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Preview release

Production releases

Warning Work in progress! We are in the process of updating the information on this page. Subject to change.

The 17.1 / Spring 2024 release is planned for May 2024. Find the download links for the latest preview version on the Preview page.

Resco mobile platform (Microsoft, Salesforce, Resco Cloud)

JSBridge upgrade for web app

In order to improve security, browser compatibility, and performance of Resco JavaScript Bridge on web app, we strongly recommend to upgrade your JSBridge.js to the latest version. However, you need to do it after the release of 17.1. You don't have to update your code.

Resco web app allows you to access your app projects from a web browser. Web app is available for Resco Cloud server; however, there's also a hidden WebApp web resource in Resco Suite (Dataverse, Dynamics, Power Platform).

This change does not affect Resco mobile apps in any way.

View designer redesigned

We have modernized the Woodford user interface for designing and configuring views. You can immediately see all rows included in a view. The properties have been revised.

modern view designer

View designer: flexible cells

We have changed how field cells behave in views. Cells marked as flexible grow wider when the available space for the entire view row increases. Empty spaces between cells don't change width. This feature replaces the confusing anchoring mechanic.

define cell flexibility in views

View designer: custom map pin

We have changed how you can configure custom map pins in the view designer.

To define a custom map pin binding, click Add Map Pin. A new "Configure Map Pin" window opens.

custom map pin dialog

When you add a custom map pin to the row, it's displayed above it.

custom map pin on the view

Woodford: more clarity into "Project Default"

In Woodford, when editing an app project, you can set the project default values in the Configuration. Later, for example when designing views, one can see that a particular property is set to "Project Default". Previously, Woodford admins had to go to Configuration and check what was the default setting. With this release, in many locations across Woodford, particularly in the view and form designers, they can immediately see the default value in parentheses.


Max Columns was changed to just "Default (2)" since the default value does not come from Configuration, but is hardcoded in Resco mobile apps.

Newly supported FetchXML operators

Resco Mobile CRM now supports the following additional FetchXML operators:

  • neq
  • begins-with, not-begin-with
  • ends-with, not-end-with

RFID scanning

Resco mobile apps can connect to Zebra Technologies' RFD4031 RFID scanner using Bluetooth. When the user scans RFIDs, the app can handle this event using JSBridge. The list of all nearby RFID tags is available for further processing.

This feature is available for iOS only.

Resco modules for Power Platform and Dataverse (Microsoft)

Inspections and questionnaires (Microsoft, Salesforce, Resco Cloud)

Save answers to different table

Traditionally, questionnaire templates and answers were saved in the same table (entity): resco_questionnaire. With this release, you can select a dedicated table for storing answered questionnaires: resco_questionnaireanswer. This division is particularly beneficial for large installations. Sync filter can be better optimized, resulting in faster sync times. Different tables for templates and answers also allow for more granular security and access control.

Select the table where to store questionnaire answers

Resco Guides (Microsoft, Resco Cloud)

Resco Cloud