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Preview release

Production releases

The Autumn 2020 update (v13.2.0) was released on September 30, 2020.


Questionnaire localization

If your mobile users require a different language mutation of the same template, you can use the localization feature. Templates can be translated and displayed in the apps in the language of choice.

Questionnaire localization

Modify image description from the questionnaire form

When you enable this function in the questionnaire template, inspectors can enter a note or comment under each picture that they take. This description is saved together with the image and it can be later used in reports.

Modify image description in the question properties

Performance and database footprint improvements

A new version of rules execution has been implemented to speed up the process of opening the questionnaires in the app and their general performance. Also, a new option to decrease the database footprint has been introduced to avoid duplication of the images.

See Resco Inspections performance considerations for more information.

Result Viewer shows complete and incomplete questionnaires

There is a new button in the Result Viewer that allows you to filter only completed questionnaires.

Default value for number questions

You can now specify the default value for numeric questions.

Default value for whole number question type

Move groups up and down

You can now use the Move Up and Move Down buttons in the toolbar to reposition groups on a questionnaire template. The buttons that only used to function for individual questions now affect also question groups.

New ready-to-use template

We have added a new standardized template used for autonomous maintenance. It has a built-in scoring feature that shows the average success of the overall maintenance.

Autonomous maintenance checklist (new questionnaire sample)

Delete demo data

You can now delete demo data from your Resco Cloud organization in a few clicks. This includes any sample questionnaires. Start the Admin Console, select Organization from the menu, and click Delete Demo Data.

Manager's experience: Streamlined onboarding of new resources

We have added a workflow for new resources (inspections users) that you create using Manager's experience; Workspace > Resources. New users automatically receive an email with credentials and instructions on how to log in and change the password.

Manager's experience: new charts

The dashboard for managers has a new look and feel of the charts.

new charts and look for manager's experience


Houston: Simplified Woodford settings

The configuration of Houston in Woodford is now easier and can be enabled by one click in the new Houston entry in the Project menu. See Set up Woodford for more information.

Configure houston in woodford.png

Houston: Calls saved to phone call entity

Video calls using Houston are now saved to the phone call entity. Call participants can also write down notes from the call for a better overview of the issues that were solved on the call. The call recipient can start writing notes during the call and can finish editing the notes even after the call. The caller can only add notes after the call ends.

Houston 4 note.png

Houston: Also with Salesforce

On iOS devices, Resco Houston is available for all three primary backend servers: Resco Cloud, Dynamics, and now also Salesforce.

Houston: Receive calls using web app

If you are using Resco Cloud backend, you can now #Receive_call_via_web_app|receive video calls from Houston using the web app.

Houston 3 call.png


DocuSign offline signatures​ (Android only)

Resco mobile apps can integrate with a third-party electronic signature provider DocuSign to create legally binding signatures directly in the app. This is old news. However, with this release, signing is now also available in the offline mode. This option available on Android devices is described here.

Woodford: New home screen customization

We have redesigned and modernized the home screen designer in Woodford. Many common controls are now available directly on the individual menu items, saving you time for finding the appropriate button in the toolbar. The list of available items is now divided into multiple groups for easier orientation.

home screen customization

Simplified configuration of images (updated)

Continuing from the summer release, the icons for the various form tabs can now be easily configured using an image picker. You can also upload custom icons directly from the form designer.

The following form tabs received simplified icon handling:

  • Rich Text
  • Map
  • Media Tab
  • Process
  • Chat
  • Hub
  • (Associated Tabs support added in 13.1)

Timeline component

The timeline is a new building block for Resco mobile apps. Add the timeline to your forms to display related records from multiple entities in chronological order. App users can configure which records they want to see and they can switch between full or condensed view.

timeline available in the app

Process component​ (updated)

The process component introduced in the previous release received some polish and additional configuration options; for example, you can now mark multiple statuses as final or you can exclude certain statuses from the list.

Process control new.png

Disable multi-select in views

You can now disable the multi-select command (tap & hold) in views. This configuration is available on two levels:

  • In Woodford Configuration, there is a new project-wide option Allow Multi-select in Lists. The default value is true: users can use multi-selection in views.
  • When editing a particular view, click Multi Select and configure the value of the parameter Multi-select. The default value Project Default uses the setting in project configuration.

Mobile reports: Preview in the designer

If you are using Resco Cloud, you can now preview your reports directly as you design them in the Report Designer.

Mobile reports: Don't split table cells

There's now a new Break rows property for content blocks in the Report Designer. Clear it to ensure multiline cell stays on one page.

Change list: unsynchronized attachments

The change list is a powerful tool for advanced app users. It displays records changed (also created, deleted) in the local database on the device, waiting for synchronization. With this release, users can view unsynchronized attachments (notes, cloud documents, files) in the Change List.

Sync: Upload status changes with data

Upload Status with Data is a new property configured at entity level in Woodford. When enabled, status updates (change of status field value) are uploaded together with data updates, in the same synchronization pass. The default (original) behaviour is to send status field changes in second pass, after the data changes, which wasn't desirable in some scenarios.

Make Chromium default IFrame engine for Mobile CRM desktop (Windows 7) app

Chromium will become the default HTML rendering engine. Starting with this version, the configuration option Use Chromium Browser in Woodford will have new default value set to True. This means that all projects published with Woodford version 13.2 or later automatically switch to use Chromium unless an administrator explicitly sets this option to False.

See Deprecations for further instructions.

Woodford as an App Module on Dynamics

All Resco tools including Woodford, Questionnaire Designer, Report Designer, and more are now available within an App Module on Dynamics, so they are accessible via the Unified Interface.

Salesforce Chatter (beta)

The popular collaboration platform of the Salesforce ecosystem is coming to Resco mobile apps. You can display chatter feeds directly on object forms, where app users can share information about a particular record. Salesforce chatter is currently available as a beta; only for admin users.

Salesforce chatter

URL scheme: Open record in the background

Deep linking is now even stronger: For the Windows 7 version of the app, it is possible to use "stayinbkg" as the host instead of "open" to open a record in the app with the app staying in the background.


Faster synchronization for organizations connected via Resco CRM sync

A Resco Cloud organization connected to a Dynamics organization using Resco CRM sync can now synchronize faster. Advanced sync deletion allows you to leverage the benefit of incremental synchronization (usually much faster than full sync) and yet allows you to track deleted records or records with ownership changes. We use the Plugins that Resco designed for Dynamics to track these records to greatly improve synchronization times for large organizations.

Resco Cloud: Force user to change password

Resco Cloud administrators have now additional tools at their disposal for managing users. Using the Admin Console, they can set the password expiry policy for their users. Also, when resetting passwords, they can force users to change their password.