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Integration with third-party systems

Resco CRM Connector (web APIs):

The Resco platform can integrate with many other systems and services.

Server integration

Resco Cloud server can serve as a stand-alone backend, but it can also connect to other CRM or ERP systems which can then leverage the functions of Resco platform. Resco Cloud offers several options on how to synchronize with other backend servers.

  • Resco CRM Connector: A group of web APIs that we offer to set up synchronization with other backends. Choose between OData and REST API as appropriate for your system.
  • Resco CRM sync: Connect a Resco Cloud slave organization to your master organization on Dynamics or other Resco Cloud. Clone master metadata to the slave and synchronize data between these organizations.
  • Integrations: Connect Resco Cloud to various systems using connectors (Resco Cloud, Dynamics, OData). Map entity fields and exchange data. Configured connections can be used in Resco Cloud jobs and workflows to automate sync process.
  • Power Automate: Use Resco Cloud connector for Power Automate, Microsoft Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps to integrate with other systems, such as Business Central.

Server extensions

You can install Resco extensions directly to your backend and use Resco tools like Woodford or Questionnaire Designer in your organization.

Client integration

Connect your Resco mobile apps with various third-party systems and services to access their functions directly from the app.

  • Email, calendar, contacts from Google and Exchange
  • Cloud documents from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or SharePoint
  • Secure signatures from DocuSign
  • Business card scanner from CamCard
  • Video calls from Agora via Houston