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Preview release

Production releases

The Autumn 2019 update (v12.2.0) was released on October 24, 2019.

Mobile app

AI Image Recognition

Using integration with Azure Custom Vision, Resco now offers Image Recognition to detect items (products, assets, machines, etc.) on an image. Like the barcode scanning functionality, this can be used to search in lists or as a custom step in form rules.

Button detail item

Users can now benefit from the easier availability of custom actions. Complementing the hamburger menu on forms, a custom button item can be placed directly into the form, making invoking actions easier and quicker. A rule can be provided to implement custom business logic.

See also the feature introduction. Webinar

Resco Inspections

Tagged Image

Making the inspection process more visual, the Tagged Image item allows capturing an image and putting markers on top with additional information (product facings, types of damage, etc.).

Reuse previous answers

Selected questions can have values pre-filled from previously answered Questionnaires. This makes the data entry during repeated inspections faster as values from the last visit/inspection are automatically entered by the system.

Versioning of Questionnaire templates

A questionnaire, similarly to other types of documents, might require lifecycle management. While working on edits, the last ‘published’ version should be available to the users, a modified questionnaire should be ‘staged’ first to the testing users, and previous edits should be stored as earlier versions of the questionnaire template with the ability to ‘roll back’ a specific version. The versioning feature now allows all of this.

Smartwatch support

Inspections can be now executed on Wear OS devices, utilizing the voice control for more convenient data input. This allows filling in the questionnaires directly on the job, without the need to interrupt the process for data entry on an additional device.

Updated default Inspector project

The default functionality of the Inspector project has been adjusted to reflect the latest additions such as versioning and other.

Resco Routes

Location Monitor update

Based on customer feedback, we’ve removed the constraint of showing a maximum of six users on the location monitor (so now there could be much more). You can also search for a specific user which is helpful, especially when there are more than a few users monitored. We’ve also added the visualization of visit statuses, so it can be clear if a visit is going to be missed or delayed.

Updated app project for Resco Cloud, new project template for Dynamics 365

The default Routes app project for Resco Cloud has been updated to contain all the new features, and a completely new project template has been added for Dynamics 365.


Create and manage Resco Cloud entities & fields via Woodford

When working on an app project, sometimes the need to create a new field or entity arises. To make it simpler, it is now possible to do it directly from Woodford, without having to switch to a different application.

Categories of items in the app project, added Favorites

App projects in Woodford can get quite complex with a lot of different elements. We are introducing categories to provide structure and clarity, as well as the ability to mark certain items as favorites so they can be accessed quicker.

Configuration section redesign

The Configuration section in app projects now contains over a hundred options, so we’ve introduced sub-categories and improved details explaining each option.

Visibility of Expand/Collapse buttons on forms in the flexible form UI

In the last release, we’ve added the Expand/Collapse buttons, so when using flexible forms, each element (tab) can be hidden or shown by the user. Now it is also configurable whether these buttons are visible or not.

Synchronization Dashboard enhancements

More precise control over the Sync Dashboard behavior allows filtering out specific types of warnings, ensuring that administrators can focus on the most pressing unexpected problems.

Rename the Note or File via rules

It is now possible to adjust the name of the file before it is saved via rules, so it can be automatically generated according to some criteria.

Schedule Board

Map view available on Schedule Board

The scheduling process benefits from seeing the visits not only on a time-based view, but displaying the geospatial relationships on a map. For this reason, we’ve added the ability to switch the default schedule board’s Gantt view to a map.

Redesign of settings dialog

It can be shown or hidden on the right side of the view.

Additional configuration for Sources in Woodford

Additional parameters such as activity duration, progress, territory, and location are now configurable.

Resco Cloud

Enhanced Security Model

The security model of Resco Cloud now offers the ability to filter by Team’s Business Unit.

Salesforce integration

Show files from the parent record in lists

If an image has been stored as a File on a parent record, it is possible to display this image on a view of a child. E.g., if a picture is stored on a Product record, it is now possible to display it on a PriceBookEntry view.

configure image query (old)

Register a Salesforce organization with Resco via web

To make the experience of connecting Resco tools to a Salesforce environment as easy as possible, we have introduced new landing pages for Resco for Salesforce that set up everything necessary for the mobile app and Woodford to work. Previously, it was required to connect the mobile app as the first step.

Administration of email integration custom fields

The administrator can now create or remove custom fields for Exchange/Gmail email integration directly from Woodford.

Updated default app projects

The default project templates for Sales, Field Service, and Inspections are fine-tuned and updated to reflect new features such as Button Detail Items, Tagged Image. Salesforce files are now first-class citizens used by default for mobile reports, product images, and profile pictures.