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Preview release

Production releases

The Summer 2022 release (15.1) was released on June 21, 2022.


Merge conflict form improvements

Woodford administrators have now more control over manual handling of conflicts in the mobile apps. You can now configure conflict resolution behavior at the field level: server wins or device wins, either as a recommendation to the mobile user performing the merge, or as even enforcing a particular solution. The user interface for manual merging of server and local records has been improved in general, allowing the user to take server or device versions in one click. See Merge Config for more information.

Bulk update

You can now update multiple records of an entity in bulk. See bulk update for more information. JSBridge support was added in bugfix 1 (15.1.1).

Form caching

Form caching is a practice in Resco mobile apps that once a form is drawn, for example, to display the details of a particular account record, switching to a different record is fast, the form is reused. Only the data is replaced; tabs that were collapsed stay collapsed, fields that were hidden remain hidden, etc. The benefits of caching are clear: working with the app is much faster. Problems may occur if you're using (poorly written) business logic that relies on the form being in the initial default state.

With this release, Woodford admins can control which forms should be always or never reused. You can configure the global default in Configuration and you can override this in the properties of each form.

Form caching.png

Cascading delete

Woodford administrators now have more control over cascading delete for child-parent relationships. Until this release, a short list of well-known child entities was hardcoded in the app; these child records were deleted along with the parent record if Cascading Delete was enabled in project configuration. With this release, you can:

  • disable cascading delete for hardcoded entities
  • enable cascading delete for custom entities

This behavior is controlled by a new option Delete with Parent (Cascading Delete) under Mark as Parent Pointer in entity configuration in Woodford.

Delete with parent.png

Fixes in monitoring synchronizations

We have introduced some fixes to the admin tools used for monitoring synchronizations at the organization level.

  • In the Device control screen, the latest sync log is now properly listed in all circumstances.
  • In the Sync Dashboard screen, the icon for synchronization errors is no longer sometimes suppressed if diagnostic logging is turned on in the app.

Troubleshooting SharePoint integrations

If your users experience long synchronization times and you use SharePoint, take a look at the new Storage analyzer report that offers insights into SharePoint document location records. Locations that point to CRM records not available in the offline database don't need to be downloaded and can be omitted using Sync Filter.

Integration: Azure Logic Apps connector

The Resco Cloud connector for Power Automate is now available for Azure Logic Apps as well.


Leaner JSON

In this release, we are introducing a lightweight version of JSON. We took a hard look at how questionnaire answers are stored, eliminating overhead, redundancies, and some rarely-used fields. This new storage format should help save storage requirements in large-scale deployment scenarios.

Change group labels using rules

You can now modify the label of questionnaire groups using rules. For example, the following rule will change the label of a group to "Done" when all questions are answered.

Change group label using rules.png

Tweaks to the Yes/No question

  • The default labels for the Yes/No question are "Yes" and "No".
  • When creating a questionnaire by importing an XLS file, you can now specify custom labels in the file instead of the default "Yes" and "No".
    Yesno labels.png

Static image size

Questionnaire designers have now more control over how static images are displayed in the app. Previously, larger images were automatically resized to 600x600 pixels (keeping the ratio). You can now manually set the maximum display width and/or height on the Properties pane. Smaller images will not be enlarged. These settings are ignored in the web app.

UI: Switching between groups & group icons

If your questionnaire includes multiple groups, you can switch between groups. On Android and iOS, you can swipe down to display the list of questionnaire groups. On Windows, this function was missing, but with this release, you can click the questionnaire caption to display this list.

We have also improved how custom group icons are displayed. The icons in the group list now match the icons in the questionnaire body. See how to add custom icons for questionnaire groups.

Group icons windows.png

Custom commands for Button components

If you have custom commands defined in your questionnaire template, these commands are also available as options for buttons. The command's effects are defined using the On Execute rule.

  1. Create a custom command.
    Create custom command.png
  2. Define the command action using an On Execute rule.
    Define command.png
  3. Select the command as the action associated with a questionnaire button.
    Add command to button.png

Grid layout editor improvements

When editing a custom grid layout, you can now toggle between user-friendly labels (current default) and logical names of the questions.

Use logical names in grid layout editor.png

You can also delete unnecessary rows or columns directly from the editor. The (x) button for deletion appears when you point at the column or row header. Click the button to delete.

Delete row and column.png

Access guides from questionnaires

You can now add guides as a static component to questionnaires. The guide can be displayed either as a link or as an icon. Inspectors can consult guides directly from the questionnaire and return to the inspection.

Guide in questionnaires.png

Reorder uploaded images

Inspectors can now change the order of images in multiple-image questions.

Schedule Board

  • Filtering of resources for the selected source based on criteria, such as skills, territory, or distance

Houston / Guides

Scanning QR codes

The guides list on the home screen now includes a button for scanning QR codes. For example, if you have various types of machinery, each marked with a sticker with QR code, app user can scan the code to open the right guide immediately without searching for it in the list.

Qr code scanner in guides.png

Guides for Microsoft Dynamics

You can now access all Resco Guides features through Microsoft Dynamics.

Redesigned harvesting

We improved our harvesting design in the mobile and web app. You can now create new Guides through a more user-friendly environment.


Resco Cloud

Import binary documents via Admin Console

We have improved the way how binary documents (such as images) can be imported into the database using the Admin Console. Until now, it was possible to include base64-encoded binary content directly in the CSV import files. With this release, you can instead import a ZIP file. The archive must include the CSV plus the individual binary documents. In the CSV file, use the document names instead of base64-encoded files.

See the Admin Console documentation for more information about importing entity records.

Okta authentication for Resco Cloud

Resco Cloud can use Okta for authentication.

Transaction mode and priority for workflows

  • You can now configure the isolation level when running jobs and workflows on Resco Cloud. See Transaction modes for more information.
  • When the server is processing workflows, work is ordered by Priority - higher priority workflows are executed first.

Salesforce: Resco managed package temporary download location

Due to an ongoing formal review of the package by Salesforce, the newest version is temporarily available here.

Salesforce: Support for status picklist on the view for Campaign member object

We implemented this for the form, and now it's coming to the view as well. The "status" picklist related to the Salesforce Campaign member object (standard) should be restricted to display the status related to the related campaign only.

Business process flows

If you are using Resco JavaScript Bridge in combination with Business Process Flows on Dynamics, you can now use a new function: onProcessLoaded on the MobileCRM.UI.EntityForm object. This function can be used to bind the handler for onProcessLoaded event that is triggered when the ProcessController is loaded.

New deprecations

  • Inspections: End of support for the original (legacy) answer storage JSON format
  • Inspections: Retiring self-contained and non-versioned templates
  • Resco support email no longer allowed for first-level support

See active deprecations for more information.