HTMLChart: Set the same padding value for long text calcualted in axis.maxXTickLen  
30037	BUGFIX: ListView might not contain an IReference (could be just loading indicator). Crashed when map was the initial component on associated tab.
30035	REFACTOR: Guided Tour: font face changed
30034	BUGFIX: Android: Don't show decimal places on view if not allowed to
30033	BUGFIX: iOS: Numeric ListEdit  control now displays with correct decimal places format
30032	REFACTOR: GuidedTour: Fullscreen window + skip intro from About + font size adjusted
30031	REFACTOR: iOS: ComboBox - ImageView/TextLabel create/destroy
30030	BUGFIX: iOS: DetailCombo - Use ImageProvided GetImage with right color - to avoid caching one image more than once
30020	REFACTOR: iOS: Detail ComboBox - Create Label/ImageView only in style setter
30019	BUGFIX: Android: Email form - keyboard drops down after tapping into email body on Android < 4.4
30018	BUGFIX: Android: RoutePlan: Keyboard drops down immediately after choosing any <input> field
30017	REFACTOR: iOS: ComboBox - Create/Destroy label/image in style setter
30016	BUGFIX: Desktop: Fallback to System UUID if the motherboard ID is empty or a known non-unique generic text
30014	BUGFIX: HTMLChart: Cut the first element if it is too long
30013	BUGFIX: Android: JSBridge: Concurrent requestObject calls weren't blocking their callbacks correctly
30003	BUGFIX: Use the Address field formatted value when loading SimpleMap by address (and not GPS). Some customers use pickli...
30002	BUGFIX: iOS: HTMLChart: Line chart: set left axis label based on longest tick
30000	REFACTOR: Only allow PDF as report format (for now)
29999	BUGFIX: HTMLChart: iOS: left axis label position fix
29998	REFACTOR: GuidedTour: Please wait indicator included (it wasn't obvious that request is being sent)
29997	BUGFIX: HTMLChart: Set left axis label based on the longest tick
29994	BUGFIX: Android: Replace default WHITE scrollbar with custom gray one so it can be more visible
29993	REFACTOR: Android: JSBridge pends the async commands during the requestObject callback is processed (maintains compatibity with other platforms)
29992	BUGFIX: iOS: DetailText item style - Multiline style has bigger priority than wraptext
29990	REFACTOR: LOG: When logging SOAP faults, TraceText is omitted. Reason: Potentially huge text, may contain sensitive info.
29984	BUGFIX: Android: JSBridge command failure callbacks weren't called.
29982	REFACTOR: iOS: MultiImagePicker - cache improvements, thumbnails with better quality
29981	BUGFIX: WinRT: Check whether data source is set before deciding which control type to use for DetaillItemComboBox
29978	BUGFIX: iOS: Detail item Text wraping text doesn't change value after selection changed
29977	BUGFIX: iOS HttpResponseStream: 1) Safe Dispose(), 2) Fixed Position property
29976	BUGFIX: Tutorial from AboutForm fix
29974	REFACTOR: Allow EmailAttachment even if there is no OutgoingEmail Method (Setup wasn't visited yet)
29973	BUGFIX: Android: SendEmail with attachments
29971	FEATURE: Android: Added displacement to edge glow effect
29970	BUGFIX: HTMLChart: Stacked bar text position in the middle
29969	REFACTOR: Add tutorial on AboutForm for iOS and Android
29965	REFACTOR: Search for App Tutorial (GuidedTour) in the project offline html customization
29963	BUGFIX: Calendar: Allow custom formatting for Calendar header (through localization)
29962	BUGFIX: ReportDialog: Send email after the form is closed
29960	FEATURE: Launch Tutorial from AboutForm
29959	BUGFIX: JSBridge: Global event handler could not be registered after form close/reopen
29950	BUGFIX: HTMLChart: Changed condition for default color
29949	BUGFIX: HTMLChart: Padding in pie labels, default color if undefined values returned by application
29948	BUGFIX: GuidedTour: Email submit fixed
29947	DESIGN: Dynamics CRM removed from Android splash and sub-title
29946	DESIGN: iOS: Removed "for MS Dynamics" from splash images
29945	BUGFIX: Android: NavigationBar crash from store blindly fixed
29939	BUGFIX: iOS: MyWall crash for inline attachment on x64 (address truncation problem)
29937	BUGFIX: HTMLChart: Changed pixel values for maxX label axis



    Display images in the body of an email – the app allows images to be embedded within the actual email body instead of attachments 
    Send attachments via multiple email clients – users can send a document via an email client of their choice
    Support for Email Templates – users can use CRM email templates when drafting emails


    Enhanced CamCard support – system admins can set up the CamCard support to store its image as an attachment for later use
    Search for Contacts in iOS System Search – people can search for contacts directly in the iPhone/iPad system 

Calendar & Dashboard
    Support of new time formats – support for new types of fields that came with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, namely TimeZoneIndependent
    Dashboard chart to view – users can flip a chart on a dashboard to a list view in order to open/edit shown records
    Chart controls – the chart drill-down in Resco Mobile CRM has been revamped to offer different types of chart 

    Offline reports – Resco Mobile CRM now supports PDF reports that can also run in an offline mode
    Export records – selected or all records from a view can be exported into Excel, CSV, HTML or a PDF file
    Launch files (Windows 10) – documents can be opened directly in the Resco Mobile CRM application
    Copy&Paste support for documents (Windows 10) – users can copy and paste documents in the application
    Document Roundtrip (Windows 10, Android) – users can open a document in the application, edit it, and save the new version back
    'Send To' support for Android – users can open attachments stored in the Mobile CRM in other applications
    Attach multiple images in one step (Android) – users can select multiple images in one go

Route Planning

    Use km or miles based on user location – the app will display distances in units of length users are used to
    Plan route for multiple users – people can now plan routes for other users
    Set values for new appointments – Resco’s Route Planner can show editable fields that allow users to create new activities filled in with pre-defined values


    Search by Barcode – users can scan barcodes to quickly search for an item within the list 
    Editable Lists (Windows 10) – a previously introduced functionality makes its way into the Windows platform
    Sort & Filter (Windows 10) – Windows users can too filter and sort records within their Mobile CRM client
    Sort/Filter setup in Woodford – system admins can narrow down the list of fields available to users when using the filtering and sorting options
    Enhanced List Buttons – buttons that in the view can be extended to cover additional actions; such as Assign, Qualify, or Create an Appointment 
    Multi-selection of records – users can select multiple records from a view and perform actions such as Delete, Assign, Create Report, Favorite, Send Link, etc.
    Multi-selection & Commands Configuration in Woodford – system admins can select and configure the types of actions users are able to perform in lists
    Restore lists after refresh – this usability improvement refreshes lists after a record has been saved or the app synchronized 
    Row Scripts for Opportunities, Orders, Quotes & Invoices – row scrips now also work for OpportunityProduct, OrderDetail, QuoteDetail, and InvoiceDetail lists
    Wrap text style – system admins have a new Woodford style option that allows them to wrap text that is too long to fit into one line
    Images in option sets (iOS, Windows 10) – lists options can now be displayed with images (or as images only) 
    Radio button formatting for option sets – instead of a drop-down list, field options can be displayed as radio buttons
    Disable Inline Lookups – system admins can disable inline lookups for cases like these.
    Dialog/Inline Lookup separate configuration – system admins can set up different views for an Inline Lookup and a Dialog Lookup
    Resizable Columns (Windows 10) – users can alter the layout of the application by drag and dropping panel splitters between columns
    Two-panel Lookup (Windows 10) – system admins can set up a double-sided lookup view in the Woodford configurator
    Calculating Aggregates (Average, Max. Min, Count, Sum) – real-time calculations of multiple values via Form Rules
    Flexible layout for forms – the new user interface can be re-arranged to show form in a 2 to 1 ratio, 1 to 2 ratio, or split the screen 50-50
    Configurable Dialog for Qualifying Leads – system admins can configure the dialog window a user gets after choosing the action to qualify a lead

JavaScript support

    Option to open an Iframe in a full-screen – the Resco Mobile CRM app can display Iframes in a full-screen mode
    Read/Write files from JavaScript (Base64) – the application supports binary-to-text encoding and decoding
    Global events (communicate between forms) – multiple Iframes set within various parts of the application can communicate between each other


    Accurate CreatedOn time for records – if overriddenCreatedOn field is present it will be sent over to the server
    Save changes during synchronization – the application will a save user’s progress even during a background synchronization in progress


29184	FIX: Chart: change color of text by darkness of bar element
29182	BUGFIX: Android: Grid view: Take focus from detail view when editing ends and don't scroll to whole detail view
29175	FEATURE: Android: Always scroll to focused child and disable this feature for detail view children
29174	FEATURE: Android: Always scroll to focused child when size changed
29172	FEATURE: Android: Enable scroll to focused descendant for every size change of view
29170	BUGFIX: Desktop: Correctly setup cursor position on DetailItemTextBox click
29168	FEATURE: Don't refresh UIReplacement html if customization not changed
29159	BUGFIX: iOS: All day event crash checkbox fix
29147	BUGFIX: iOS: Detail item label color style
29123	BUGFIX: iOS: AddressBook try/catch to avoid Value is outside the range of NSDate
29121	REFACTOR: Android: Horizontally center align picker buttons
29105	BUGIFX: iOS, Android: SQLite reuses instance of collator if possible (releasing it caused native crashes)
29087	REFACTR: iOS: Set item label to string empty if value == null
29085	BUGFIX: iOS: DetailItem styles now applied to labels
29081	BUGFIX: iOS: Label breakmode is now set depended on LabelAutoHeight
29076	BUGFIX: iOS: Detail Item this.Label null check
29071  	REFACTOR: Android: Easier way of setting underlined text
29067	REFACTOR: iOS: Pickers arrowDown color set to EditorForeground in InlineLookUp
29063	REFACTOR: iOS, Android: Calendars.GetWeekOfYear ISO 8601 week of year format
29062	BUGFIX: iOS: Form styles are now applying for labels too
29061	FEATURE: iOS: Editor underline and strikethru styles
29060	BUGFIX: Make formClose synchronous
29059	BUGFIX: WindowsRT: GridView.InsertView crashes fix (changed dependency to Windows.UI.Xaml.FrameworkElement)
29058   BUGFIX: JSBridge: return null istead of empty reference + consider empty string as zero reference
29057	BUGFIX: Android: DateTimePicker: More Null checks
29056	BUGFIX: Andorid: DateTimePicker: Null check & IntPtr ctor
29055	FEATURE: Android: Editor underline and strike out/thru styles
29054	BUGFIX: CRM2011 authentication: If the server does not respond with xml, exception "Authentication failed." is thrown.
29048	FEATURE: Android: Label strike/underline styles  
29045	BUGFIX: Correctly initialize objecttypecode field for email attachments
29044	BUGFIX: XrmService: do not crash if users don't belong to any team
29043	BUGFIX: Use correct status code when closing activity
29042	REFACTOR: Desktop, WinRT: Use ISO week numbering if week starts on Monday
29041	BUGFIX: Win10: Do not try to set locale language on phone (might cause crash)
29040	FEATURE: DateOnly and DateTime TimeZoneIndependent data types imlemented
29038	BUGFIX: Handle list click in PrivateViews editor in case of inline buttons
29037	BUGFIX: Use "New" (plus) command for write-in products on the product lookup form
29036	BUGFIX: Desktop: Ensure cursor is visible when resizing DetailView text box
28944	BUGFIX: CurrencyManager: Use lowercase field names (Turkish alphabet issue)


28923    BUGFIX: Prevent Chart crash when form is disposed after reload was invoked (quick open & close of Dashboard caused crash)
28920    BUGFIX: iOS: MultiImagePicker: Hide modal only if view was shown modally
28918    BUGFIX: iOS: MultiImagePicker: Dispose after Cancel click. Register handler on cancel.
28910    BUGFIX: Exchange: Disable Appointment and Task sync
28908    REFACTOR: Android: Layout label and button at the bottom when editing inline link item
28907    BUGFIX: Android: Items measuring. Link item scrolling to correct pos when editing started.
28904    BUGFIX: iOS: DocumentService.SaveImageData - bigger buffer (RunLoop caused problems being called too often)
28896    BUGFIX: iOS: Pickers: Bad size. Height measured in inLineLookup, because of wrong width given to bubble ed...
28891    BUGFIX: Email attachment browse/capture crash when picker/camera was cancelled
28888    REFACTOR: Android: Layout buttons to full navbar height to have bigger touch area
28887    FEATURE: Desktop: DisabledTextForeColor now available
28886    FEATURE: SharePoint: For nested document location consider the regardingobjectid property on activities too
28885    REFACTOR: iOS: Pickers arrowDown color set to EditorForeground in InlineLookUp
28884    BUGFIX: Desktop: Ignore ListItem enabled setting, we already handle it
28882    REFACTOR: iOS: Use passed value if set from outside, or apply min/max constraints if value comes from editor
28880    BUGFIX: Android: Set min lines to 1 in case line height doesnt fit to cell height
28879    REFACTOR: Android: Do not throw exception if value is out of range. Use passed value if set from outside, or apply min/max constraints if value comes from editor
28863    Win8/10: ToastInfo implementation (missing toast caused crashes)
28859    BUGFIX: iOS: Pickers EdgeToEdge design, center UIPickerViews



    Split screen support (iOS) — Newest iPads (iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 at the moment) 
    Email toolbar (Android) — users get a new toolbar on the bottom of each email that allows them to take quick actions, such as reply, forward, mark as read, etc.
    Configurable scrollbar (Desktop) — users can configure the width of a scrollbar
    Select an option using the keyboard (Desktop) — easily select an option from a picklist by typing the initial letter


    Spelling checker for outbound emails — users will be notified of incorrect spelling as they compose an email
    Exchange folder in the main menu — users can access Exchange folders and emails in them directly from their home menu
    Extended support for MS Exchange — users can now also delete emails or move them to specific folders.


    Funnel chart support
    Show records form the chart — click on a section in a chart to see the list of selected records (works for charts displayed on entity lists)
    Configure chart’s drill-down — select which fields will be available to users, when they go in and drill down into charts
    Optimized look of the charts —  shorter numeric labels, labelsinside bars/columns, labels skewed to a 45 degree angle

Business logic

    Convert activity to a case, an opportunity or a lead — activities, even custom ones, can be converted into cases, opportunities or leads
    Handle Start, End, and Duration fields on any activity — custom calculations for the duration field 

User Interface

    Sort and filter in all lists — the search option has been extended and now includes options to filter and sort records
    Clickable cells — cells on a view can be made clickable 
    Add multiple images at once — works for iOS 8 and higher
    New list & form styles
    Show entity’s name in the header — for associated lists
    Extended search options — using multiple keywords
    Form style color configuration
    Configure views for maps & charts

Route Planning

    Set appointment organizer by default — the application will automatically select the current user as the organizer of an appointment
    Route planning rules


    Verify customization integrity — upon launch
    Custom parent-child relationship setup in Woodford — in order to prevent workflows from being launched before all child records are synchronized


28607	MERGE: Stable: ReportServices fixes for Win10
28580	BUGFIX: iOS: Do not remove new appointment view if datasource needs update when dragging it
28563	BUGFIX: Android: JSBridge: Don't clean callbacks when WebView is replaced (fixes Charts problems)
28559	BUGFIX: Android: Do not remove new appointment view if datasource needs update when dragging it
28529	BUGFIX: iOS: Combo picker set selected value even if valueMember is null.


28497	BUGFIX: All: Add support of folder synchronization for Exchange 2007 SP1
28488	REFACTOR: All: User InvariantCulture for formating instead of escaping the formating string
28480	BUGFIX: All: Use correct custom format for date in SOAP security header timestamp
28477	FEATURE: Android: Copy text of disabled item to clipboard on long press
28453	BUGFIX: Win10: Font sizes and Device ID
28445	BUGFIX: Win10: Explicitly initialize CombBoxItem foreground, because the Mobile style produces White on White
28434	BUGFIX: iOS: Do not show pager for list in flipview, when list is not currenty visible
28433	BUGFIX: Handle SalesEntityDetailForm delete command


28428	BUGFIX: Win10-related fixes
28426	DESIGN: JSBridge: Don't show the dropdown indication for DetailItemLink created from Javascript
28425	REFACTOR: ReportForm: Include entity name & time stamp into report PDF name
28420	BUGFIX: Exchange email sync on RescoCRM (Do not hardcode activityid, use the primaryKey name from metadata)
28418	BUGFIX: DealForm: initialize m_list with the custom DealLineList controller
28415	BUGFIX: WinRT, Win10: Clip InkBox, use round line ends for better looking signature
28411	BUGFIX: WinRT, Win10: Initialize Http.Method to "GET". (Fixes map from adress resolution)
28410	BUGFIX: Address to GPS, start with street name THEN street number
28409	BUGFIX: When merging FetchXml queries copy also outer links and update link aliases. Fixes conditions from links for charts and filters
28408	BUGFIX: WinRT, Win10: Correctly layout image inside of the ImageCell
28407	BUGFIX: BusinessProcessFlow: Ignore missing BPWF entity for single entity process even on 2015
28406	LANG: Fixed German "delete" localization
28379	FEATURE: All: Support of ADFS endpoint parsing from metadata for CRM Online with custom ADFS
28318	BUGFIX: iOS: InLineLookUp is displayed & scrolled regularly on first display
28316	BUGFIX: iOS: In Lookup editor, font is set before apply style.
28284	BUGFIX: ActivityParty cleanup during sync MUST use meta.PrimaryKeyName instead of hardcoded ActivityId (RescoCRM compatibility)


28250	BUGFIX: Android: Working view rotation on API level <11
28249	RoutePlanner: Use correct distance unit across platforms
28246	BUGFIX: Do not add the same orderBy twice, DynCRM server doesn't like it


28221	FEATURE: Crm2011 webservice use HomeRealm for online mode too
28220	BUGFIX: JSBridge: Fallback for explicit JsonType to ObservableObject (to ensure the backward compatibility with older ve...
28218	REFACTOR: Log AddressBook access to crashLog (customer problem)
28213	BUGFIX: Android: Update first visible item if current one hides
28211	BUGFIX: RoutePlanner: Filter out appts having no location (outer links don't filter them out now).
28209	BUGFIX: RoutePlanner: Reset dirty flag after Save (unlocks home items)
28206	BUGFIX: WinRT: Don't crash when invoking script during/after form is closed (log error to JSBridge log instead).
28193	BUGFIX: Android: Layout popup window asap so it can prevent touches to be dispatched to other views until popup is first...
28192	BUGFIX: Android: Remove filter picker if form was removed from view hierarchy
28188	REFACTOR: RoutePlanner does not require views with location links (fetch links are now appended automatically). RoutePla...
28179	JSBridge: Close Home Item by it' name.
28175	BUGFIX: Android: DetailItemImage crash after image cache refresh
28174	REFACTOR: WinRT, Win10: If color has 0 alpha then set alpha to FF
28169	BUGFIX: Android: Refresh image item after new datasource has been set
28167	REFACTOR: MapController use HasMoreRecords and add a 2000 records limit
28165	REFACTOR: SyncUploader: Improved error report. (Error message "Cannot update state children not synced" is replaced by a...
28163	BUGFIX: MapController.MapRequest loads all pages instead of just the first one
28160	FEATURE: Scroll and select in ComboBox DropDown according to keyboard search text
28158	BUGFIX: RoutePlanner "all entities" config crash fix
28155	REFACTOR: SyncEngine progress: Forced correct progress display after upload termination
28154	REFACTOR: Sync optimization: IncSync only downloads those listmembers that belong to changed list records that match the...
28152	BUGFIX: WSQ: LocationApiLib: Don't create COM interface via interop - create interface class directly (crashed on Win10)
28137	BUGFIX: Android: Clear child focus if view is being removed inside focus changed event
28135	REFACTOR: SyncAnalyzer optimization: Upload-only entities are not tested
28134	BUGFIX: Android: If editor is not yet focused, but its parent has still set it as focused child, clear it as removing ed...
28132	BUGFIX: Android: Report PDF was not shown after switching to another report in the view selector
28130	REFACTOR: Metadata: More descriptive exception text in case of incomplete state map
28128	BUGFIX: SyncEngine: SyncAnalyzer: Prevents crash in a special case when a child entity (such as InvoiceDetail) is disabled
28127	BUGFIX: iOS: MapView crash for unexisting pin image
28115	BUGFIX: Android: Clear maximized view when view is set to hidden
28113	BUGFIX: Android: Hide grid tabbar when view is attached to window in tablet UI
28112	REFACTOR: WinRT: RoutePlanner: Use localized "Tap on the map" message
28110	BUGFIX: Android: First hide keyboard, then clear focus to prevent crash
28109	REFACTOR: Android: Mark Handler property with new keyword to hide base implementation
28108	BUGFIX: Android: Unhook event handlers instead of adding more
28107	BUGFIX: Android: Do not move all row views to cache immediatelly, just mark it and do in the next layout (causes a crash...
28102	BUGFIX: iOS: Load button icon dynamically and colorize it
27719	BUGFIX: iOS: Fix for crash when link item was removed inline item handler
27716	BUGFIX: WSQ: InlineLookup popup button didn't work when popup was shown at top of the item

v8.2.0 - v8.2.3


    Support for Windows 10 — the Resco Mobile CRM application is now compatible with the new operating system from Microsoft
    Support for Windows 10 Mobile – the application is ready for the arrival of the successor of Windows Phone
    Reminders for desktop – notifications set for activities now appear also on Resco Mobile CRM desktop client
    iOS 9 support – Resco Mobile CRM app works on the new operating system for iPhones and iPads from Apple
    Inline lookups for Android – lookup fields now display records in line with the content (no pop-up windows anymore, users can simply spin a carousel or search for a record as they type)
    Enhanced email editor for Android – users can type in their emails in a new, improved email editor
    Sync progress for Android – application will display the synchronization process in the system title bar, so users can track the sync progress as they work with the app
    Header image for Windows RT – companies can use their logo or any other image as a header in the application
    Scrollable calendars for Windows RT – in order to improve the usability of the calendar, users can from now scroll through the day/week as opposed to having a fixed layout
    Confirmation dialog for Android & Windows desktop – in order to prevent mistakes, the application will ask users if they want to exit the setup menu if they didn’t confirm the changes
    Flexible layout for Windows desktop – the dividers that split the screen of the application into 2 or 3 columns can be moved to the sides in order to minimize/expand certain sections
    Minimize home menu for Windows desktop – the home menu can be easily minimized by swiping left in order to maximize the screen space for what’s important at that moment


    Synchronize selected Exchange folders – users can pick which folders form their Exchange account will be pushed into the application instead of synchronizing the whole mailbox. By default, the app synchronizes the inbox and its sub-folders, as well as the folder for sent emails.
    Note: System administrators must first enable the Exchange integration in the Woodford configuration tool.
    Choose email client for outbound emails – users can choose which email client to use when sending emails from the application. The choices include MS Exchange, Gmail and MS Dynamics CRM router and can be selected in the app’s setup section. 
    Colorize unresolved contacts when tracking an email – the application cross-checks the CRM database when users track an email. It matches the email addresses with existing records and if the regarding contact does not appear to be stored on the system, it is marked red to indicate the user needs to perform additional action (e.g. save the contact as a new record).


    Synchronize Exchange contacts — users can synchronize their contacts from Microsoft Exchange with the mobile application. That means, when writing an email, these contacts will be available under the list of recipients, they will also be visible in the list of contacts and leads and can be saved as CRM records on demand. The database of Exchange contacts will also be cross-checked when tracking emails to find potential matches.


    Case-insensitive search for documents stored on cloud – users can search for SharePoint & Dropbox documents without worrying whether to use lower- or upper-case for searched file names
    Show contents of text documents also available for Windows – the app directly displays .txt files, so that users don’t need to open a file in an external app in order to view its contents
    Show PDF files in Iframes for Windows – PDF files will be directly loaded for comfortable viewing in an Iframe
    Drag & drop support for Windows 10 – files can be dragged and dropped within the application when wanting to move files between email attachments and notes

User Interface

    Sync status bar — the app now displays the date of the last synchronization in the Home section
    Change product in sales entity detail form – products that have been added to, let’s say, an order or a quote can now be directly edited on the form
    Change write-in product name on list – to make the editing a bit easier, users can change product names directly within the list of products
    Descending sort in any sales entity view – records can be sorted in a descending order if this is the preferred choice
    Show location based on the address – if GPS coordinates for a record are not available, the map tab will show a record’s location based on the stored address info
    Edit entity properties directly on the list – users can directly edit records listed on a view instead of opening each record individually

Route Planning

    Create an activity by tapping on the map – The app displays records on a map (Accounts, Leads or other), the user can tap on each record to create an activity
    Select start & end location – users can choose the start and end destination for the route by selecting one of pre-defined locations (e.g. home, office) or tap on the map to manually mark the start and end point
    Manage activities – users can schedule and reschedule activities by moving them up and down on the list to create an optimal route. The app recalculates the distance traveled and total driving time with each change.
    Show route between activities – the app displays the route between activities on the map, each change is dynamically reflected, so the user gets an accurate visualization
    Show estimated arrival time and “fix” activities accordingly – the app shows the travel time between activities and calculates the estimated arrival time for each appointment, so users can change its start time to minimize waits
    Start navigation – Resco Mobile App will open up an external application that provides navigation to selected records
    Close activity on the map – activities can be marked as completed with a single tap on the map

Business Logic

    Change form item style – admins can define whether a field should have a label or not based on a defined rule
    Load entity instance by parametric fetch – if users want to display information from a different entity, which is not directly linked to the record, it can be done by using a parametric fetch. E.g. to display an opportunity on a contact form, where the contact is only listed as an influencer, not a parent account.
    Make entity a shared variable and bind fields on form – simplified loading of parent entity fields onto a form
    New string functions in Woodford – new functions IndexOf, Length, and SubString have been added to form rules
    Localize Error Messages – add custom text to error messages that can be displayed to users in different languages
    Toggle whether field is required (Validate) – the app can dynamically cancel whether a field is required, e.g. for example when one of the two required fields is filled in, the second one will become optional
    Add new line to text in a View – text field will expand vertically if there’s more content to be displayed
    Show or hide fields in a section in one step – until now, the app could dynamically pop up/hide fields based on a defined set of rules, this can be now done to a whole section of fields
    Reload a list or web tab from rule – if, for instance, the app showed an unrelated list, like accounts from the same city as the one that was currently opened, the change of a city of the opened record would not affect the unrelated list. The new rule will trigger a reload based on the change.


    New Analysis step – the app checks whether there are too many changes for an entity on the server, and if so, instead of performing an incremental sync, it forces a full sync as an optimal solution for cases like this
    New sync ordering step – the app checks actual records instead of just metadata for the entity order during an upload, which in turn speeds up the synchronization process, e.g. for cases where a user creates a contact as well as its parent account simultaneously


27515	BUGFIX: iOS: Draw text with specified color. Disable bottom clipping if text size is less or equal to cell height. 


27460	BUGFIX: Json.Stringify don't serialize IForm as IEnumerable (iOS)
27454	BUGFIX: Android: Load list button icon dynamically and colorize it
27448	BUGFIX: WinRT: Wait for "ImageOpened" if the image size is not ready yet. Fix for missing FormImage
27443	BUGFIX: ICrmService.ExecuteMultiple(): Response parser did not work correctly. (Masked all fault responses except the first one.)
27442	BUGFIX: XrmService parser issues, serialize date as UTC, deserialize Fault, use correct id column for delete
27438	BUGFIX: SyncUploader: Correct determination whether to use Create or Update in second synchronization pass
27277	BUGFIX: Reset DetailItem.ErrorMessage when visiblity or enable state changes.


27220	FEATURE: JSBridge: Expose Multilookup form (N-N) to JS
27219	BUGFIX: CRM Online cookie auth - another way of auth supported
27190	BUGFIX: SyncUploader minor fixes + better logging FIX: RescoSoapException: minor fix
27189	FEATURE: WSQ, WinRT: PDF Iframes support (load offline PDF into Iframe)
27187	FEATURE: Localize BusinessProcessFlow labels
27185	FEATURE: ActivityList show related records for Opportunity (activities from related quotes)
27184	BUGFIX: WinRT: Reset FlipView transform when not animating
27183	BUGFIX: Exchange 2007 does not support Attachment.IsInline property
27182	BUGFIX: PhoneCall Don't override SheduledStart if on form. Leave initial setting.
27181	BUGFIX: Desktop: MapView search panel crash due to invalid image
27180	BUGFIX: SharePoint: Don't return null if the SharepointDocumentLocation record is not fully initialized
27179	BUGFIX: Sharepoint uses case-insensitive paths
27178	BUGFIX: FileSync: Exclude N:N or Disabled entities (not and)
27171	BUGFIX: iOS: InLineItem fixed bad result list height in some cases
27169	REFACTOR: Android: Clipboard management refactored (Java reflection removed)
27168	BUGFIX: iOS: DocumentView destroys DIC on clear and when the filepath changes
27155	BUGFIX: All: Do not use the email address from the login field. It could be different from the email address required by Exchange server.
27149	BUGFIX: iOS: DetailView TextItem now detects all data types when disabled (phone, address, link)
27122	BUGFIX: DocumentService: Replace forbidden chars in the file name
27045	BUGFIX: SyncEngine: Setup() must ba called after ServerSettings.Apply()
27006	BUGFIX: Android: AddressBook - check if cursor null before use
26972	BUGFIX: primarykeyname of email entity is used instead of hardcoded value
26949	BUGFIX: iOS: Crash in DocumentService after pressing Cancel in audio recorder
26930	BUGFIX: iOS: IView properties cannot be set from requestObject callback (UIView/IEnumerable problem)


26896	FEATURE: Allow to hide the "Delete Data" button in SetupForm from Woodford
26895	BUGFIX: Android: DocsService.ChoosePhoto supports Android 5.1.1 picker (Nexus 5)
26894	BUGFIX: Do not crash when loading/deleting non-existing entity via JSBridge
26893	BUGFIX: Gmail: Better check for empty subject
26892	BUGFIX: SecurityManager: Explicit ChangePassword command, Save Policy in two places (MDM compatibility)
26876	REFACTOR: iOS: Keep the name of Signature.png file without time stamp
26857	BUGFIX: iOS: Disable Autorotate while animating transitions
26853	BUGFIX: iOS: Show tabbar if more than one view is enabled only
26844	BUGFIX: Desktop: Copy & Paste Attachment: Don't Copy if empty or fileName is null.
26816	BUGFIX: Desktop: Setup DPI sooner during startup
26814	BUGFIX: Desktop: multiple DPI Scaling issues
26811	BUGFIX: Correctly Initialize the StateCode for new entity (was NULL before). Better Fetch Evaluator NULL guard.
26793	BUGFIX: Android: Load offline PDF files in Iframe
26778	BUGFIX: ActivityFeeds: CRM 2015 auto-posts parsed correctly
26776	BUGFIX: iOS: Missing CamCard Url scheme for camcard app callback to mobilecrm
26773	BUGFIX: GmailService Clear paging cookie. Server might not return empty value.
26772	BUGFIX: ActivityFeeds: user images taken from entity image (for CRM >2011)
26770	REFACTOR: Dashboard Iframe: Take localized file name as title
26769	BUGFIX: iOS: Platform.BrowseWeb: Do not crash on invalid URL
26762	BUGFIX: iOS: Fixed layout of two view modal form when IsMultipanel changes (iP6+)
26761	BUGFIX: iOS: iPhone 6+ changing isMultipanel property now doesn't cause wrong views frame
26747	BUGFIX: Initialize ParentAccountId and ParentContactId in QualifyLead
26728	BUGFIX: iOS: CustomTabBar break rule for disabled items fix
26724	BUGFIX: There can be multiple phones so use class instead of id