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Preview release

Production releases

The Winter 2019 update (v12.3.0) was released on December 5, 2019.

Resco Inspections

Group rules

Question Group values are now accessible from outside the specific Question Group. Using a new variable type QuestionGroups, you can now access and adapt the behavior of your template based on the values in separate groups.

Winter 2019 group rules.png

Square root and other math operations

Rules editor now natively support more complex math operations on top of your data, such as using the Nth root, exponentiation, and logarithm, directly in the rules.

Find the list of operations here.

Quickly create a new mobile report from template

You can now create new mobile reports directly from the Questionnaire Designer. Select a questionnaire template and click Mobile Reports. The report is automatically associated with the selected template and it reuses its structure.

Image recognition for inspections

Image Recognition question allows an inspector to take a picture of a product or a device to find out what exactly it is. The picture is sent to Azure Custom Vision, where it is recognized by a pre-trained model and the result of the recognition is sent back to the Inspections application along with the probability of the said result. The result and probability are saved to separate questions in the questionnaire. The picture itself is saved within the Image Recognition question. This can be used for identifying a product or an asset from the captured picture or recognize a type of damage.

Command editor

Choose which commands should be part of your questionnaire template, and what are the actions that follow the commands’ execution. You can use some of the predefined commands or create brand new ones that will become visible to mobile users in the top-right menu. See Configuring commands for more information.

Winter 2019 commands.png


Organize your questionnaire templates in the Designer into folders and subfolders, and navigate between the folders using a breadcrumb trail.

Apple Watch support

Inspections smartwatch support has been extended to Apple Watch. You can fill out questionnaires utilizing voice control on Apple Watch for even more convenient input.

HoloLens support

Resco Inspections is now available on HoloLens. You can open and navigate the mobile app directly on HoloLens and use the Tagged Image question type to place tags in the space around you. Everything is voice-controlled while filling out the questionnaire template.

User interface improvements

New default project

The default project in Woodford serves as a starting point for all further customizations. The existing default project was redesigned with a new, improved, and more elegant user interface. Colors, icons, and view templates have been adjusted to provide modern and more attractive look & feel. Creating visually appealing mobile applications should now require much less work.

Winter 2019 default project.png

New visualization library for charts

Charts in the mobile application received a visual makeover as the app now uses a different visualization library. The old look can be enabled as a legacy option in Woodford.

Winter 2019 charts.png

Redesigned theme editor in Woodford

The color theme editor in Woodford now provides a WYSIWYG experience, with the ability to instantly switch between phone and tablet previews.


See picklist values

Tighter integration with Salesforce now allows to see the values of picklists in the field editor and business rules.

Winter 2019 picklist.png

Support for Time type

The Time data type from Salesforce is now available in Resco as well. Modeled as the Whole Number, the format must be set to Duration.

Winter 2019 Time.png

Download only attachments belonging to records available offline

To optimize data download, it is possible to only download attachments belonging to records that are available offline. To do so, enable Mark As Parent Pointer in the properties of a field.

Winter 2019 mark as parent pointer.png

Resco Routes

Use Territory and Skill with entity & backend of your choice

In the Schedule Board, Territory and Skill parameters are now available for all entities and backend systems. This means users don’t need to follow the strict boundaries previously set by predefined scenarios.

Settings unification

Previously, Schedule Board contained two types of settings that were accessible from two places. These are now unified and merged into one Settings pane. To make Settings even more usable, you can expand or collapse individual sections to make yourself comfortable and focused on a task at hand.

Resco Cloud

Migration tool

To simplify the management of multiple environments (such as development, testing, and production), admins are now able to connect organizations and easily pull metadata (entities, fields), localization and data from the connected organizations. For example, this allows to create a new entity structure on the development environment and get it to the testing organization automatically, with minimal effort. Also, you can create a full clone of an organization with just one click.

Delete demo data

It is now possible to easily remove demo data, if those were installed during the process of creating an organization.

Other improvements

Faster loading of forms on Windows 10

The application available from the Windows Store has now significantly improved loading times for forms containing a large number of fields/items. The forms are now being built item by item, eliminating a long preparation phase.

JavaScript Bridge: DynamicEntity.SaveMultiple

It is now possible to save multiple records with one call, improving efficiency and reducing the time required for the operation. See documentation.