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Preview release

Production releases

The Summer 2020 update (v13.1.0) was released on June 11, 2020.


Questionnaire scoring

You can now easily assign a score to the questions and answers in your questionnaire template and define the result of the questionnaire based on an overall score. Afterward, use the fields to filter in the Results Viewer.

Summer 2020 scoring.png

Track questionnaire completion time

For questionnaires filled using the most recent version of Resco mobile apps, the time spent working on a questionnaire is tracked automatically in the Duration field. You can now also filter questionnaires by duration in the Results Viewer.

Summer 2020 result viewer.png

Edit options in questionnaire picklists

You can now define the options in any of the picklist questions in the Questionnaire Designer.

Define picklist options.png

Library of sample templates

The Questionnaire Designer now comes with a library of sample questionnaire templates for various industry verticals that are ready to go.

Summer 2020 sample questionnaires.png

Configure view for lookup questions

The lookup questions allow the inspector to select a record from the database, for example, a particular contact. Originally, it has been possible to create a lookup view in Woodford, defining which fields should be visible in the lookup window. You can now create such views directly in the Questionnaire Designer.

Lookup view.png

Reuse smart questions logic

You can now copy the business logic definition from another smart question, using the Copy From button.

Smart question reuse.png

Validate on save

Properties pane of a questionnaire.png

Until now, you could only validate questionnaires on completion. To avoid any late surprises, you can now enable validation on each save. See the Validate On parameter on the Properties pane.

Copy static images

Also on the Properties pane, you can now decide whether to Copy static images or not. Clear this option to avoid excessive consumption of storage space on the server. The images won’t be duplicated when creating an instance of a questionnaire from the template.

Technical name

All questionnaires now have a technical name generated – originally it applied only for versioned templates.

Faster rules

Switch to the latest version of rules to benefit from an improved performance of On Change rules. This option is available on the Properties pane of questionnaires in the designer.

Resco Inspections on Resco Cloud web app

The UX/UI for the backend view has been changed and substituted by the Resco web application.

Resco inspections resco cloud.png


Houston: AR remote assistance video calls (beta)

Resco remote assistance Houston is a video call functionality that connects a user, usually an on-site technician or a customer, with a remote expert. Call participants can draw augmented-reality (AR) instructions within the video scene to speed up the repair process, reduce site or machine downtime, or share the knowledge in the field.

With this release, the feature is available for iOS devices. If your device does not support ARKit (requires iOS 11+), you can still use it for video calls, but the recipient cannot draw into the video.

Remote Assistant.png



Process is a new optional component in Resco mobile apps that you can add to your forms. Its main purpose is to guide app users through a series of steps (i.e., through a process), allowing for easier navigation and completion of process steps in the mobile app. It is designed for entities that include a state/status field, for example, the Opportunity entity.

Summer 2020 edit process.png

Summer 2020 add process.png

Summer 2020 use process.png

Simplified configuration of images

You can now see form tab images directly in the Woodford form designer. To avoid duplicate images, for associated lists you are now able to reuse entity's image used on the home screen.

Summer 2020 form tab icons.png


The chart component in Resco has been enhanced to provide the ability to define up to two "group by" clauses, effectively making it possible to segment the data in two layers. For example, the total amount of opportunities grouped by month and – within each month – divided by customer type. Also, when date grouping is defined, the users in the app can change the grouping, so they can change the division by month to division by week (or day, year, etc.) without any change to the project in Woodford.

Summer 2020 charts.png

Resco charts provide multiple visualization options for the data, but it has to come as a result of an executed fetch or query. There are many situations, where the data could be further processed to provide deeper insights and richer overview. Now, we’ve added the option for additional processing via JavaScript, where custom data sources for charts can be provided or an existing fetch extended. The Chart API also allows manipulation of Chart properties, such as type or color.

Sync improvements - sync status indication & optimization for linked sync filters

In the app, the information about the last synchronization was extended to provide more details about the result of synchronization. Now it indicates not only when sync started but also when it ended, and whether the sync was successful, or ended with errors, warnings.

The info is available also on Sync Dashboard, on Device control, and in the Resco Mobile Device entity.

Also, linked sync filters imply complex fetches that combine 2+ entities. They can be very slow if the concerned tables are large. This can cause both increased server load and long wait times on the client side. The sync process has been optimized to avoid linked filters if the parent entity has 0 changes since the last sync. This will result in faster incremental synchronization in most cases - particularly if the automatic sync is executed frequently.

Salesforce default project

We made the initial mobile user experience better through several improvements. Account, Contact, and Event objects now use form table to better utilize the screen's real estate. New buttons were added on Account form — Create new order and Create new event — that automatically fill new records with related data.

Summer 2020 salesforce.png

Default project for CDS environments

Microsoft CDS organizations offer a great deal of flexibility when creating non-CRM applications with a lot of potential for strong mobility via Resco mobile apps. We’ve added a new CDS template project which is automatically available as the initial choice in Woodford on CDS organizations when there are no Sales entities present. This makes creating a mobile experience for CDS even easier.